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  1. Hi, im servicing my 315 showa forks. I have removed the various parts and now need the special tool to split the upper and lower tubes. I've searched the honda part number for the special tool but it is discontinued. Can anyone point me in the direction to a tool that will do the job, or if not I'm thinking a nut welded onto a piece of bar. Tia
  2. Hi, ive just bought a 2004 315 to start with trials and it had bad clutch drag to the point it would constantly stall and be impossible to find neutral ect ect. I renewed the master and slave cylinder o rings, bled countless times, tried various oils/atf, nothing cured it. When I bought the bike it had the oem paper/Cork friction plates and aftermarket dimpled steel plates (1.5mm thick, 0.1mm thicker than oem steels) I presumed this was done my the previous owner to try and cure the drag without success. The issue was really starting to annoy me by this point. Next I contacted H&D racing and the guy offered me lots of advise, he advised me to use oem Honda smooth steel plates (1.4mm thick) with H&D aftermarket friction plates and the reccomended elf htx740 oil. I recieved these parts and fitted them to my bike, I wasn't holding by breath on it being cured by this point. I fired the bike into life, let it tick over for a minute or two, selected 1st and was pleased to find there was no drag whatsoever. I just hope it stay drag free. So if your having issues with clutch drag then I would reccomend the oem Honda steel plates, H&D racing friction plates and the correct elf oil.
  3. Thanks ill have a read through this thread.
  4. Hi. I've just bought my first trials bike to get started into clubman trials. I'd like to set up the suspension sag. I have previous experience with setting sag on mountain bike suspension, which is usually a percentage of the total travel. There is lots of information on the Internet for mountain bike suspension set up but I seem to be struggling to find any information specifically for trials bikes set up. Can anyone point me in the right direction of any information that might help me set up my suspension properly. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the replys. The small pool of oil is forming in the space where the clutch slave is bolted to. Im presuming it's leaking past the push rod from the clutch side, there is no oil seal in the push rod hole, only a brass bushing. I have renewed the slave o-rings with genuine o-rings, all bled up and working perfectly with no leaks. Hopefully it's job done and I can enjoy riding it without it contantly dragging and stalling.
  6. Hi. I've recently bought a 315r. It's been suffering with bad clutch drag which I've now sorted with a new clutch pack, master and slave orings, elf oil and all bled up and working perfectly. When removing the clutch slave to inspect the piston and orings I found a pool of fluid inside, initially I thought the piston orings were passing fluid, so they were changed for genuine parts. Since fixing the clutch I've had another look inside the slave cylinder to find another pool of fluid, im presuming this is gearbox oil passing through the hole which the push rod is inserted. So my question is, is it normal for for a small amount of oil to pass through the push rod from the clutch side, or do I have another problem to fix. Cheers.
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