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  1. Another keyboard warrior, resorting to insulting a fellow Trials rider.................congratulations👍 Mummy will be proud of you
  2. For the sake of a £2 reflector, I ain't interested fella and it's not wasting money You can quote rules, all you like, but who cares ............I certainly wouldn't be reporting it to DVSA That's life
  3. Not many will MOT a Trials bike, too complex & hassle............ when they can do 10's of roadbikes (as they know them) daily He can & does bother with Trials bikes (he's a rider), if he wants a £2 rear reflector, then so be it In life, you need to choose your battles..................to get the job done and arguing over a £2 rear reflector isn't worth the pain
  4. I see, My MOT Tester insists on a rear reflector, for the £2 price of one, I don't argue and I guess they do what they feel on the day
  5. Crack on and enjoy We all started somewhere and some of us (me) are still crap
  6. There is, all road going vehicles must have a red rear reflector, irrespective of whether they have lights MOT Fail without a rear reflector Electrically powered horn (battery or bike electrics) is also mandatory
  7. Yep, I prefer the older style (pre 2014) rear fenders, as they had more coverage and I bought a 2-3 plain white ones, when they were £22 new Now I use whatever stickers I fancy Got a few new stickered up new Red genuine Honda rear mudguards too, when they were cheap at £50-£70 new, all in Not paying the £200 sticker prices, nowadays
  8. Change the format?
  9. Straight downtubes = Mini Majesty, together with the B classification
  10. Number 1 made in the month of November 1981 B is the frame type - Adult or Mini majesty B is Mini Majesty and A is Adult Majesty, I think If the front down tubes (by exhaust) are straight - it's a Mini Majesty frame, if the downtubes are kinked back, 2/3rds of the way down - it's an Adult frame IIRC
  11. 600 miles in the first month? That'll be a first on a Trials bike unless you're entering the cancelled SSDT in May Front sprocket - I would leave it a 10t as going to a 9t can wear the swingarm slipper (did on mine) and just change the rear sprocket to give you more finesse on ratios (1 tooth on front sprocket is equivalent to 3-4 on rear) and I either run 10/42 or 10/44 Putoline is fine for air filter, as you have it already Exhaust is fine, just get rid of any Cat (not sure if they fit one) and ask dealer if they have removed the restrictors
  12. Unless you particularly want/need a Majesty or Yam twinshock, a Yamaha TY250 Mono and Pinky may be a better choice The Monoshock TY250 is lighter/more power and there are classes suitable at most local trials and the National Kia/Normandale series now for aircooled Mono bikes
  13. Just wait for the mandatory unleaded E10 to be available in UK, later in 2021 The ethanol will eat through fibreglass and a lot of plastic tanks then
  14. Those 1990 Yams, are going up in price again now too
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