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  1. Right okay thanks for letting me know that. Right,three problems.The previous owner power washed the living daylights out of this bike and the maintenance has been none existent.There hasn't been an ounce of grease any where .The oil was full of water and the vent plug hanging out . When i stripped the side case off there was evidence of corrosion on a couple of parts and two teeth missing of the bart . One thing then jst led to anoyher after i found chalk based clay in the inlet tract from the air filter.Pulled the barrel and it was scored and the piston had two deep gauges from top to bottom on the exhaust side. The bore was oval at the bottom inlet side,but it ran fairly quiet. So i split the motor to do the crank and it's pointless not doing the box bearings .The one at the breather had corrosion and output shaft noisy . Clutch fibre plates were on their last legs so they're out too. The list goes on .
  2. So,for the information of others , here's the gearbox bearing types and numbers you can buy anywhere with one exception. All the bearings i've used are Koyo unless they are GasGas Parts. The GasGas part number is from the manual and currently ( 16/05/20 ) available from Zona Trial in France as GasGas UK are still closed . Do yourself a favour as well. Get access to a blind bearing puller,you might need it. The ID for that is 32mm when closed . You can get away with 30mm but you're pushing it. I also used a hot plate to warm the cases. The crank bearings fell out at 120°C. See Jim Snells you tube channel for that. 2 x 6002 Z 2 x 3201 Z 1 x 6005 2 Z 1 x MT 280236158 The last bearing might be a GasGas special as i can't get that anywhere other than from GasGas . I have noticed that some needle rollers are their own spec too as they have extra cut aways or pressings into the cages for better lubrication. You have the crank bearings ,kick start shaft needle roller and the two needle rollers for the clutch on top of that lot ,but all are readily available from Trials UK and splat shop as of the date above . The number for the roller on the kick start shaft support is visible from the rear of the kick start bearing boss on the rear of the crank case. Like wise, all the seals are available from UK Trials or Splat Shop. regards Ted
  3. Hello OFG. I had a TXT edition 2000 and it will actually be a 2000 model year. The 1999 and 2001 models were slightly different,if only down to decals. The on line parts book is realy good that GGUK have on their web site. Ted.
  4. Thanks for the reply thall1. As i said the security protocols on the main server out here won't let you open attached files as on GasGas uks manuals. I tried the link you put up but " computor says no ". Ted
  5. I'm at work for another week yet and can't open GasGas UKs Manuals as the security protacols wont let the page come up. I'm on nights as well. So,has anyone got all the gearbox bearing and seal dimention numbers ( not the GasGas part numbers ) please so i can order them while i'm here ? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Was that a meat ant crossing the log at 1.41 ?
  7. As the title suggests,does operating the Map switch make a difference to the power delivery in either mode ? The terminal is broken on one side of mine ( just bought the bike) and the bike is in bits at the moment so i haven't used it. All the sheathing has gone brittle as hell on all the wiring so i'm thinking of stripping the loom and rebuilding it as some of the terminals and wire are crispy too. The bike is a 2013 TXT R Pro. Has anyone else come across this? What was your fix ? Regards Dave
  8. shyted

    1974 TY250 build

    On removal you may find a small thin O ring if the shaft is sleeved. Ensure you replace it with a brand new one . Might i also suggest,if your not already a member,sign up to the vintage Yamaha enduro web site. Simply the best source of information run by absolute hardened enthusiasts of CTs,DT,YZs and of course TYs. Regards Dave .
  9. can't stand people pushing in. Worse than that is when i have said things in the past , people have looked at me as though i was saying something wrong. If they're in a rush then they should p*** off to moto cross or road racing where the object is -----getting to the front !
  10. Well ,I went on and it was £130. Got pulled away from my post and when I came back and signed back on and BOOM ! £117.00 to my door. True wonderment of E Bay.
  11. Went to MRS and got an AIRHO TRR for£117.00 . Whoa , Much cheapness ! Rang home and asked the long haired chief of staff if it had arrived. She said no but there's a big box that doesn't weigh anything. Aye well that'll be it.
  12. If it saves some ones suffering , they can take me to court ! I saved 2 young people from a fire in a café while people watched on. I didn't think twice once I sussed out a plan of quick exit through the window. I thought on my feet. Lucky for them , I had been on a fire fighting coarse the week before to do with my job. If some one's hurt you have a human duty to your self to help and screw the court and the cops. Just don't be daft in your actions ,and think on your feet. Learn how to treat your self or others from cuts, burns and brakes. You could always stand back though and do nowt. The last line in your post Totalshell , totally get your drift.
  13. I wear gloves both due to choice and necessity due to some injuries from the past.
  14. Yes you're right and not a soul either So then Dan, what core wire have you used in the past? Have you modified the latest bike. The earth wire is pitifully thin considering there is possibly three points through out the bike, but for me, that wire should be half as thick again, or as you stated ,more of them. Where did you end up going from and to ? On other Italian bikes, namely Aprilia road bikes,they double and treble the wires to earth, then put a pitiful live to the starter. Never seem to get it just right the Italians where wirings concerned.
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