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  1. Well, for a beginner you look nice and smooth and your technique looks good! Not a sack of spuds at all! keep watching the videos and if you get to ride out with other people especially a few that are a little more advanced you will soon pick up more technique and more importantly the confidence to have a go at more challenging stuff! well done and keep riding and keep smiling 💪
  2. I'm just in the process of encouraging a mate of mine to take the plunge and have a go himself. He has been into motor bikes all his life in some form or another, but has never rode a trials bike before. In fact he often remarks that its boring. It may well be when spectating at times, but like lots of other sports the excitement often comes from doing it rather than watching. Trials is probably one of, if not the cheapest, safest, off road motorsports you can do. Its accessible for all ages and all abilities and can be as challenging as you want it to be, from riding round a grassy field all the way to jumping up 8 foot rocks on the back wheel. When people do take the plunge and have a go themselves the realisation of how skilful and how physical trials can be is either a shock or a light bulb moment for them. Most clubs offer multiple routes that caters for the whole family if you like, and the beauty is you quickly see progress in your ability the more you ride and the more people you ride with. Well done to you for taking up the sport! Welcome to the family, and I hope you have many years of happy riding. Oh and the static balancing and the wheel hoping takes loads of practice and time to master (especially for the more mature person, no offense) but stick at it and you will get there!!
  3. Sounds like the excess oil in the exhaust set on fire, an hole may have provided a path for the required oxygen to get in so the oil carbon goo could combust at a high enough temperature. You often see trials bikes smoking from the exhaust quite badly when they have not had a good run in a while. The excess oil in the fuel mixture builds up inside the exhaust during steady riding, then when the bike is revved hard under load, or taken on a long run, the temperature in the exhaust increases and that excess oil carbon goo begins to smoulder. Assuming there is no fuel getting in there somehow, if the exhaust gets hot enough and there is sufficient oxygen I guess the oil could ignite. Adding too much oil to the fuel mix or the fuel air mixture not set correctly can cause more than normal excess build up in the exhaust, though if the fuel air mixture is set too rich you would normally notice this in the bike performance . Also its worth just giving the bike a regular long run on a track or road for a few miles in a high gear so that the excess oil can be burned out. Repacking the exhaust on a more regular basis can also be useful for both the excess oil issue and bike performance.
  4. I'd try a fully synthetic light gear oil w75. 10 w40 sounds a bit too heavy for a modern trials bike gearbox. My mate has a 2021 factory Beta and that clutch was snatchy until we changed the oil and it is better now, but still not as smooth as my Gas Gas.
  5. I agree, since you are far more likely to sustain an injury which requires professional medical attention should you crash on your down hill mountain bike or road racing cycle, than you would on your trials bike. The problem is though motorsport, in general, has a stigma for being extremely dangerous. Unfortunately trials often comes under this banner even though is a very safe motorsport. So its just easier for the government to put a blanket covering of such activities, rather than going into big debates on what can and can't be acceptable during lock down. An example of this is golf; you can meet another person from outside your household and go for a walk on your local golf course. But you can't go and play golf on the same course on your own or anyone else.
  6. Only trouble is modern world trials has developed into something totally different. Not sure if there is a way back to "the good old days" in terms of riders participation and spectators. Back then, a decent centre/national rider could enter and have a good go at most of the sections. These days its elitist, so beyond the reach of the vast majority of riders.
  7. Same with vans also, I sold a 2008 Vivaro van 3 years ago for £2500 the same van with similar mileage are selling for around £3500 today! My mate bought a 2005 Renault traffic in shabby condition for £350 early last year, he just sold it for £1500. The world's gone mad...
  8. I know Danny, decent fella and doesn't take himself too serious. Amazing cycle trials rider and entertainer, pretty good on a motorbike too. I guess "Trials Tube" is a new venture for him so settling into a style which will probably end up being a bit like Marmite. Personally anything that helps to put trials on the map is a winner in my eyes. My feedback is, keep it light, entertaining and informative, but not silly and fall into the trap of "Top Gear" where the presenters just lark about like daft kids. I'm not a fan of totally straight laced boring presentation but I don't like the totally pointless daft stuff either. keep it current and on key, with useful information without being too clever, a good mix is key in my eyes. Good luck Danny in this venture
  9. £30 is not a lot of money to pay to attend a professional sporting event these days. I know people who pay more than that to watch a 90 minute game of football, that's often a pile of rubbish. So even if you had to pay full price on the gate at a world event, I wouldn't consider it being fleeced anyhow! Its everybody to their own, I guess
  10. I think all riders regardless of age and experience should contribute something, at least now and then, towards their clubs and events. Club trials is a cheap amateur motor sport, which relies on volunteers to organise events. Its very disappointing to see the same folk week in week out helping out, while at the same time the same folk just turning up to ride then sometimes moaning about the event! I've been riding for 40 years at all levels, I often give up my ride to help organise and or observe at events, its the least I can do for all the effort people have made for me over the years!
  11. I do agree that the current format needs review. But trials is one of my life long passions and I like to support it in anyway I can, at all levels, regardless of whether I agree with or like the format. I want trials to survive and prosper, I want the Domestic, European and World championships to survive and prosper!
  12. Yes, indoor maybe but maybe outdoor as well? The WTC is already extreme just by its nature maybe the only evolution for the survival of trials in general is to split it off? I'm thinking of ways to make it appealing to the youngsters without also losing the tradition.
  13. Maybe a split, as suggested previously - Trials & Extreme Trials? Since the sport is already divided maybe making it official will help?
  14. For the advertisers its about 2 things, exposure and off setting tax. The bigger the exposure the better the marketing, what trials needs is more exposure to the wider audience. X-trial is probably the best setting for this, a bit like super cross in MX. Events like this would be more appealing to the general public (no chasing motorbikes around a muddy field in the cold and wet). I'm no expert on the subject, so I have no answer to it, but I keep my fingers crossed because I love the sport at all levels and hope it survives into the future at all levels!
  15. Glad you took no offense, I don't disagree with you other than I don't directly blame the each individual rider! If I had half a shot at earning a living doing the thing I love then I'd give it a go, even if in the end it wouldn't/couldn't be a sustainable career. In my eyes good luck to anyone who has the talent and the opportunity to try it out, and if they fail at least they tried!
  16. And that is part of the issue, the majority of trials riders don't buy a particular brand because their favourite elite rider rides one, or they are encouraged to do so because a particular person dominates on a particular brand. If this was true then the trials scene would be swamped with people riding Repsol 4rt's! But instead you see the established favourites, like GasGas, Beta, Sherco etc... being the most popular modern clubman bike. Unlike other motorcycle sports I can see that there is hardly any value in a factory promoting their bike via the world trials scene. I can see hardly any value in big sponsors funding it either, there just isn't the public interest in trials. As "on it" pointed out - in general "trials is a hobby sport".
  17. Sorry no offense, but I'm a little lost on your argument? We are all aware that there is no money in trials and that its only popular with mainly "trials" riders, especially at grass roots level. It's also obvious that the major problem is with the minority at the elitist level. But the point is because there is no money to aid young talent and or existing talent to compete at this level then there will of course be no riders coming through to "de-throne" the top few riders. Unless you are privileged enough to come from a wealthy back ground, to compete at this level is going to be extremely difficult and requires significant sponsorship funding. I don't see how this is directly the individual rider's fault? It's just the way the sport has developed like it or loathe it. No one is arguing that to achieve great things requires great commitment and hard work! But again, this is the point, that commitment and hard work also requires funding, certainly at the top level where the intensity is extreme and this includes all forms of motorsport, modern trials being one of them.
  18. I agree, I doubt any of them will be "minted" and likely not able to live off their career earnings, without some clever investment, once they retire (unlike many other modern motor cycle sports professionals, the likes of Valentino Rossi, Toni Cairoli, Bubba Stewart etc...). As regards the SSDT, I recall back a few years where Albert Cabastani rode it. I heard some feed back on the grapevine that he found himself discriminated against - unfair observation etc... and didn't enjoy the experience. Or maybe it was just too cold, long and wet for him! ? Anyhow he is likely to have reported back to his riding buddies - Bou & co. Or maybe the cost for the team with all the entourage these days would be too high and not worth the bother? Either way its a shame that the top elite foreign lads don't ride it!
  19. I still think you are being a little harsh on the majority. Trials at world level has become elite and I would imagine quite costly to attend. If you are a young rider coming from a working class background I would imagine the costs far out way the rewards. Getting help from sponsors is a must, unless they are privileged enough to come from a wealthy background. Throwing the towel in in the knowledge that you are unlikely to break through into the "elite group" where the rewards I would imagine are much higher might be the only option if funding is limited.
  20. I don't think there is a lack of venues, maybe just a lack of interest from them to host an unpopular sport. Cost will play a big part also, to run these events you need sponsorship backing, I would imagine trying to sell a trials event to a sponsor would be quite difficult. Ironically I was showing a few people at my works some footage of Bou doing his stuff and they just didn't get it, they didn't understand the point of it. I guess when most folk think of motorbike sport they instantly imagine racing.
  21. The sections these guys are practising on currently, requires 2 minders most of the time!
  22. You can't blame the riders, and I don't understand why you believe all of them think the sport owes them a living? Maybe the odd few think that way, you get that in all sports, entertainment and such like... There are what I see as a few problems here in the UK: There is a major lack of support for young talented riders, The majority of the general public in the UK dislike off road motor sport, especially motor bikes which they see as a dangerous nuisance. Quality land availability for practicing off road motorcycle sports is few and far between, especially in the midlands and the south. Trials as a sport is under the radar of the vast majority of people, it gets very little to no exposure rendering it a non viable prospect for large advertisers. Unless you are an enthusiast, trials can be boring to watch
  23. Thanks, I'm going to stick with the 300 just to get used to the change and be sure its the way forward for me. If I decide I'm happy with the Mont then a 301rr will be on the list next now then ?
  24. The top level is now so elitist it has gone beyond the reach of most bar a very select few. When you have riders like Dibs and Jack who are awesome riders and very capable yet fall miles short, week in week out, then what hope is there? 99.9% of the trials community cannot even relate to what these guys are doing, I've been riding for 40 years some of that at a national level and 25 years or so ago, even as an average national rider, the world round sections though obviously very tough wouldn't have raised any fear in me. I would have had a good go at most and though I would most likely fived the majority of sections, at least I would have had some idea and technique on how to tackle them. I can still compete at national level even today, but I look at how the likes of Bou & co ride and I can honestly say I have no idea of how they do it, I just can't comprehend or relate to it. I really do think the current world championship is doomed to extinction unless something radical is done. I will and do support trials at all levels and will continue to do so and I'll be very sad to see the world championship come to an end if that does happen. I really don't know the answer, maybe there isn't one, or maybe things have to dramatically change (which would be difficult). I'm not a big fan of halting technological development but maybe that is what it will take. But as its already been mentioned, the biggest problem lies at the most elite / minority end of the sport, and not anywhere near as many problems at the grass roots where the vast majority of riders are at.
  25. That's the thing, they sound so good and feel great to ride, but under pressure I still have a niggling doubt. Like you I think I'll stick with it and get used to the bike before making a decision to keep it or not. I really really want to love it hands down cause they are such a great machine! Good luck and keep us posted with how it goes ?
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