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  1. Yep, should see the size of the buggers. It gets bad when they bite at your back tire. Non stop trials in them woods ______ ?______?
  2. Agree, using the oldest boots I have for that very reason. tough when we need 3 new helmets, boots and gear. was looking at the HEBO 2. Any opinions.
  3. I'm hearing you. Those epic battles (running round in 9th place) seemed to have super fast riders lol in the mix. I was unfortunate having 3 or 4 GP regulars or at least British championship riders in my class almost every race. So top 10's were hard to come by. Typically 5-12th place was split by 10 seconds or so over a 30 minute moto. Then in the mid-late 2000's the racing took a turn for the worse and gates were emptying year after year. I hung my boots up in 08 with a big shoulder injury and didn't really ride much again until 2017. Now the kids are teenagers, it's brought back a lot of good memories and the desire to make more. Lucky i get out 10-15 times a month with some local ride areas only 25 mins away. Also typically at the track 6am and done and dusted by 8am so that the day is just starting for everyone else. Doesn't interfere too much with family life like it used to in the UK. Riding is so different in Western Australia. Soil is not so good except for 4 months a year when it has some rain, but the land availability is unreal. Could easily ride for years and not hit the same area twice. I would say the entire size of the UK at your doorstep and all perfectly legal. So aiming for moto/enduro in the late Autumn, winter , early spring and trials throughout the year. Trials is a really small community here, but around 20 events a year plus a couple of ride parks costing under $5 Oz dollars for the day. Hoping to have a crack at a novice trial in the next 3-4 weeks once I get used to the bike and I have some of the basics covered.
  4. Maybe 10 hours over 3 years back then. Had 2 bikes but never found time to ride them. Was still chasing motocross around the UK. I also have spent a lot of time this past year converting to Enduro with an aim to get into Hard enduro. Miles away but will chip away over the next 12 months. I did play with MTB trials in the mid 90's. Late teens watching Dirty tricks and Cunning stunts with the 2 Martins and watched Hans Rey a lot. So I reckon my balance comes from MTB and of course 35 years of MX.
  5. Be kind guys. no idea what I am doing. Had a play with a few trials bikes in the mid 00's. Never learned anything that time round. Giving it a go again seeing as I have taken up enduro riding and thought this would be the best way to refine balance and technical skills. Ran the bike for 10 mins in the garden setting up the levers etc. Then straight out for a play.
  6. First ride on the bike and giving this a go. Once I had played around a bit I got more used to the long throw of the clutch.
  7. It looks almost like bold new graphics for the 2020.
  8. Thanks mate Slightly different graphics on mine....... Looks the same model. The last one left in Oz apparently (pinch of salt) and sold off cheap since KTM just bought them out. (Just figured out your image is a 2020)
  9. Hi guys, Recently rejoined the trials scene after 15 years away from it and got myself a 2019 300. Now the excuse for a manual talks about adjusting the clutch feel from Soft, through medium to an aggressive setting. Currently after riding the bike (albeit 20 mins in 2 quick sessions) to get bars, brakes and clutch lever setup. I am finding the engagement a bit too long and am assuming its in the soft setting. Now the manual shows a plate/spring with multiple holes. Anybody got a guide or able to describe how to change this. Not had the clutch cover off it yet. But will do at some point this coming week. Cheers for any help guys.
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