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  1. John was someone who i only recently got to know despite seeing him ride for years in the eastern centre, always looked so smooth and in control. Lovely guy to. Will be missed.
  2. After 19 years Dougie Lampkin retires from world championship competition. He will still be part of the Gas Gas team helping Adam Raga and the rest as well as competing in the SSDT and the Scott later in the year. Probably the greatest of all time, a hero and role model to so many. enjoy your retirement Doug and thanks for the memories! http://www.dougielampkin.co.uk/html/html/DLPR190412.html
  3. ok guys just a fun thing for you here. Been looking through some old Junior Kickstart episodes and was wondering what happend to a few ex stars of the show. Some such as Colley, Lampkin, Jarvis etc are fairly obvious and maybe even Phil Disney, Woody Hole, Rob Sartin and Dan Hemingway. Going to throw a few names in here and see what response we get. Ian Needham Luke Wood Wayne Holdsworth Andy Huddleston Lee Sargent Gareth Thomas Chris Hannant David Lloyd Darren Snell Colin Crease Phillip Frizzell Lee Comelio Mike Roberts Adam Norris Russel Brass Any help would be great. No doubt a few names may even present on this forum.
  4. As a friend of Jack and his family i have seen just how hard he has worked this year and just how much of a concern his wrist injury has been. To win the championship itself is amazing but when you consider his injury has virtually prevented him from riding apart from at the events themselves it puts in to context just what a remarkable job he has done. We are all extremely proud of him back here in the eastern centre and eagerly await his return. Hopefully he can wrap up the european title as well to round off a fantastic year. WELL DONE JACK!
  5. cheers for finding this, i have every kickstart and junior kickstart bar this one and the first 2 in 79/80. Got some small footage of the final but never the whole thing, amazing!!
  6. you can contact him at wayne@fdos-design.com.
  7. I have him on my friends list on facebook. Ive sent him a message with a link to this thread.
  8. Its being held just behind Whip Street Motors along Paper Mill Lane in Bramford Suffolk.IP8 4BY Start time 10:30. It is being held as a charity trial to raise funds for our local star Jack Sheppard.
  9. Hi there. i know its a little was from Kings Lynn but i am running an event at Bramford near ipswich in suffolk next weekend.Should be a big entry. Not much on in this area next weekend apart from that.
  10. i wasn't aware this had changed, lookin around i see that it now has, So do we have no world trials action in this country next year??
  11. am i right in thinking there is no British round next year apart from the TDN at Fort William???
  12. Just found these whilst browsing tonight. 1982 - 85 Junior Kickstarts all heats and finals, brings back some memories. I will hopefully be uploading some from my own collection at some point but for now...enjoy. 82 83 (this does turn into the 83 senior kickstart half way through)84 85 Steve Colley, Woody Hole, Wayne Braybrook, Rob Sartin, John Shirt and many more.
  13. kickstart101

    2011 Bikes

    are you sure we saw the 2011 bikes at the weekend? They looked like the 2010 ones to me, normally have to wait a little later in the trials season for the top boys to be on the new machines. Could possibly be the new Gas Gas, their factory is nothing special, despite the bikes that come out of it.
  14. Donnington park 79 -80 on a course designed by none other than Sammy Miller. For 81 they moved to "the brickyard" in the grounds of lord hesketh's Easton Neston estate, the final series of junior kickstart was filmed at Bay Farm just up the road near Towcester. Don't get me started on kickstart knowledge, we could be here a long time, as i have mentioned before on here i am currently writing a piece on the history of the show, needs a bit more work but hoping to get it finished this year. Really need help finding out the winners of a few of the junior shows but apart from that its nearly done. adam
  15. his minder jack lee calls him Dibble ! Personally ive always said Dab-ill
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