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  1. Try fitting the hour meter correctly to get a more accurate reading too.
  2. I have used the Repsol oil it is very good clutch was good and gear change was slick. Ipone box X-TREM is good alternative to elf also.
  3. Get some ct1 silicone that stuff sticks anything to everything
  4. What a wally I am! I've just realised that the 16400NN4315 TB that I have ordered is a single map TB so I need the single map Software after I just paid £20 for dual map software. Bloody idiot
  5. Hi yes I know that site, I am in the process of getting the leads but don't have dual map software hopefully someone has it an can copy it for me.
  6. I have purchased the HRC 16400NN4315 twin map throttle body, but need the software to upload maps to it does anybody know if you can download it online. Also is there anywhere with base maps you can download?
  7. Not sure how do i find out?
  8. I fitted a mapping switch to my 2016 repsol and when I switch to the mode 2 map it feels like if you have water in the carb (if it had one) you open the throttle up and the engine stutters.
  9. click on the shop now button, what is the shop called it takes you to?
  10. Albea has closed its called sadboy racing now.
  11. https://www.sadboyracing.com Buy the racing piston not the standard kit, I had the standard copy rings and one broke up and destroyed my engine.
  12. chatlie44

    Buying advice.

    I'm thinking of buying a 300 ice hell second hand, is there anything to look out for on second hand vertigos, Or common problems?
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