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  1. All original HRC parts were fitted and it can with a box of standard 4RT bikes too
  2. This was my 2007 Repsol, bought after selling my 2005 one
  3. Lovely bike and well done I have a similar bike
  4. Looks like Sutty was aboard it https://www.google.com/search?q=1986+scottish+6+days+trial&rlz=1C1GCEA_enGB985GB985&oq=1986+scottish+6+days+trial&aqs=chrome..69i57j33i160j33i22i29i30l3.9327j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  5. I have a Ti Mitani front pipe on my 250 4RT and it's a thing of beauty and weighs a lot less than the Honda oem front pipe I love the blue colour, it has turned and makes me happy
  6. I still don't think there is a reason for ES on a trials bike I have a 4RT and an older TYZ, both are first time starters when warm at a trial
  7. I have a new 315R rear wheel from a 2004 bike in my 4RT (with Showa) and it fits & a 4RT front wheel, just use them as spares
  8. Had this with mine over the weekend, a mechanic serviced it last week and went through it all (valves/bearings/oils etc) all running fine and last thing he did was turn the tickover down as he thought it was too high (he's used to carbed Trials bikes) Picked it up on Sat and he went to run it up, no start Plug out and smelt of fuel, no spark Put another new plug in, no spark He then told me about the tickover, as his final job Aha, turned it out... 1 fullout on the throttle body Throttle reset and fired right up, he was amazed Runs fine now
  9. Best thing would to junk the crap sidestand altogether or at least fit a Mitani one Then you wouldn't have wasted that hour😀
  10. Have you met him? I don't think you would say that to him, face to face................ Jitsie are recording it and editing it, it's available to their Jitsie club membership fan base Join the Jitsie members club, then you can see it all No such thing as a 'free lunch' in this world
  11. Well I did it !!!! Stu (from Ebor Club) emailed me a link and I tried it and allowed me to re-join my Club and then proceed to renew my 2023 Trials licence (and actually pay £20 for it) and I got a receipt from Stripe/ACU/Sport 80 Did the medical questionnaire & uploaded a new pic of myself and bingo, we're in for next year Not easy though and I am pretty computer savvy
  12. My problems too, all summed up in your post It's a complete mess, without prior warning to riders or clubs ACU - you failed to plan and thus planned to fail with this new system............without explaining it to the Trial membership and Clubs
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