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  1. Corruption according to google - "dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery" Personally I'm not sure that's the right word here.. We're all enthusiasts first and foremost when it comes to trials. Guys at the top, the clubmen, the officials, organisers, family and most importantly the observers. The're at a section sometimes from 6.30am and sometimes until 6.30pm.. and in the most unpredictable weather system. They have given up a weeks holiday to observe.. for most of them we spoke to, the passion for our sport stands out the most. I've been going up on and off since 1981.. including this year.. I can honestly say that I believe that every single rider benefits from being 'given the benefit of the doubt' at some point during the week.. That is the nature of our sport. It's observed, it relies on human judgement not technology. I take my hat of to each and every one of the observers I have ever met. I'm sure the organising club would welcome another observer into the team who's prepared to stand, at their section, at all times in temperatures close to zero with howling wind /rain /snow for 6 hours. I think you do get a packed lunch though. Oh and about every one in every 10 years you get good weather. As fellow enthusiasts, observers will have their favourite riders but not every observer supports the same one...
  2. andyrothers

    lost it ?

    Spectators only 4 deep today at witches burn... apparently A82 blocked on Tuesday with queue for Corran ferry with spectators going over the other side
  3. andyrothers

    lost it ?

    Lots of spectators today... seems busier this year. Leanachan and lagnaha car parks FULL...
  4. Not a simple project.. you'll find the Honda engine will be taller and may require major modifications to the frame that will be difficult to put back if you want to install a bantam engine at some point.. carburetor position also will be much higher.. the kickstart will likely hit footrests too.. and once you get the engine to fit you'll have to make an exhaust as nothing else will fit.. Good luck!
  5. Ha ha. Forgot to add the additional detail 'over 40' to the bit about old boss.... Without a doubt best bike... had it 10 years... love it. We have a 143 also... Will we win prizes for best, most powerful, lightest, most trendy? No... but they're mine, all paid for and make us smile and are infinitely better and more capable than we are... (Andy - we're still coming to Scotland regardless. New cooking gear this year but we'll still be camouflaged so you'll recognise us just by the smell of bacon...)
  6. Understandable really. Guess it would be tough finishing behind his old boss in the over 40 class on his old bike...
  7. Very impressive result clearly no walk in the park..we watched it... and some great support globally... Toni Bou, Mark Webber even BBC sport but disappointingly it seems to have slipped by some specialist media channel(s). A great opportunity to promote our sport. As someone mentioned the longest clean in Doug life...
  8. We went saturday and enjoyed the day. My feedback: food was expensive, signposting appeared to be non existent, much prefer the venue over penrith, viewing was good and you could get close to the action, a few young kids (not competitors) riding around (including on a sidecar) through the spectators surprised me, couldn't hear the guy on the pa near the last section.
  9. One route, red and blue markers.
  10. Just like on tv, don't points make prizes?
  11. We'll be there. Smell of bacon cooking at leanachan? That'll be us.
  12. andyrothers

    Tl125 Help

    Tried replacing the condenser? Have had this issue previously with a spark.
  13. Hope he read the tc forums for advice before adopting any radical technology.....
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