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  1. trapezeartist

    Show Us Your Ty

    The previous owner seemed to have something of a passion for ground clearance.😱
  2. trapezeartist

    Steering Head Bearings, Evo

    The 3mm washer worked perfectly and I now have play-free steering.
  3. trapezeartist

    Evo 250 Clutch

    I couldn’t get hold of any Nanotrans locally so I put in some 10W40 motorcycle gearbox oil blended with 20% ATF. It worked a treat and the clutch is much better. Btw, I noticed on a Jim Snell video that he advises avoiding synthetic oils in the gearbox as they are too “clingy” and cause clutch drag. It seems a reasonable hypothesis.
  4. trapezeartist


    Seems a bit harsh, Dan. I would agree it’s a bit agricultural, but it works. I’ve just had to rework mine a bit. It moved about slightly on the swinging arm. When I took it all off I found a loose helicoil on one of the fixings. (Do Beta fit helicoils as standard or has mine already had a repair?) We couldn’t get a new helicoil to go in right so I drilled through and used a nut and bolt.
  5. trapezeartist

    Evo Swinging Arm Bearings

    The new bearings are in 👍. Using a big bolt and various combinations of sockets and washers to make an insertion tool. I followed pindie’s advice with the copper slip grease. It took a pretty heavy force on the spanner to work them in. It’s much easier on insertion though because the bearings are pushed in one at a time from each side. Attempting to push them out requires both bearings to be moved at once.
  6. trapezeartist

    Evo Swinging Arm Bearings

    Success this evening.😎 An hour and a half working away withe dremel and they’re out. It sorely depleted my stock of carborundum points though, and I was in danger of running out before finishing the job. Now I’m worrying about putting the new ones in. The old ones were not corroded into the arm as I expected so there’s not much reason why the forces should be any different. And brutality is not an option with the new ones.
  7. trapezeartist

    Evo Swinging Arm Bearings

    I tried that last night, without success ☹️. I used sockets and one of the bolts from the linkage. The bolt was M10 which is the biggest which will go through a half-inch socket and wound it all up as tight as I could. It didn't even look like moving. It will need properly turned-up rings and a bigger bolt if this method is to work at all. Or a hydraulic press.
  8. trapezeartist

    beta 300t4 clutch fix

    If you think starting in gear with the clutch pulled in is dangerous, it might be best to keep away from motorbikes altogether. They’re dangerous. I would think Beta spec the clutch pack for the most aggressive rider they can imagine (probably the works riders). For someone who goes at things more gently, I can well imagine that one or two thinner clutch plates would be helpful. I’m having a few issues with my clutch (250 2T). I’m hoping to find a solution by changing gearbox oil but I’m keeping the “thin plates” option up my sleeve in case I need it (and in case it works).
  9. trapezeartist

    Evo Swinging Arm Bearings

    I spent some time this afternoon knocking seven bells out of them with a socket on the top. Cold, that achieved nothing. I have an electric paint stripper but I’d be reluctant to give it too much heat as it may ruin the powder coating. My bench vice went to meet it’s maker after being used too many times as a press, so I think I’ll take the swinging arm to someone with a proper press, who can also push in the new ones.
  10. trapezeartist

    Evo Swinging Arm Bearings

    Any tips for removing seized swinging arm bearings? And putting in the new ones? I managed to remove the top hat inner races after a struggle but the seals and the outer races are still firmly in place. I would like to avoid the use of a hacksaw if possible.
  11. trapezeartist

    Evo 250 Clutch

    I took the cover off tonight and tried to measure the release movement. I couldn’t really get a good place to get my depth gauge in, but full movement appeared to be about 1mm. The more I think about it, the more it seems like oil drag on the plates is the root cause, followed by over-adjustment to try to compensate. So I need to try a different oil. Probably something nice and thin. Is ATF really going to give an on-off feel?
  12. trapezeartist

    Steering Head Bearings, Evo

    I pulled it all apart again this evening and confirmed that the nut was bottoming on the thread. I forgot dabba’s Beta part so I’ve ordered a couple of ordinary M20 washers on flea bay. They will be 3mm thick which is a bit OTT but I’ll give it a go.
  13. trapezeartist

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Why has she got a fire extinguisher strapped to her bike?
  14. trapezeartist

    Evo 250 Clutch

    I completed another trial today but was frustrated by the continuing clutch issue. As before, it drags a bit when pulled right in, yet needs to be released right out to bite properly. It’s not conducive to fine clutch-slipping control on tight turns. I have a few ideas but no clear hypothesis on why any of them should work. It will be just stabbing in the dark. Add a shim to the thrust bearing. I don’t understand what this does but lineaway seems happy with it. Change to a different oil. I currently use Castrol 10W40 motorcycle gearbox oil. I might try ATF next as it’s a cheaper experiment than putting in Nanotrans. Swap one or both thick plates to thin ones. Hopefully this would reduce the clamping force and get rid of the drag. Then I could adjust the lever the get a nice engagement point.
  15. trapezeartist

    Steering Head Bearings, Evo

    Not tightening against the outer (that would generate noise and friction), but yes there probably is a spacer missing. Yes. The std Beta and Top Team designs seem a bit different, but I think I could find a home for a washer like you suggest that might work. I’ll have a rootle around in my fixings box to see if I’ve got a suitable washer. If not, I’ll try to get that part no from Beta UK.