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  1. How is this going? To be honest I had forgotten about your app. However I was thinking about the problem myself and started working on an app of my own. When it’s ready it will work on Android and Apple, phone and tablet. First I have to finish off a few details, then do some real world testing, then get some feedback from observers and clubs and tweak it according to their comments.
  2. I don’t there is such a thing as “all weather”. Depending on temperature I wear a trials shirt, t-shirt + trials shirt or t-shirt + trials shirt + fleece. If it’s likely to rain I add an impermeable light boil-in-the-bag jacket, but in truth I just don’t ride if the weather is too wet and unpleasant.
  3. Absolutely true. Nearly every other form of motor sport is dominated by tyres, and almost invariably the way to go better is to spend more on tyres. When I came to trials a few years ago it was clear that it was going to be a cheap sport. In my head I budgeted for a rear tyre every year and a front tyre every two years. I've just bought the third rear in five years and I've never yet bought a front.
  4. Shows how carefully I read the regs! Anyway, that clearly settles my question. Thanks.
  5. It's been a while since I had my Beta 4T. I can't remember now why I had to remove the carb several times, but it was a PITA although it did get easier with practice (and I was getting too much practice!). Once I got it sorted though, there was little reason to remove it again. I wouldn't see it as a deal-breaker.
  6. It's worth bearing in mind that bearings and seals are a "commodity". Whatever the application and bike manufacturer, if the OE bits are cheap Chinese junk (see the pun?), you can always go to a bearing specialist and buy SKF or some other reputable product.
  7. So here's a naive question that has been niggling away in my head for a while. Why are trials tyres the way they are? Is there a rule somewhere that bans MX or enduro tyres? Or has years of experience led to conventional trials tyres being the best for the job? I occasionally watch an X-Trial video and wonder why no-one has tried a slick tyre.
  8. Will Paul Nash be the importer for the new Dragonfly? They need a good importer if they hope to make an impression on the market.
  9. Putoline Nanotech in my case. I used it on my Beta to get the best clutch behaviour I could and just carried it over. It’s probably unnecessary as I don’t use the clutch on the EM so it only has to lubricate the primary gear and a couple of bearings.
  10. The throttle changed from Madura to Domino part way through ‘22 model year.
  11. The frame changed from white to black. I don't know of any other changes, but there might well be. 2020 was the first year of the ePure so it's natural that they should iron out a few early bugs. There was a Lite and a Sport. I think they were identical except that one had steel forks and the other aluminium. There is no hour-meter or charge counter. I keep that info in a spreadsheet.
  12. Full throttle at cranking speed means the airflow through the carb is too slow to pull any fuel through the jet. So the air just vaporises some of the fuel in the crankcase. It will splutter and smoke for a while, then suddenly clean up and rev properly. Hold the throttle wide open while it is spluttering.
  13. I wondered what this was going to be. The topic title I saw was "tire rubbing on muff...". 😳
  14. Why not ask Mr Duckswax (Martin Chivers)? Personally I have Gaerne boots because they were the online that claim to be waterproof. I jetways them after every trial and then give them a rub over with dubbin. After 5 years I'm still on my original boots (slightly battered now) and just invested £3 in my second tin of dubbin. And the boots are still waterproof.
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