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  1. The bike had a high idle because I set it so high to get some power when reving up. Meanwhile I de- and remounted the whole exhaust and it seems to run ok by now. I'll keep u informed :-)
  2. Thanks @ourian and @fantic303. I'll check that but I have 16hrs on the bike now and for the first 15 hrs the bike ran great. So the dealer derestricted the bike completely I think
  3. Thanks, I'll check both of your suggestions because at idle it does some kind of "blob" (not too loud) every three or four seconds. At first I'll remove the whole exhaust and fasten it again. Thanks so far
  4. Hello all, I bought a new 4rt european bike in feb already derestricted from the dealer. I like it really as it is my first 4st trials bike. A month or so ago a long time montesa driver told me, the idle was too high and he lowered it. The next time I drove it (week later or so) I wanted to drive a step down but it was too high and the engine protection plate had contact with a big stone and stopped my bike while I was still moving forward :-D The bike just fell to the side so not a big deal. But afterwards I had to kick about four or five times and it didn't run well and even sometimes stalled at low revs while driving. I believe it also has a louder and deeper sound now. As I had 15hrs on the bike I changed gear and motoroil, the airfilter and the spark. I removed the cable to the (small) lightmask as it was defect because once before the bike fell down in my garage (due to that ... side stand) and I saw a cable that leads to the o2 sensor not plugged in anywhere and I couldn't see any plug where it could go in... I was told, it isn't supposed to be connected anywhere in a derestricted bike Everything went well and the bike starts at the second kick but I have to raise the idle (my hourmeter shows about 1800 rpm but I don't trust him ;-) ) too high or the bike doesn't rev up as it should and it is much too weak. Please see Has anyone any idea what the problem could be?
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