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  1. This is the bike, any help appreciated getting this bike back, Demmo's is a true gent and a big help to young and old riders so we need him riding again.
  2. Yep took about 6 weeks , the cough was bloody annoying .
  3. My mate had the same problem and head replaced under warranty .
  4. Cracking couple of days , blessed with the weather on both days a little damp at the start of today but cleared up in time for watching the riders. Wasn't sure how I was going to take watching non stop at world level , I think I still prefer stop but saying that the young lad preferred it this years non stop. We saw one of the minders on the new 2014 Scorpa , well at least that's what we think it was Cracking riding . Was quite funny hearing that observer getting booed on last section but the smile on his face when he gave Raga a 1 and everybody cheered him.
  5. Do it, it's like a breath of fresh air working on a Beta again. Just be sitting down when you go to sell your Ossa there in the dictionary as the definition of deprecation .
  6. Top man , if you P.M. me your address I shall get them posted off to you. Brilliant day pretty gutted we are going to miss it.
  7. It was really open to Trial Central Supporters first , if you want to pay your tenner and support Trials Central there yours and I can post them tommorrow .
  8. Got our tickets for the World Trials Rounds on the 26th-28th July through the post today. Ends up young lads in London the week before and doesn't fly back till Friday 26th . So we have four spare tickets for Friday , now Fridays a great day brilliant to watch and get used to the sections , see the new bikes , speak to riders etc. and best off all watch them practice which is sometimes more entertaining than the trial. Price : Free to any Trials Central Supporter . Well worth going to see what can be done on a trials bike. Will post first class.
  9. Haven Trial Sports has just about everything . http://www.haventrialsport.co.uk/
  10. Hi Henry This is what you get from Beta, it's self powered (well a battery)
  11. It's going to be funny a trials bike with a new engine and it will be reliable in its first year of production. My mates Montesa is like the Toyota Hilux in top gear, while others makes are breaking around him his gets no maintenance falls off cliffs and one kick away it goes. Surely if Montesa get there price right we have to start asking why other manufacturers can't build bikes to the same quality.
  12. My mate just sent a pair back , think a month old and one wasn't waterproof . Got them sent back really just saying unlucky tuff titty.
  13. Had same problem had a GasGas 300 Pro Racing insured no bother changed it to a Evo 250 and struggled. Compare the market and got Hastings for £80 oh and a free toy .
  14. I think a lot of riders who aren't competing for championships are just keen to get a reliable bike you can just ride and not spend the rest of the week preparing for next weeks trial. Montesa have been that that bike but being so pricey a few haven't taken the plunge. If Montesa price there bikes along with the other manufacturers I think it's jobs a good un. Folk are saying its not a new bike because it hasn't got a new frame , it does have a new engine though and the Repsol one looks the dogs.
  15. You get a digital one as part of the Beta road kit, if I can find one you can have it.
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