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  1. 1000 miles I am currently looking for a road bike and set my search to "within 50 miles"
  2. I bought a metal/rubber gasket from splatshop for ~£10.00 from Splatshop that worked a treat. Before this I tried a standard paper gasket and gasket compound which didn't fully seal it. http://www.splatshop.co.uk/gasgas-clutch-cover-gasket.html
  3. Parts are hard to come by and therefore expensive. They are heavy and cumbersome. They are well made which is probably why they are heavy. Bottom line - don't waste your time, get something newer or at least more popular.
  4. take cover back off, loosen centre bolt, rotate clutch until it drops into socket and re-tighten centre bolt.
  5. Thanks for the offer of company, I'll probably take you up on that for Swan rd 2 (5th May) if you're attending. I ride (try to ride) an 08 raga....red white and black with red rim tape and I drive a red fiat ducato van. I may have been one of you helping to push my van off the car park on my previous visit to Alvanley....Cheers; and sorry for covering you all in mud from wheel-spinning. TC Andy - can we get our user names as a helmet sticker or number board sticker perhaps. It sure would be nice to identify TC members at a glance.
  6. I was no 82 today. I expected it to be a little easier today - WRONG...just different. I had fun anyway, watching all the twinshock trials irons clean the sections that I could only manage a 3 or 5 on. The good news is my Alpine Star No Stop boots got submerged in mud right upto the top and my feet didn't get wet at all.
  7. Does anyone know if the twinshock / pre 65 round 1 trial on April 7th at Alvanley is open to bikes other than the listed twinshock & pre 65 s. Cheers, Andy
  8. Trials is like golf. You're playing against the course. Of course there's the old saying - "is my mate in the bunker or is the b@$t@rd on the green" I appreciate how skilled some folk are and could sit and watch them all day with a hint of jealousy but no hard feelings.
  9. I bought the rubber/metal gasket from Splatshop and it's done the trick. It's an aluminium gasket with a thin layer of silicone on each side and it's not much thicker than the paper really. Can anyone tell me what size socket fits the clutch bolts - the little tiny 12 point sets around the clutch pack. They look to be around 7mm but they're not.... Thanks, Andy
  10. I put a new oem clutch cover gasket on today and it started leaking without even starting it. I will have to get one of those thicker ones - can anyone tell me where to get one. Should I use gasket sealant or not - I didn't on this occasion but maybe I should. Usually I use a thin smear of hermatite when fitting gaskets to keep them in place but like I say, I didn't use anything this time. I am currently cutting a gasket out of some oil resistant orange gasket paper that's a little thicker than the standard paper gasket but not sure if I'll end up using it. On a different note... There is supposed to be 0.5mm washer slides over the kickstart shaft before fitting the clutch cover but there isn't one there. This is the first time I've had the cover off and I know it hasn't fell off so it must of been like this for some time. I've checked the teeth on the sprocket and everything looks as it should so do I need to order and fit this washer or not ? Andy. Just had another look... There is a spring type square profile washer located in a groove on the kickstart shaft that is in line with the engine case - I placed a straight edge across to verify. Would the washer be needed to take up the gap produced by the gasket and if so does that mean I would need to source a washer of equal thickness to the new thicker gasket if I get one ???
  11. I checked out the rear shock today and took a couple of pics...(will try to add later) The adjuster screw will pop out as far as the rubber o ring seal but would actually pop straight out if I took the shock off - the linkage is stopping it from falling out. No oil leaks out when I pop the screw out to the o ring - does this mean it's empty and needs refilling ? Is there a home repair I can perform or will it have to go to the shop for repair. Sorry for daft questions but I've just had a rough quote for £110 + parts so I would like some info before spending if possible.
  12. Ok, so the oil is dripping from the side case and not from the breather as first thought - the bottom of the breather pipe is dirty white but I can see clearly now that it's not got oil in it....especially as I plugged a syringe into it and sucked the air out and nothing happened...the air moved freely. Someone has put two gaskets on the side case so I presume leaking is quite common - at least for this bike. I will order gaskets next week and go from there. Andy
  13. Ha ha ha ha ha......can't believe I never thought of that ! I assume it works like the radio in a mk 1 ford fiesta - just keep turning the volume up to cover up the noises.....one day though you will run out of volume and then ? Bigger Stereo !!!
  14. I thought it might be a nice idea if we had a poll regarding Gearbox oil as there doesn't seem to be nor will there ever be a definitive answer. Maybe if we can collate everyones feedback then you can read through and make an informed decision. My vague list of specifics are - Model of bike, Engine size, Year of bike, Transmission fluid used, Did you change type of oil - What type did you change from and to, are you happy with results, How often (hours) changed, Clutch feel, Usual riding terrain, I am aware I havent covered everything so feel free to make suggestions or totally redo. I don't know how to set it up so would prefer somebody with experience of such matters to take over. If not I will have a go. I will leave it alone for now to get some ideas.
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