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  1. I’ve got the #5 ends on mine because I wanted the throttle tube ‘bearing’. Although the throttle tube is open ended, the plastic bearing provided with the S3 kit is a nice snug fit inside throttle tube. So I glued it in flush with the end using cyanoacrylate gel (superglue!). Worked a treat and it does seem to improve the throttle action slightly.
  2. I've just picked up a used Epure Race and just done a precautionary oil change, my plug looked very similar. Not sure exactly how much the bike has done with the previous owner, but based on condition and what the dealer told me, I'd say it's less than 10 hours. I'd like to think that there wont be as much on the plug at the next change.
  3. Hi @boris_i, Thanks for the write up. I'd be interested to see your luggage setup. I'm thinking about adding a 4Ride to my collection and I'd like to do some long-distance over-night trips on it, and I already have the exact same Enduristan bags as you!
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