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  1. They stick a full sized number plate on their backpack, Police seem to turn a 'blind eye'
  2. One that has to comply with the correct spacings for the numbers and letters, be reflective and comply with Bsi kitemark and have the makes address on it too
  3. Not for the MOT, but to satisfy C&U regs, a speedo is needed for road use
  4. Unless you were in that section where the Observer was, then it's hard to tell exactly what happened Camera angle, may tell another viewpoint - as we viewed all have viewed it on social media, may not be a true representation Still, DL's winning margin was more than a maximum penalty, so irrelevant to his win In the SSDT there is a fair degree of latitude (plus benefit of the doubt) to all riders, by the Observers and as long as the same consistency is maintained to all riders, then in my book it's ok (SSDT Observers have a hard enough job, made more difficult - especially with camera phones) After all.......... it's not like the Open or Wimbledon where the winner is taking a £1m paycheck for winning the event I think Doug rode very well, all week and maybe his determination and 'will to win' makes him come over a bit too focused in the sections, but you can't blame him I had a long chat with his Mum, last week at a group of sections and we spoke for a couple of hours - it was a great insight to the family and how 'down to earth' they really are
  5. Dougie L won again, for the 13th time Good rider💯
  6. Thanks, I am and have been for a few years Lovely bikes
  7. Here’s some pics, only 5 years late !!
  8. First 6 away, are TYZ's Can't wait to see them in action next week and hear the TYZ induction noise, close at hand
  9. Lots of Michelin tyres will be directed to Trial GP teams, plus SSDT riders in 3 weeks time...........at present
  10. I read on a FB group, that an owner never changes the engine oil filter (not once in 10 years of ownership) - but just changes the engine oil, twice a year and gearbox oil yearly He used it for Clubman trials 2-3 times a month and did the airfilter after every event in summer.... and only monthly in winter His bike was fine and just ran ok, for the last 10 years, despite never having changed the oil filter
  11. I had a 315R new in 2004 (last of the final batch) and didn't really get with it, so only kept it a year and bought a 4RT which suited me a lot better and still ride 4RT's 4 Years ago I bought a Yamaha TYZ, in excellent condition as I had always wanted one, but never bought one in the 1990's I love the TYZ and for me it's a far better bike to ride in a Trial than my new 315R ever was, I love riding it and it has a certain classic feel to it, whilst still being a good bike to ride It's been modified a bit (Ohlins rear shock/AJP front caliper and some frame mods to improve the headstock steering angles, plus footrest hangers) and now rides as well as my 4RT, on natural sections
  12. Anyone going tomorrow, to all that's great about dirtbikes and see what's happening in the Twinshock/Pre65 Trials world Usually a great show and lots to see
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