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  1. Thanks for the reply, sorry I meant the fan regulator/ this part (pictured)
  2. Hi recently bought my first trials bike SY250 when looking through the bike the regulator was dangling by a zip tie, I can’t work out where it’s supposed to be mounted, if anyone would be so kind to take a photo would be much appreciated thanks in advance
  3. Hi, just bought my first trials bike last week. picked up a 2006 Scorpa (Yamaha engine) and tips, drills, videos etc would be a great help Just wanted to say hi and hope to ride with some of you guys from here someday!
  4. Thanks for the responses, sounds like I'll be putting them on!
  5. Hi, I'm planning to pick up my first trials bike tomorrow, super excited. I've done MX for many years and wear knee braces due to 2 ACL recons on my left knee. Just getting peoples opinion of if people think I should wear my MX braces for Trials, i'd prefer not to as I feel they'll be bulky but if people think ACL injury is high risk on trials like it is with MX I will do, I also do DH mountain biking and have no issues not wearing my braces for that Thanks in advance
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