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  1. johnnyboxer

    New Beta’s

    Fuel Injection aren't they?
  2. Me too, I can watch the SSDT and Scott, appreciating it for what it is, a test of man & machine against the real elements of natural terrain and of course no stop
  3. To me..............this is Trials - in Andorra last weekend (at 14.21 there is a fair rock step, on a TS)
  4. That is sickening, to read That is not Trials anymore
  5. Profound...................
  6. Nail on head, a lot of GG client base has moved to TRS, now...............so further dilution to GG sales, maybe proved inevitable Shame, but the limited Trials sales market place has lots (maybe too many) brands to choose from
  7. I don't know, what's the latest news...............? July 1st?
  8. How do you know? Honda sell plenty of Trials bikes
  9. It is, but they do 6 lap - 66 section Trials Value for money in Yorkshire at £13-£15 per event
  10. If they made a full Yamaha, I would buy one
  11. Pickering DMC Trials are still six laps of 11 sections generally....................it's an endurance feat, especially when the flags are pulled at 2.30pm and start time is 11am !!
  12. johnnyboxer

    4rt oil change

    Going back to my theory about maybe we change the oil & especially too often (as a Clubman rider) - just done a Coast to Coast trail ride (on a XR 400 I may add) There was a chap on a 4Ride and he's done 478 miles over 2 days and ridden at speeds of up to 60 mph He didn't change the oil and/or filter in those 478 miles and I guess the motor was working a lot harder than 3x12 sections at a Club trial with a Clubman pootlng around Made me think we over service them perhaps
  13. johnnyboxer

    4rt oil change

    Changing the oil filter is a right PITA On an older well used bike, I wonder how critical it is (new bike and engine, with assembly swarf I get) to change the oil filter Every time mine has come out it looks fine and nothing in it, plus the oil is clean So, as Clubman trials is pretty low stress, are we 'over servicing the oil filter' Recently I only change it every 3rd oil change (change oil 500ml every 4 uses - trial or practice) What's the concensus?
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