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  1. I do exactly the same and its produced good results!
  2. Probably worth contacting a reputable gas gas dealer for all the spec - John Shirt Motorcycles But I use : Putoline light gear oil 75w - 400ml for the gear box and change this out every half dozen rides or so (depending on hours use) Putoline MX9 fully synthetic 2 stroke oil - 60 to 65 ml per 5ltrs of fuel
  3. I think its more about riders being able to mess around at their own leisure in the section, all while large ques are developing. Its annoying for both riders and spectators when a rider is stationary for a long period of time whilst deliberating what move to make next, then also allowing reversing which makes (in my opinion) a mockery of the section just adds to the annoyance. Trials is not Enduro and should never be focused solely around time, but introducing a time limit is a step towards keeping the riders moving through the sections. On consideration I'd keep the 60 second time limit then add an optional 10 seconds grace at the cost of 1 mark to give the riders a chance to get through the sections safely.
  4. You are quite correct and it was me who was mistaken, reversing is feet up is permitted now! Thank you I still stand by my opinion that allowing reversing is a poor decision, though the time limit element does stop them messing about in the sections which is good.
  5. The organisers ought to make their minds up and clearly define what rules apply, then those rules should be adhered to with no exception regardless! Personally I think allowing reversing again is a step backwards (no pun intended). In the rules you are not allowed to cross over your previous line, going backwards you are doing just this. Yes, generally the best riders continue to win as things tend to even out over the course of an event.
  6. I understand your point but I don't think its quite the same. If its "no stop" its difficult to visually define a stop especially when the riders are say flip turning etc... But if someone stops and reverses, its easier to see them actually going in the opposite direction. Don't get me wrong there will always be the ambiguity, but someone physically pulling the bike backwards is easier to spot.
  7. Yes, that's my understanding, though I could be mistaken.
  8. Stop permitted makes sense for these types of trials, trying to define a "stop" these days is difficult enough without the added pressure of observing the major championships. The time limit is a good idea, though speaking to some of the competitors they found the time a bit tight and really rushing through the sections. Maybe they should increase the limit from 60 seconds to 80, or perhaps keep the 60 with an added one mark penalty for anything 10-20 seconds over time? As for going backwards, this is a real gripe of mine and I witnessed many riders blatantly going backwards quite a way. A rider takes a back wheel hop and the bike moves a miniscule amount backwards is not gaining an advantage. But when they back up a few feet that's another story. There were only 5 riders in the main class, what does that tell you about how the sport is going?
  9. Intotrials

    Heavy clutch

    Why are they so noisy also? gas gas have always had a reputation for noisy clutches, but they work well and operate really light and smooth so you sort of get used to the noise. The new TRS are not only heavy but execssively noisy, its very annoying!
  10. How old was the bike? if a brand new bike comes with a faulty component then it surely should be replaced at no cost regardless of whether its a competition bike or not. I understand that competition bikes get lots of abuse when ridden so it would be a financial nightmare for manufacturers unless they limit warranties. But a brand new bike that has done virtually no hours, and and a major component fails, then surely there should be no argument?
  11. In my opinion they need to work on reducing the weight. Most of the other manufactorers are producing bikes around the 67-68 kg dry weight mark. I've had a couple of them now and really enjoyed their performance and didn't really notice the weight too much, until I got tired or had to hump them around. Getting on in age these days I haven't got the fitness or strength any more so a lighter bike was welcomed when I renturned back to a modern 2 stroke.
  12. As faussy says I think you get a months warranty. But any reputable dealer should replace a faulty CDI on a brand new bike! a little bit of damp should not affect the CDI unit, they are designed to be robust enough against water ingress! These are off road competition bikes that are meant to be useable in all wet conditions. If you are getting no joy from the original dealer it may be worth speaking to someone like John Shirt who can advise you on how to proceed.
  13. On appearance it looks like the BC is trending with the WC, where the elite is unaccessable for the vast majority.
  14. Disapointing to see only 5 riders in the elite class. Some high scores in, looks like it was a tough trial!
  15. Intotrials

    Heavy clutch

    A mate of mine has just had a brand new 2021 250 TRS RR and the clutch is heavy on that compared to my gas gas and other modern bikes I've ridden. This was one of 2 things that puts me off having a TRS; 1 -heavy clutch, 2 - stearing on tight corners the front wants to wash out. Other than that, nice bike.
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