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  1. What do you mean split upper and lower tubes? Undo the dust caps and security rings of the oil seals. Unscrew the piston at the bottom and get all lose parts out from the top. And them pull them **** them apart?! You'll need a few harder ones... I have a Paoli in mine but the system should be the same?!
  2. What is the beta clutch fix?
  3. Well that's not really what i've said. The drag would be reduced by swapping to dimpled ones. But these new dimpled ones are thicker than the original ones(at least this is what they say), which would increase the drag again...so I wouldn't gain anything. That's why I try to find out about the thickness of the original ones, before I am going to buy a set. Sorry if I expressed myself not proper. English is not my first/second language....sometimes it is a but of a struggle.
  4. Hey mate, thanks for your answer. I already switched to ATF and also removed two of the six springs from the clutch. Lastly mentioned made a much bigger difference. But I still have some drag left, too much in my opinion (which might be wrong). That's why I want to go ahead with the dimpled clutch plates. And I'd like to record it here for other people.....sooo many threads about this and none contain "the full story" Hope this make sense. Cheers, Pascal
  5. The reed valve can cause things like this, yes. I have had exactly this problem with my vespa. Kicked in, started and sounded like it is on full throttle but every few seconds someone is pushing and holding the engine off for a few seconds. Rev up and down. Reed valves
  6. Hi there team, I am looking to swap the clutch plates with new and dimpled ones to further reduce the drag. Now I have seen that some offers are different thicknesses and now I am curious. For example, one offer says "1.5mm thick. 0.1mm thicker than original ones.". I see the potential replacing the plates with "these thicker ones" and eliminate the gained less drag via the dimpled plates by putting thicker plates in. So if you have swapped the original to dimpled plates or have knowledge about the original ones, can you please confirm: The thickness of the original plates (please also mention model year of your 315) Which dimpled plates did you use (manufacturer, model-no, thickness) and do they reduce the drag or not I think this could be very useful for future queries reg this matter Thanks, Pascal
  7. Looks pretty cool in white mate! Nice!
  8. Cube

    315 fuel/oil

    I am glad that the pad seasoning trick worked for you as well. Use ATF rated to Dexron III. Don't bother to try to get the elf one. Too expensive and sometimes hard to source. If you are not sure what is in there now.....maybe flush it. Poor in 480ml...which i still fine to run on and let it run until warm......then poor out and put in the req amount of 520. No need to buy too much oil In regards to the the drag: There are several ways to reduce the drag. I did not come up with the stuff mentioned below. I did a bit of research and these are apparently they ways to go: 1. If not already done, replace the steel plates with the perforated ones. This allows more oil flow while the clutch is pulled and seems to reduce the drag quite a bit. 2. Take out two of the six screws of the clutch. Of course opposite ones. But yes, that's exactly what I did and it got 60-70% better and experienced no other impacts on the function of the clutch. I still want to replace the steel plates at some stage....but put so much money into the bike already....my bank account needs a break. The clutch cover has a rubber seal, so no problem to just try it. it took me literally 5minites to make this adjustment. Seal can be reused. Just take it off carefully to not rip it.
  9. Cube

    315 fuel/oil

    Don't overcomplicate it mate. Heat up the entire brake and put some water on it. Just drive and have a bit of pressure on the brake.....does the job very well. I am not sure if it is the disc or the pads.....or both. It worked fine. I have read about this in the net a few times. Heard about it the first times in my life (owned over 20 bike so far) related to trial bikes. Was doubting but gave it a go....and it worked. My case: I have been sold ****ty sinter pads and had almost no brake force. tried this and now it feels almost like throwing an anchor. Also on a 315.
  10. Cube

    315 fuel/oil

    Have a ride and get the front brake really hot. Then cool down with water. Maybe do this twice. made a huge difference to my rear brake. had to do this with even brand new pads (not galfer pads).
  11. Cube

    315 fuel/oil

    80/1 is what the manual is saying. I have been told that some people go for 100/1 which I wouldn't feel comfortable with. The prev owner of mine run on something around 50/1 or even more....and all it turned into a smoke machine, not very reactive engine and in detail it even affects your air/fuel mix. Personally I go for the 80/1 and a tiny extra blop of oil This turned down the ratio in my tank immediately(as mentioned, 50/1 was before) and the engine is sooo much better on the throttle.
  12. AH. got ya. Please see the picture attached. Is this what you mean? I took out the rear shock because it was "spring only" and send it off for revision. 530NZ$.😱 I need a new shaft.🥵 And then I thought.....while this is open....let's check the linkage kit and may give it some grease. Well....I am currently trying to source a linkage kit. The swingarm itself has no play and everything is fine. But again hard to source a kit here in New Zealand. Overseas are plenty. So I guess I will leave it for now and open it another time. Actually scared to open it and then not be able to put it together again because it might fall apart as the linkage did. 😁
  13. Thanks for all your answers! I will NOT look into the swing arm at this stage. I need a quick financial recover. But this is really the last bit on the bike to make it mechanically back sound again. It is on the list....just not there yet. haha. Thanks though
  14. Hi team, just found out my linkage bearings and the other things supposed to be there are more or less non-existent. Does the 4rt one fit to all 315? Mine is a 1997? I am in NZ and have to order overseas. Just want to be sure ordering the right thing. Thanks, Pascal
  15. Hey mate, could you please provide a bit more detail reg the cluth chover o ring. I am in need of one My two cents: I bought a 1997 recently. Generally in a good shape, but did not get any maintenance. I had t do: - few spokes&nipples rear and front - chain and sprokets - air flter - rep kit both brake calipers incl pads - rep kit master cylinder (front brake and clutch) - reed valve and gasket - rep kit PHB carb - float valve PHB carb - inlet elbow brass PHB carb - rep kit fork (seals and bushings) - bearing head steering - Chain tensioner - rear brake pedal - wheel bearings - bleed screw clutch Could source all the parts. I am locate din New Zealand so I had to get most of it overseas. But it was possible....and she's is a beauty now But yes, it would be good to work on a database showing what parts could be replaced with parts of other models...
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