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  1. Not interested now… could be fine could only last a ride? Shame really as it looked too top. Although, I thought a little over priced for year…
  2. Thought this wasn’t correct. Makes sense now… 👍🏻 that’s my interest out , it’s identical on both sides and directly what you’ve said…. Thankyou
  3. Just a quick question on the gas gas, looking a 2005 280, I’ve got a 1999 ive noticed the frame is different, but in the pictures, there looks like a kink in both sides of the frame on the top of the a frame under the tank? Is this correct, tried to look online and there’s a few that have it and some without… just looks weird also what would be a good price? It’s up at 1450 road registered. Looks clean and trust the guy, just thought it was a little high.
  4. Can anybody abuse where best place to get a clutch kit from? There’s a breakers near me who have brand new and part worn but just wondering what places others use...
  5. 1999 txt 280 not pro... the oil glass is not in the cover. ??
  6. Didn’t take the clutch plates out... just the springs to examin the clutch rings, the 1st ting the fibre comes away from the steel ring. Do new clutch needed. I need to try and find a kit. the cylinder is sorted now. Helicoil 6mm kit, and going to sort that out then onto clutch. I must of over tightened the clutch springs me thinks
  7. Just after some advice, the clutch cylinder in front of the front sprocket has forced the t we o bolts out of the cast engine block? I know helicoil or retap can be f dig one? But can anyone explain why it has done do... I was checking the clutch plates and revolted back togeather , then the clutch leaver went solid and forced it out
  8. Decided to look at the clutch? Seemed ok, put everything back togeather, then pressed the lever, nothing then all of a sudden got stiff, I looked down to the left of the bike, and the clutch cylinder above the small chain sprocket was moving, then all of a sudden if spewed oil out.. loads of it... I’ve put it away now as am not feeling the vibe and can’t bare to look at it as I’m assuming this is serious... something has gone, and when I lean it over it p****s oil out on the left hand side...
  9. Hi guys. been out for about 30-40 mins in the bike, 1st outing since lock down. Was flying fine everywhere, then all of a sudden was squealing as if something was stuck, stopped the bike put it 1st gear and still squealing, sounded like the head. But not sure, now I had to start it again to get up a massive hill... still doing it, I popped it into 2nd and it stopped, then third still ok, ran it all the way home and it was fine... washed it and tried to start it again, it keeps select gear on its own with the slightest knock or roll, then really hard to select neutral.. I’m running it on 75-80 /1 fuel and changed the gearbox oil. Light gear oil 75w putiline theres obviously something wrong? how do I check clutch, or could it be piston... I’m lost, but don’t fancy paying hundreds to sit in a shop.. any help would be great guys
  10. Just a quick question? I have a 99 txt obviously not riding as in lockdown, but giving it a few once overs, start up balance ect in the back garden. Question is, is it recommended to run an inline fuel filter? Just a thought that popped into my head. I was sandifords the other month, and seen them on the counter. I know people who have run filters before on mx bikes and it’s strangled the fuel so they’ve took it off. Just seeing what people recommend, and hope everybody is sticking to the rules. Hard as it is, but be worth it when we’re back out. ??
  11. Hi. Bike was running ok, then wouldn’t start, back garden engine running nothing outside whilst on lockdown mind. I think the petrol was left on by my lad, plus younger lad reving throttle whilst not running ? the plug was Fowler, so cleaned and started first time and every time now. I’ve ordered a new plug also. Question is, sometimes whilst trying to kick up, after about three times, the kickstart just slipped, but not all the time. I’m wondering if this is a spring like friction spring or just impatience of me trying to start and not letting it reset. It’s an old bike 1999 txt, but I was just wondering whilst it’s quiet is it something to check or do. Thanks for any advice its only don’t it twice but not sure if it should do at all
  12. Thanks for the advice, I’ve put a new hose on and cut it in half. I.e two separate hoses.thrre about 3” each in length. I’ve put one behind the air box jubilee clip and the other is just under the carb. I take it if there just breather pipes they can be any length. I’ve been pondering for the last few hours about stripping it down again. Tomorrow and connecting them back togeather and just put a hole in it...
  13. I’ve just got back with the dog from my 1 exercise a day. Mice cut the tube in half and tucked them out the wAy. Started 2nd kick with choke and the run ok. I’ll try again tomorrow letting it tick over but fingers crossed we’re good to go... thanks for all you’re advice and help
  14. Both locks? I do t understand, also the slide was s in the groove so it has to be located surley
  15. Makes sense now? Ill cut a notch in the pipe I’ve left it now and I’ll try again in an hour or so just to make sure it does start ok... I sussed the full rev mark and also had to pull the kill switch? Must of stretched the throttle cable putting the needle back in. ? done that one before
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