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  1. can't stand people pushing in. Worse than that is when i have said things in the past , people have looked at me as though i was saying something wrong. If they're in a rush then they should p*** off to moto cross or road racing where the object is -----getting to the front !
  2. Well ,I went on and it was £130. Got pulled away from my post and when I came back and signed back on and BOOM ! £117.00 to my door. True wonderment of E Bay.
  3. Went to MRS and got an AIRHO TRR for£117.00 . Whoa , Much cheapness ! Rang home and asked the long haired chief of staff if it had arrived. She said no but there's a big box that doesn't weigh anything. Aye well that'll be it.
  4. If it saves some ones suffering , they can take me to court ! I saved 2 young people from a fire in a café while people watched on. I didn't think twice once I sussed out a plan of quick exit through the window. I thought on my feet. Lucky for them , I had been on a fire fighting coarse the week before to do with my job. If some one's hurt you have a human duty to your self to help and screw the court and the cops. Just don't be daft in your actions ,and think on your feet. Learn how to treat your self or others from cuts, burns and brakes. You could always stand back though and do nowt. The last line in your post Totalshell , totally get your drift.
  5. I wear gloves both due to choice and necessity due to some injuries from the past.
  6. Yes you're right and not a soul either So then Dan, what core wire have you used in the past? Have you modified the latest bike. The earth wire is pitifully thin considering there is possibly three points through out the bike, but for me, that wire should be half as thick again, or as you stated ,more of them. Where did you end up going from and to ? On other Italian bikes, namely Aprilia road bikes,they double and treble the wires to earth, then put a pitiful live to the starter. Never seem to get it just right the Italians where wirings concerned.
  7. Has the motor been rebuilt before you owned it ? Is the insulator and inlet rubber between the cylinder and carb in good condition. Are you getting "pinking" when it gets hot or any other sounds from the top end or barrel ? Is it only starting problems or does it show other signs of breaking down. What's the plug like when you get the break down, or have you not looked? Take a spare plug next time your out. Check the spark colour when cold ,then when it won't start and if you have in fact got a spark .Then all your doing is reaching into a pocket for the plug, removing the HT cap, putting the plug in it , earthing it out and booting it over, see if you have a good spark. Process of elimination. If you have a spark and it was running fine, then start to look at fuel. See if the carbs getting hot, Don't stab into the dark, or it will end up costing you plenty you don't need to part with Let us all know chief. May be easier to give a diagnosis by internet. Hope those suggestions help. Regards Ted
  8. You could buy three proper bikes for that , joking apart the welds on the frame are nice and they do sound good ,not enough for me to part with £17K though.
  9. Nah, giving up is a backward step . I lose all sensation in my right hand but that's due to two accidents, one was a microbe got into my hand and ate my extensor muscle. The other was due to a hi side at the Circuit Val de Vienne in France. So when I lose the feeling ,I stop, and stretch my hand back along with my fingers. Give up when it drops off. Be happy . By the way I'm no 18 year old my self. I just look young , I'm age 50 in the picture and it's an old picture now.
  10. Err no but I can no longer find your wiring epiphany Dan. Ah, there's one thing that's different, but not with the sport, I'm now a 2017 Beta owner ! Bye Bye GasGas !
  11. For the cost involved I'd be tempted to whip the head and barrel off to see if what's what.
  12. Cabby, you could also trying to give Splat shop a call and find out what the sag the should be ,or standard spring length when fitted and have a chat with them. I have searched for the adjustments and can't find them, although I haven't tried the Shirco web site, I looked at Splat shops and they sell springs, do overhaul and their web site tells you how to and what tools you need to change a spring. I say this because they could possibly have some advice to give you if all else fails .
  13. So has the Sherco got an RCV rear shock ?
  14. Fer Forfar? Bat et'sgeetfeckalltadowigrip.
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