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  1. Yeah nothing worse! Already had the autosol on the hubs,bash plate and silencer haha
  2. Cheers for that! Will give it a go, think there would be any difference with my front pipe being titanium?
  3. Does it not leave marks on the front pipe? Will give that a try tonight
  4. Hi Any tips when it comes to cleaning burn marks off a Raga 2011 front pipe? I've dropped my bike and it landed on my boot! so theres now a black mark along the pipe! Looked into buy a guard but they look awful Thanks
  5. In your case it may of been worth getting the barrel checked over, as from the video the knocking is pretty loud! Much better than before though really depends on how long your looking to keep the bike and how much you want to put into it! My bike ran well after the top end was done! loads of power until the coil decided to pack up and god knows what else so now that's been replaced its back fighting fit! Got to say its amazing the difference! keep us posted on what happens!
  6. Did you get sorted mate? I've just got mine back together and its sounds like new! The letter is stamped on the out side of the barrel on the intake side On putting it back together there wasn't any problems apart from putting the head on backwards haha but well impressed with the power gain!
  7. That was the plan! I was going to do the top end on my bike any way but I thought may as well do a full rebuild if I had a spare engine but you then out bid me! Good luck with putting it back together!!!
  8. I'm usually up Fuddy Muckers as I know the lad who runs it! so probably see you around!
  9. Mind the gap! I've heard there is nothing to worry about and just to put the new piston and rings in and then I've heard its best to check the gaps? I've never done this before and currently on changing the top end on my Montesa 315r Any advice of pointers? Do I need to line up the rings? Do I need to measure the gaps? I'm a dab hand at mechanics but this is one job I've never done before Thanks!
  10. Here's some pictures I'm still waiting on the top end kit to turn up!
  11. I believe I was bidding against you on ebay! Hahaa Heres another picture of my bike - And a picture of how it currently sits a couple of weeks after the first pictures
  12. Will take some tonight mate If it goes back together as easy as it came apart its a couple f hours work to do the whole thing!
  13. Took mine to bits last night super simple took the radiator out and some wires and moved them to one side and pulled the barrel off! Piston and bearing were pretty beat up but the barrel look sound! Order the kit today from JimSandifords so will let you know if it goes back together as easy as it was to came apart haha
  14. I may have a go first then! Hahaa Any one know the best place to get a top end kit?
  15. If you give it ago can you let me know how you get on? Then I may set too myself!
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