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  1. trapezeartist

    Gearbox Sprocket

    The filter is now dry, but looking pretty ratty so needs replacing. Anyway the bike is now in so many pieces that riding this weekend is not an option. I’ll take a more careful look at the splines on the output shaft this evening, hoping to find them all good. Then I’ll continue going through checking and cleaning everything, and hoping no other nasties crawl out of the woodwork. The dealer I bought it from is being good, so I’m confident he’ll provide a new air filter and sprocket. I just have to hope a sprocket change solves the problem.
  2. trapezeartist

    Gearbox Sprocket

    I picked my new-to-me Evo 250 yesterday and just spent a couple of hours in the garage with it. Unfortunately I won’t get out to play tomorrow as planned because the air filter was filthy and has to be washed and re-oiled. Then while continuing the general check over, I found the gearbox sprocket was sloppy on the splines. Is that to be expected?
  3. trapezeartist

    Brand New to Trials.

    As it happens, I’ve just sold the Fantic, but not because I had fallen out of love. Being a wobbler of mature years and a beginner into the bargain, I could see that the classic clubs run the sort of trials I want to do. So I decided to get a twinshock and everyone said a Fantic 200 was the best. I have certainly had a very happy time with it: steers well, nice soft power delivery, adequate performance but didn’t want to kill me. A year on from buying it, I’ve decided to get a modern bike. If you fancy twinshock, I would recommend the Fantic without hesitation (and I no longer have one to sell 😉).
  4. trapezeartist

    Hired a van

    I have a Blingo too. It might be a decrepit old rattle box but it was cheap and it does the job. I use it for other things too where I wouldn’t want to use my “best” car.
  5. trapezeartist

    Brand New to Trials.

    I started with a trials experience day too, just to make sure I was going to like it before spending proper money. Definitely the way to put a toe in the water, I think. Personally I have reservations about bike racks but lots of people love them. Look in the Transport sub-forum for some lengthy discussions. I believe Dave Cooper is the only commercial manufacturer. He also builds trailers.
  6. trapezeartist

    Fiat doblo (van)

    I’ve not done a direct comparison but I imagine the headlining does steal a bit of space. I find my handlebars just clear when upright and straight, but as soon as I turn the steering I have to lean the bike out a bit. My headlining is not quite as pristine as it once was.😒
  7. trapezeartist

    Fiat doblo (van)

    Fiat Doblo and Citroen Berlingo are pretty much the same thing in both van and car versions. There’s also a Peugeot variant, but only a van I think. I started out looking for a van but then discovered that the same money bought me a lower mileage car, with a petrol engine, and no-one had mixed concrete in the back. I only carry one bike in my Blingo, but I think it would take two as demonstrated by the OP.
  8. trapezeartist

    Fitting out a van

    Pulling down on the suspension only compresses the springs about the same as having a rider on the bike. It's way within acceptable stress limits for the springs. Damping elements won't know you're doing it as there is no movement of the damper. Any "air spring" will only increase in pressure slightly so would be well within limits, like the spring. The block under the sump guard is fine of that's what you want to do. In my little Berlingo, it would be difficult if not impossible to lift the bike onto the block while hunched over. With a high-roof Traffic, it would be easier.
  9. trapezeartist

    Message for Howard

    To Howard who enquired about my Fantic in the Trials Central Classifieds: sorry, but I can't find a way to reply to you. The bike is now sold (not via Trials Central), subject to payment/collection in a few days time.
  10. trapezeartist

    Gaerne boot sizing?

    I would agree with Faussy.
  11. trapezeartist

    ARC levers not fitting

    Huh? Ah, American, I understand. 😁
  12. trapezeartist

    Crash helmets

    Wasn’t it Martin Brundle who said “If you’ve got a £5 head, buy a £5 helmet.”?
  13. trapezeartist

    Bash hats

    I have an Airoh and it’s super light and comfortable. 900 or 950 grams I think. My old Shoei full-face weighed about 1700! I was tempted by the Zona 5 with the built in visor but was slightly put off by the 1200 gram weight.
  14. trapezeartist

    hybrid trials bike???

    Broadly like misscrabstick has said. It opens up the possibility of adding throttle position to the ECU map. Imagine having full throttle at the twist grip giving only 25% at the FI for trickling round some tight turns. Then with a flick of a thumb switch you go to full “quick throttle” mode to blast up a big climb. Basically like the current mode switches, but doing something useful.
  15. trapezeartist

    Hi from Bristol

    It is! Have you not tried it yet?