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  1. Black gunk dripping definitely sounds like the exhaust. Re your clutch cover, try putting it on dry, do the bolts finger-tight and then poke all around the edge with a feeler gauge. You may find a place where there is a gap due to something being distorted.
  2. Interesting thought. Looking on dealer websites, all the photos show red springs for the heavy-duty version. Mine is black. It’s hardly definitive but it starts to look like I might have standard rate. Thanks.
  3. Is there any way of identifying which rear spring I have in my 2014 250 Evo? I suspect the previous owner may have been a little large and fitted a heavier spring. I've just taken it off, expecting to find a part number or code on one of the ground ends, or perhaps some coloured paint dabs. But there is nothing! It has four and a half active coils and the wire gauge is about 9.5mm (ranges from 9.3 to 9.8 depending on where I measure).
  4. According to the owner's manual, Beta recommend an oil change every 40 hours. Presumably other manufacturers say something similar. It looks like most of you guys think they are wrong.
  5. Judging by the comments on numerous posts in this forum, there are widely varying ideas of how often gearbox oil should be changed. That's also reflected in many adverts for secondhand bikes. So I thought I would try to get a better handle on the subject: How often do you change your gearbox oil? What is the reason for choosing that interval? Which oil do you use?
  6. I agree with your analysis, but that is about the cost to the restorer. Prices reflect the value. Asking prices are the perceived value to the seller. Selling prices are somewhere around the market value, and are what was acceptable to both seller and buyer. I suppose what I called "inflated prices" reflect the fact that I don't agree with the perceived value of the seller. If someone buys at that price, I'm out of step with the market. If not, the seller is out of step.
  7. Why are they so expensive? Supply and demand. Nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon so I was looking around to see what is advertised. There is almost nothing if you want a Beta/Gasgas/Sherco/Scorpa/Montesa 250 around 2010-2016. There's plenty of Twinshocks and Pre-65s but most of those seem to be at unreasonably inflated prices. Then there are quite a few old monos, also looking quite expensive but I suppose that's because there just isn't anything newer around. A year or so ago I thought I had overpaid for my 2014 Beta, but it no longer looks like that.
  8. trapezeartist

    Fan issues

    The first thing I did when I bought my present bike. I really hate redundant parts (and especially wiring) on any competition bike or car. I got rid of the placebo switch at the same time and left it on "wet" setting.
  9. Nothing is skin tight on my little sparrows-legs.🙁
  10. That has been my experience too. The best training day I did was with Mick Andrews but I think you have to be on an old bike. Watching lots of YouTube is good too, but of course it’s one-way.
  11. 45? A mere juvenile! I was 64 when I started and hadn’t been on a motorbike for 47 years. I am totally useless but having so much fun.
  12. It’s not “design”. Any chain spring link can be fitted that way round. I think the theory is that it’s less likely to get snagged and pulled off, but that seems a tiny risk. I’ll settle for the convenience of doing it the conventional way.
  13. I was puzzling over your advanced obstacle. Surely you don't go on the swing with your bike! 🙄 Then I spotted it: splatter onto the trampoline, one bounce, and you're over the fence. Respect! 😄
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