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  1. Hi, I bought one of the new 2017 260RT's that were being sold recently to replace my Beta 200 and I really like it apart from one thing. I tend not to ride with my feet really close to the frame and am therefore finding the footpegs quite narrow under my boot. Does anyone know of some wider footpegs that fit? I don't mean wider in terms of front to back, I mean wider as in stick out further from the frame. Thanks
  2. Hi, I rode my new (17) Montesa 260 RT for the first time at the weekend and really like it except that my fingers are not very good at releasing the clutch steadily. The pull is not hard at all but the spring power of the lever prevents me operating it smoothly. On my previous Beta, I removed a couple of springs from the clucth and that really helped. I know I should probably just get used to it but I thought it was worth just asking.
  3. Thanks everybody for your quick replies. To answer a couple of your points. The oil is changed regularly and it is from second gear that it jumps into neutral.
  4. Hi, does anyone else have the problem of their bike suddenly deciding to be in neutral in the middle of a section? If so, is tihere a cure? I am fed up with it and it's spoiling my trials and making me wish I'd kept my totally reliable 2012 GasGas.
  5. alexlowe

    Beta 200

    Fastbelly, I bought a brand new Beta 2015 Beta 200 and sold my 2012 GasGas 250 to my nephew. Everybody will say that the 200 is a great bike but the problem with mine is me! As a novice, I fitted a slow action throttle, low compression head insert and a flywheel weight to my Gasser and it runs beautifully, it is so smooth. Many people would say it's tamed too much and I've ridden other people's 125's that have more fire in them but I loved it. The problem is, you cannot get a low compression insert for the 200, only the 125 and 250. It was the head insert that had the most effect of smoothing my GasGas250. As I said, I know the problem is me but I find my Beta rough only because it doesn't run like a sewing machine. Other people have ridden mine and say it's great. Therefore I would say, the Beta 200 is a fab bike depending on what you rode before. With hindsight, perhaps I should have bought the Beta 250 and put a head insert in that, I didn't do enough research on the matter before buying. I have a bit of OCD and my Beta has every possible guard on it (fork, swing-arm, frame, exhaust, left and right side full engine) and has duct tape under the guards and is therefore absolutely as new. A good offer could probably take it off me.
  6. Guys, did my second trial on the 200 yesterday and got my best ever result! As per all your comments on my post about head-inserts, perhaps I was being too hasty. Couldn't fault the bike yesterday.
  7. Hi, as you know, I've got one as you've replied to my post about head inserts. Mine came from Acklams (Paul) and they brought it to my door in 2 days. They have posted another ad on eBay after the one for mine disappeared so perhaps they do have another.
  8. Hi all, I've just replaced a 2012 GasGas 250 TXT with a new 2015 Beta Evo 200. On the GasGas, I put a slow action throttle, a flywheel weight and a low compression head insert. These mods made the bike very easy to ride with smooth power. In fact, my friend who I sold the bike to came with me to a trial today and on one particular section, I could only clean it after asking to have a go on my old GasGas! I have a slow action throttle on the Beta but is it possible to fit a low compression head insert as I haven't been able to find any on the web. I'm not worried about the flywheel weight as this seems to have had the least changing effect on my old bike. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Andy. A shame, over the years I had bought a GasGas 250 Enduro, a BMW 1200GS, both new and now many parts for my GasGas TXT250 as recently as a couple of weeks ago. Looks like I'll have to do everything on-line now.
  10. Hi, I have been looking at the forum for a while now, bought a bike and entered a couple of trials but this is my first post for which I hope is not an unfortunate subject. I live in Gloucestershire and the local dealer that has been around for many years, BVM have posted on their on-line shop that the 'site is down for maintenance' for a week now and they also don't answer the phone. Does anyone know their position?
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