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  1. I did that and came back with nothing, so had to go through the whole rigmarole Paid a chap, approved by DVLA and VMCC £90 to do all the paperwork, NOVA etc (that was the easy bit !!!!!) MOT and insure on VIN number Then all I had to do, was to sign the form, include a copy of my Address and ID Proofs, include a cheque for £99 First Reg came back wrong year and no model type So sent it all back and issued correct reg number, but no model type In the end I had 2 reg numbers for same bike, with 3 V5c's...............DVLA grrrr
  2. In the dry..............similar
  3. Well, what an interesting topic I have had 4RT's since they came out, 2005..............always 250's and never owned a 260 ( I have ridden a 260, but couldn't tell much difference) Now ride a 2007 Repsol I have always struggled with grip, probably because I don't ride it consistently and I am a Clubman Novice now. A few years ago, I bought a a TYZ 250 and now ride this more often as I seem to find it easier to get better results on The TYZ is not your typical revvy 2T, as it has a larger flywheel and delivers torque in spades, will plonk from nothing and find grip where others fail to find any (loose banks and cambers) and therefore is not dissimilar to a 4T, in some respects My TYZ has had the frame modified and the turning radius is now the same as a 4RT, at the headstock.............forks are are great and rear shock is acceptable It has become my favourite Trials bike, in the stable Love owning the 4RT, however much prefer riding the TYZ
  4. Incidently a TY250R Mono weighs 89kg and the later TYZ250 weighs 79kg So a TYZ is only 5kg heavier than a 4RT
  5. I see a few in Yorkshire have recently gone back to TSR22A, in the last few months, a change at BTC must have been mooted at ACU meetings, perhaps..............on the QT?
  6. Time will tell, it'll be another thing when it's put into practice Always difficult to mark top riders, any which way
  7. Another can of worms, no doubt
  8. johnnyboxer

    SSDT Website

    Many thanks Andy, a job very well done
  9. Sad passing of Rob Edwards yesterday - one of the true gents of Trials and works Montesa rider from the 1970's and 80's
  10. New stickers again and back to a white frame as the 2016's were
  11. All sounds good, new engine and hopefully lighter will be a bonus...............ready for the next decade
  12. Montesa announces the new Cota 301RR, The most racing-oriented Trial bike. Stay tuned: the presentation will be next October 13th during the Montesada (Tona, Barcelona). Do not miss it!
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