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  1. I've just bought some new Forma Boulder boots to replace my Alpinestars which have given up after five years. To be fair they have been soaked and dried very week with no further care. I am keen to get the boots to last and have gone black instead of white which look like crap after a few rides. The question is what product is best for the boot preparation, softening of leather and preserving etc. Ive heard that Neats foot oil is good but others ay its full of petroleum which is not good. Advice?
  2. I am really frustrated with the lack of information on the 2015 Sherco 250 ST. How hard can it be to have a manual available to owners? With a Montesa you can find load specs and adjustment profiles etc etc but with the Sherco we are all supposed to be former mechanics are we? Can anyone enlighten me as to how to adjust the suspension for a 92 kg rider from factory settings?
  3. You have a great looking bike there. lotsa bling. gold rims and bar clamps, titanium header pipe, s3 cylinder head, blue brake and gear ends, blue bars, all nice! Chain is a bit loose - leave a finger width gap minimum between guide and swingarm. Levers are different and angled weirdly, balance them up a bit and bring in the front brake lever on the adjuster - it'll tire the crap out of you way out there. use the lanyard kill switch for wayward riding too! dont hit the fence especially with your missus! Great Bike! enjoy.
  4. ok I have had it for a couple of weeks now. and I like it. very similar in many ways to the Ossa. does anyone think the aftermarket titanium header pipe is worth it?
  5. I am contemplating the purchase of a 2015 model Sherco 250. Is there anything that the forum can tell me about this model? I am a clubman rider of around ten years experience.
  6. I have a 2011 Ossa 280i. I have done nothing to mine, added no specialty starter battery, and it always goes first or second kick. never a problem
  7. I bleed it after use and theres a wee hiss but the manual makes no recommendations re reducing compression and rebound for weight etc
  8. Does anyone know the correct procedure for reducing the springiness of the front end? I am enamoured of the plushness in the Repsol 4RT and know it wont get there but can the ossa be easily softened? thoughts?
  9. scorpatic

    Power Output

    Yes 2stroke4stroke, that was exactly what prompted the question. My friend said he thought his Montesa was about 19 20 hp and I thought the 2011 Ossa to be about the same now that its map is set how I like it. (Huge torque for a two stroker.) But 31 hp seems like a massive amount and I cannot imagine holding onto that without shoulder damage! Maybe it is ridiculously smooth and all in reserve but why?
  10. scorpatic

    Power Output

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the HP output of the Ossa 280i?
  11. trials pants should always be roomy. gives you freedom to stretch and not crush ya nuts on the way. go L
  12. I wasn't mad about the look of the Airoh but of the five helmets Ive owned it is the best fit and lightest and coolest. Amazing helmet
  13. Yep got it sorted at last. Laid the bike completely flat on a supporting piece of wood (just happened to the the wives teak sun lounger but hell, needs must) and with the fork fully supported I used a sledgehammer and gave it a serious tonk. It was seized inside through corrosion and came out fairly easily after that. Packed in a new one with mucho grease. Sadly the teak sun lounger wasn't as strong as it might have been and got a bit broken. "All that wine must have corroded the slats" I said. In hindsight lighthearted may not have been the way to go. But the bike is fixed, so what more can she want!? Ive put the lounger out on the street for anyone to take away as its just upsetting her now. Sadly some people never look on the bright side.
  14. I have loosened everything and cannot get the axle out of the forks, anyone else had an issue with this? Is there some trick Im missing?
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