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  1. Not as hot here, but I use Evans Waterless Coolant because it has a higher boiling point. Meaning if the bike gets hot the coolant won’t evaporate (boil away) so loosing any form of coolant.
  2. barfy

    RTL silencer

    Just for reference if someone is looking in the future, I ordered some 1.5mm 6082 aluminium sheet and it seems to have been welded satisfactorily.
  3. barfy

    RTL silencer

    Hi, I've worn a hole in my silence and found a local guy who is able to weld a plate over the hole. He does custom garden furniture, gates, etc. I've seen some of his aluminium welding which looks good. He also said about making sure to use a aluminium-silicon rather than aluminium-magnesium filler for the best quality weld (doesn't mean that much to me). He said that if I get the aluminium sheet, because he doesn't have any that thin, he'll be able to weld it for me. Looking on the internet, there is so much choice but not sure what to get. What type of aluminium should I get and what thickness? I was thinking 6082 1.5mm thick, but heard that some types of aluminium is more tricky to weld than other types. Would appreciate input from someone who is more knowledgeable.
  4. barfy

    Gas Gas Swinging Arm

    Thanks. Won’t bother with that idea if Mr Birkett couldn’t make it last. Although it wouldn’t be exposed SSDT conditions, I don’t have access to the same m/c engineering skills he has.
  5. I recall one of the features of the 260 when it was introduced was reduced engine braking. Might have been the age of my 250 (2007 model) when I swapped it for a 260 (2015 model) but the engine also seemed more balanced; didn’t vibrate as much at high revs.
  6. I recall reading somewhere about using a Gas Gas swinging arm in the TY mono back in the day. Am I making it up or was it related to another bike?
  7. barfy

    Evo 4T wiring

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve printed the wiring diagram and will give it a go at the weekend.
  8. barfy

    Evo 4T wiring

    I was wondering if anyone has reduced the wiring on the Evo 4T? I was looking to remove the lights (front and rear) to put on a decent number board so I can put on riding numbers rather than wrapping it around the headlight. It struck me that there is a lot of wiring that needs to be tucked out of the way somewhere, so I was going to work through the wiring diagram to look at what I could take out. However, I thought that if someone had some instructions about reducing the wiring it might save an hour or so working it out myself.
  9. I've seen a thread on here about Connect vs. Caddy, but it wasn't clear if people were talking about the new shape (2013 onwards) Connect or the older shape, Will the new shape long wheelbase (L2) Connect fit 2 bikes and occasionally 3? Thanks
  10. People complain about the speed of the 4RT clutch, but I had a go on a TRRS 280 and that seemed very quick action. Anyway, I swapped my steel plates for Apico dimpled plates which make it a bit smoother. As it’s been said on here many a time the specified Elf oil seems to work best as well.
  11. barfy

    Idlling ideas

    Been waiting a few weeks to reply until I was confident in my findings. I bought all new seals for the carburettor and inlets, but it didn’t make much difference. Was going to get the crank seals changed because that was about all that was left to do but before I did that I thought there was nothing to lose by taking out the “tamper proof” block to give it a clean. Under the tamper proof block on the idle jet circuit there was some fluff so I blew it out with the air line. Since then it’s been running great. I’d normally have taken off the carb every trial to give it a clean. Then I’d hope it would run ok for the whole trial. I’ve not taken off for the past 3 trials. I think the action of blowing out the jet holes mush have blown through a less restricted path through the fluff for a sort while. Hopefully sorted, but put this in the thread if someone has a similar problem in the future.
  12. barfy

    kickstart screw

    Not sure about the 2011, but the 2015 is pretty much the same engine and it is normal thread. They do have a tendency to come loose (I’ve lost several) so may have Locktite applied to the threads.
  13. barfy

    Yamaha TY 250 mono

    Like @slack said. I’m the wrong side of the 12st ideal weight for the shock and it bottomed out probably every trial. I drilled a hole offset by 2mm from centre of a 20mm bar. Then drilled out the shock mount on the swinging arm to 20mm and welded it into the hole. I was surprised how much difference 2mm made.
  14. barfy

    Idlling ideas

    Chatting to someone today about why a plug would burn out the electrode and he said he’d only seen it before when the timing was far too advanced. The timing is fixed by the flywheel pickup and CDI isn’t it?
  15. barfy

    Idlling ideas

    @pauls320 Thanks for the advise about the jet block. I’ll see if I can blow it out best I can with the airline, if there is any contamination. There is a dealer in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England that does all of the gaskets for the PWK and they’re only a few ££. I’ve ordered them this evening. I run the oil at about 90:1 on 98 octane pump fuel, normally BP. I’ve ordered some new plugs at the same time as the gaskets.
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