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  1. retromlc

    After Market Spares

    ref the tyre mine wouldn't seal,well kept rolling of the rim and deflating,I ended up putting a tube in
  2. Does it shout"get off"?
  3. Ce I'm probably wrong but I believe there were chassis/suspension changes,
  4. retromlc

    Evo factory 125 2020

    I don't but what year you referring to mate
  5. retromlc

    4RT to 4T?

    I've had my 250 4T since 2913, had no issues with it whatsoever, Honda is Honda, so the build quality is there,bit the Beta has been spot on
  6. I never use the hot start, just a gentle kick with the throttle wide open and it always starts
  7. I have a '13 250 4t that is a smooth bike to ride
  8. I think the bars are about right slightly forward of the forks, git quite a bit of preload in forks, don't know actual sag, seems to be about 30% of travel
  9. I can't find the setting in manual, my bike tends to want to tuck the front in downhill turns, i know betas have a tendency to tuck the front, mine are 10mm ATM,but watching a Beta set up video they seem to have theirs about 7mm any suggestions to make the front better as it feels like i have to physically push back on the bars as I can feel the front wanting to turn in to tuck
  10. I would remove the rear caliper and set it as low as possible leaving no high points push the pistons out with the bake brake then force them back in to push air out the caliper, leave it a day ,then back bleed the caliper pushing air and old fluid up into the resevoir.
  11. On the factory 19 they say they use braktec equipment as an upgrade, maybe look them up? Unless they are already on the 18's anyone know?
  12. Been on there about 2.5 years, so would be in the time frame you mentioned
  13. I have some tubes, but HD enduro ones, I'll see if I can get thin ones. I like the grip i have with the bike.
  14. Cheers,. It's usually under those conditions, I'll swap it out
  15. It doesn't have a leaky valve and holds pressure ,but sometimes if i run about 3.5 psi it'll deflate. Observer yesterday said this brand os a soft sidewall, whereas the Michelin has a firmer sidewall, I can't remember the brand IWC maybe? Anyway any thoughts about this?
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