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  1. Another racing season, same Cota as last year!!!
  2. jaumetgn

    Tr 34 Campionato

    I've seen a WES Silencer made by two units, but this is my last option, first I'll try to repack the one that I have. http://www.todotrial.com/ttshop/WES.htm
  3. jaumetgn

    Tr 34 Campionato

    I've recently bought a Beta TR 34 Campionato, nice bike, but I try to put in order to "race". I've some questions, first of all,.....................does somebody know how to open, clean and close the aluminium silencer (big one)??? The bike runs so well, but the sound is too high. Any advice?? See you.
  4. Yesterday racing the last race of catalan championship. Some few problems with altitude jettings!!
  5. Hope you like despite the "movement" of the cameraman.
  6. jaumetgn

    Evo Parts Diagram

    http://www.betamotor.com/en/support http://www.betamotor.com/en/support/exploded
  7. This is mine 349 "white wonder". Still in shape to do some races.
  8. Thank you for your information and thoughts, I've tried a Hebo one in a shop and I don't feel confortable, (is a question of my head size, LOL) Sizing is a little bit strange I've a XL size for the Hebo and L size for Mots!!! I will try Jitsie and Airoh, but I don't like airoh, too angulous!!
  9. I want to update my helmet for a Carbon fiber one and I have two options, Mots Carbon and Hebo Zone carbon. Any experiences, advices???
  10. http://rmlightning.com/inicio/ It works!!!
  11. jaumetgn

    Montesa 349

    This is mine--------1981 model
  12. jaumetgn

    Montesa 349

    I've just begin to "put things in place". First thing is the bar.................I'll put a Renthal 5.5 Second thing probably, rear shocks................any advice??? NJB or Magicals??
  13. jaumetgn

    Montesa 349

    Beauty....................I've a 81 Ulf Karlson replica..............white. Does anyone have pitcures of ther REAL ULF Karlson 349...............I mean the works bike. My project is to make a real replica.
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