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  1. Niro, if I read this thread right, you seem to be trying to ride very slow without using the clutch. Why? Virtually everyone slips the clutch in sections in order to keep speed down and avoid stalling. Rather than fiddling with gearing, I would advocate you practice slipping the clutch.
  2. I bought it from John Uyehara in Hawaii. I think the basic lever is probably intended for a quad bike throttle, or possibly a very short lever for a pushbike. Then he's put a magnetic microswitch in where the cable would go and attached a lead with the correct connector for the bike. $50 plus postage I think, which worked out to about £50.
  3. It would require a complete power unit including the motor. The primary drive on Lite and Sport is a belt so the motor turns forward. On the Race it's a spur gear so the motor turns backwards. Presumably it would also require a different controller too.
  4. I watched hours and hours of the Jitsie coverage of the SSDT. On a more general level, I did notice what appeared to be some very variable ideas of what constitutes a 5 on the part of the observers. It seemed that while each observer was consistent on his (or her) section, there was no consistency from section to section. Some observers were really very generous while others were quite severe. It may be the same for all riders but it's important for the riders to know how strict the observer will be before they enter a section. I am surprised that the organisers didn't brief their observers on how they should be marking.
  5. Beat me to it. 😆
  6. Agreed, that looks really awkward to use. On my '21 I use a small lever place directly under the clutch lever.
  7. The controller is a fairly standard item, made by Silixcon. If you look at their website there are various downloads related to programming it. You'll have to be a bit of a whizz on brushless motors and controllers though, if you hope to understand it. I would love to be able to change a few things, but after reading all the bumph I've given up.
  8. I ran my Beta 250 with two springs removed. I liked it and didn't have any issues with clutch slip.
  9. This seems to be a big issue at the moment. I'm going to be needing a new rear soon so just checked on my favourite trader's website. "No stock". So I tried a few others and they were all the same. The only place that claimed to have stock had a Michelin X-Light rear priced at £222 😡 .
  10. Do you have an Electric Motion?
  11. There's "so much conflicting advice" because any of the leading products will do a good job for you. Follow manufacturer's advice on grade of oil, pick a brand you like, and that's all there is to it.
  12. I've just bought a wheelchair modified Doblo. It's early days but it's looking very promising. The ramp makes loading super-easy, there is oodles of headroom over the handlebars and I don't have to stoop too much when standing in it, and the bike just about fits with the ramp folded up. I thought I was going to have to modify the ramp but I tried the bike in it today and I can fold the ramp with no problem. I've removed the rear seat (it only had a single one on the left) and pushed the passenger seat forward to give a bit more room. Now I'm waiting for some eyebolts to arrive for lashing down.
  13. I am one of the converts. The EM is the dog's danglies as far as I am concerned. And as you are starting from scratch you wouldn't have to adapt your riding style to suit electric.
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