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  1. In my experience they're not good at answering emails, but very helpful when you get them on the phone.
  2. Have you asked Inch Perfect? I don't know for sure but I get the impression their e-commerce stuff is not 100% up-to-date.
  3. I carry my bike in a 2003 Citroen Berlingo car with the rear seats removed. The front wheel goes against the left B/C post and the rear wheel is about 6-9 inches from the right side. I made a wooden infill panel for the left rear footwell to keep the front wheel up to the level of the rest of the load platform (not necessary in a van version which uses a different floor).
  4. Unless you have a knee problem or something, don't dismiss left-hand kickstarts: it's just a matter of what you are used to. When I first got my Beta it seemed a bit awkward but I quickly accustomed to it. Anyway, if the ground was sloping to the right I would stand beside the bike and use my right leg.
  5. Don't apologise for your English: it was near perfect. I've seen a lot worse from English people.
  6. Doughy Lampkin! Is he getting fat now he's stopped riding? 😈
  7. EMs weigh about the same as a Montesa, so at the top of the range but not excessive. Remember ICE bike weights are quoted "dry", so add the weight of coolant, gearbox oil and fuel to get a real comparison.
  8. I very rarely encounter queue-jumping. When it happens I think it's mostly because the queue has spread out sideways and no-one really knows which is their place in the order. More common is someone in front of me waving me through.
  9. Or have a taste of the future and go electric. The EMs have three maps: gentle, lively and oh-my-god! so you can always have the right sort of power for the rider and the conditions. I've never ridden a 200 but everyone says how good they are for novices. Otherwise, if you must have a stink-pot, don't go above 250. Unless you become a real expert, a 280/300 won't help with anything a 250 can't do but they can get you into a whole heap of trouble.
  10. Yes it is made from a vegetable source, but that's irrelevant. Crude oil started as rotting vegetation millions of years ago. The point is that ethanol is an alcohol (it's the alcohol in booze) and not an oil. There are some types of synthetic rubber that are resistant to the normal petroleum distillates in petrol but they don't resist ethanol well. Those rubbers may have been perfectly acceptable when there was no ethanol in petrol. They would have been specced and tested with the fuels current at the time.
  11. I don't know whether he would ship to USA but you could try Richard Allen, http://www.allensusedtrialsspares.co.uk/.
  12. I believe the kill switch and lanyard both work the same way, by shorting something to earth, so no they won't work in series. Connect both feed wires to the same source and both earth wires to the same point (probably on the frame). However, why do you even need to do it? When I had a 2014 Evo, I found it super easy to just lift the red plastic thingie on the lanyard for a couple of seconds to switch off. If it's because you need to hold onto the clutch because you can't get neutral, either reach across with your right hand (which was what I did) or mount the lanyard switch on the right hand side.
  13. Really pleased for you. Welcome to the club. If you have the same twistgrip as the ePure, then the free play is adjustable. You'll find the how-to video on https://www.electric-motion.fr/en/my-em-en/instruction-videos. It's No 18.
  14. It may be all down to the controller. There's a lot of very clever electronics going on inside them. For sure I've never been short of power on my EM.
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