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  1. My grand daughter: “Nana, where did you grow up?” My wife: “In a town in the Midlands, called Loughborough.” My grand daughter: “And where did Grandad grow up?” My wife: “He hasn’t yet.” (I think most of us older riders can relate to that.)
  2. Possibly piston slap. Mine does it. Rather offensive on the ears but everyone I’ve asked about it just says “I’ve heard worse.” I’m learning to live with it.
  3. Thanks guys. I think I might try Bostik.
  4. Button head screw: that’s a good idea 🧐. With a copper washer, of course.
  5. We may be misunderstanding each other. Agreed, taking the airbox off is easy. I had to take off a lot more than that to remove the entire brake system in one piece. But if you fit a banjo with a bleed nipple, it has to stay there when the airbox goes back on, and that is where i saw the problem.
  6. How are the air intake grilles on an Evo supposed to be fixed? On both of my bikes they were stuck on with hot melt glue so I had assumed that was the factory method. But having just removed them in order to re-fix them properly, they look more like a bodged repair.
  7. I don’t want to be too negative too soon, but will it fit? The one I tried fouled the air box. If you get a success, please give a reference to the part. I’ll be keen to get one myself. I eventually got the air out of mine by removing the complete system from the bike a creating a straight uphill run for the air. A fair bit of dismantling, but worth it.
  8. Having just damaged my helmet by throwing myself backwards onto some rocks, I concur. Better a damaged helmet than a damaged head. I can't remember the exact quote but Martin Brundle said something along the lines of, "If you've got a £20 head, buy a £20 helmet."
  9. Dan, that’s interesting. I have been toying with doing the same. I’ve lost a few stickers and some others are beginning to peel. There’s something seems all wrong about paying to advertise someone else’s business so I’m reluctant to buy a new sticker kit. Unfortunately my bike has a black frame, black rear mudguard, white front mudguard and frame cover, so may not look quite so handsome as yours.
  10. My thoughts too. "Nose weight" or "Nose load" is a parameter of a trailer. A bike rack doesn't have a nose so I don't see how the law or an insurance company could claim you were exceeding a specified nose load. Just going at it from first principles, the issues are the strength of the tow bar mountings and the effect of the weight on the vehicle dynamics. The latter is likely to be the point of most concern. Having the bike overhung well behind the rear axle means that it adds more than its own weight to the rear axle and takes some weight off the front. I just ran through some typical figures and a car that start unladen with 45% of its weight on the rear axle would have 55% when fully laden and 61% with the bike rack and not much else apart from the driver. With a vehicle engineering hat on, I would say that takes the loading outside of design limits. With a pragmatic hat on, I would say the drive needs to be a bit extra careful when using the bike rack.
  11. Watercooled boots! Now there's an invention. Hook them up to a nice big camelbak and you've got a total-loss feet cooling system.
  12. That's a long time to keep a bike without using it. I hope you'll soon be out and about enjoying it again. For information, your best bet is to post on the Montesa part of this forum. The Montesa experts may not be looking on the Introduce Yourself page.
  13. Three men are exploring in the jungle when they’re captured by a tribe of amazons. The women gather round and explain that they’re going to cut off the men’s penises. But to make it more fun they’re going to do it in a way appropriate to each man’s job. So they ask the first man what his job is, and he’s a lumberjack. One of the women steps forward and chops his dick off. Then they ask the second man and he explains he’s a butcher. So one of the women steps forward and slices his dick off. When they ask the third man about his job he just starts laughing. Then he explains: “I work for Dyson.”
  14. A man goes sky-diving for the first time. He leaps out of the aeroplane and pulls the ripcord. Nothing happens. He’s plunging towards the earth wondering if there’s anything he can do when he meets another man coming upwards. ”Hey! Do you know anything about parachutes?” ”Sorry mate. No. Do you know anything about gas stoves?”
  15. Do read everything you can on bleeding before attempting it. It’s not easy so make full use of other people’s experience.
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