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  1. Sad passing of Rob Edwards yesterday - one of the true gents of Trials and works Montesa rider from the 1970's and 80's
  2. New stickers again and back to a white frame as the 2016's were
  3. All sounds good, new engine and hopefully lighter will be a bonus...............ready for the next decade
  4. Montesa announces the new Cota 301RR, The most racing-oriented Trial bike. Stay tuned: the presentation will be next October 13th during the Montesada (Tona, Barcelona). Do not miss it!
  5. johnnyboxer

    Montesa 4rt

    Efi, instead of carb makes it instant
  6. johnnyboxer

    New Beta’s

    Fuel Injection aren't they?
  7. Me too, I can watch the SSDT and Scott, appreciating it for what it is, a test of man & machine against the real elements of natural terrain and of course no stop
  8. To me..............this is Trials - in Andorra last weekend (at 14.21 there is a fair rock step, on a TS)
  9. That is sickening, to read That is not Trials anymore
  10. Profound...................
  11. Nail on head, a lot of GG client base has moved to TRS, now...............so further dilution to GG sales, maybe proved inevitable Shame, but the limited Trials sales market place has lots (maybe too many) brands to choose from
  12. I don't know, what's the latest news...............? July 1st?
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