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  1. The issue of range depends on whether you are using your trials bike solely for short 3 or 4 lap trials or whether you are trail riding and/or doing things like the Scott or SSDT. For short events current EMs and Mecatecnos have more than enough battery capacity, equivalent to more than a tankful of petrol. However once you go beyond the range of a bike you find that splashing in a couple of litres of petrol is quicker and easier than recharging and much cheaper than having a spare battery. Hence there will have to be some system of reasonably priced battery hire before privateers start using electric bikes in the SSDT.
  2. That's an interesting point of view. I have just a couple of things to add: 1. Max speed can be limited electronically on an electric motor. It doesn't have to rely on the motor running out of revs. 2. The energy stored in a flywheel is proportional to the square of radius, not directly proportional. Hence high energy storage in a flywheel without a big overall weight penalty requires both speed and radius. 3. At my level, motor torque is enough. At TrialGP level riders clearly need a big kick from a flywheel as well as motor torque. The question is, at what skill level does the crossover occur. I would submit that it comes in at a higher level on an electric bike due to the torque characteristics v. petrol. On petrol maybe the crossover occurs between Sportsman and Clubman. With electric, between Sportsman and Expert.
  3. Given that usable torque is available over a huge speed range, I'm still struggling to understand the benefits of a 4-speed gearbox. I would prefer to shed some weight instead. More power? I only ride on the green map anyway, and I doubt there are many people using the red at all. Personally, coming from the background of owning a '21 race and riding easy route, my wishlist would be: Less weight No need for a clutch, but keep the rest of the Race powertrain More ground clearance A way of getting a super-smooth low-power mode for tight slippery turns but also a sharp snap off the bottom to lift the front over obstacles (maybe EM-connect does that) Better paint quality Better fit of plastics Better prop-stand Lower price!
  4. He last visited the forum 11 months ago, and last posted something over 3 years ago. It seems like he has lost interest. At least it's good that the website is still here, but perhaps it's time to hand over to someone else.
  5. Re the numbers, it helps a lot if clubs provide a second number to go on the back of the helmet. The last few times I've observed I've used the Trial Observer app. Assuming I have a decent view of the front of the bike as it enters the section I tap it in immediately so I don't have to carry the number in my head.
  6. Good solution, at a price! If you think you might get 100 riders, you'll probably need about 200 bibs so you can overlap the numbers and cover varying entries on each route. If the bibs are a fiver each, that's £1000!
  7. This post had sunk so I forgot it and didn't update. I also have used a '22 command switch which I mounted upside-down. That puts the FRB button in a better place for my thumb, and I can live with the word 'map' being upside-down. I believe '23 switches are reversed from '22. I've also just fitted a Domino throttle. I advances the potentiometer 2 teeth to remove the dead motion but it is a little bit too tight now, so getting it spot-on is still a work in progress.
  8. It's way bigger than a big deal. Who else has managed it in the last few years? Adam Raga, not for a while I think. Jaime Busto, once or twice. No-one else as far as I know.
  9. I solved my licence/wallet problem. Last years licence was an ‘expired pass’ so was hidden. This years licence overwrote it when I clicked ‘Add’ but it stayed hidden. Once I undid it all was well.
  10. Gwent Classic run several trials in your area.
  11. Bit by bit I've overcome the various obstacles thrown into my path by Sport 80. I now have a club membership and a trials registration. My one remaining problem is how to get the Competitor Licence into my Apple Wallet on my iPhone. This is a screen grab. I would have thought that clicking "Add" would finish the job but instead it just disappears. I thought it might be in "Downloads" but it's not.
  12. 13 or 14 months have passed since its introduction and it's still a mess. The ACU should have had a dedicated system made for them (it wouldn't have been that hard) instead of trying to adapt some one-size-fits-all package that probably doesn't fit anyone.
  13. This happened to me when I got my first trials bike. I've always been obsessive (on karts and racing cars) about having a short-travel hard pedal so I adjusted the bike's brakes the same way. I went out for my first practice, twice around the car park and I fell off! The front brake had locked up. Very embarrassing.😳
  14. It looks to me as if Toni Bou is getting more pressure than in recent years. He's still the No 1, but not by the same margin as before. In a year or two I think he will start to slip, just as is happening to Adam Raga at the moment. With those two out of the way, Jaime Busto and Gabriele Marcelli are clearly going to be dominant. At present it looks to me as though Toby Martyn and Aniol Gelabert are the contenders to join them as regular podium sitters.
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