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  1. And there you are the insult, I think your dummy is in the corner Life is about perception, yours is different from mine
  2. Wow,lots of really big words there, well done. If you are implying I am egocentric because I believe people should take precautions for themselves or take responsibility for their actions, or read the advice and be aware. And not sit around expecting someone else to do it for them. It's not self centered it's asking people take responsibility. Nor does it implying that I am not interested in people Remember the person who sued McDonald because she split hot coffee on her and the hadn't printed on the cup that coffee is hot. Well this is the same, if you create a society where people expect to be steered all the time and don't use their limited intelligence to take responsibility, then blame everyone for how they have ended up you have to expect people to grow tired of hearing it. All my.friends are the same, maybe it's because we run our own businesses, started with nothing and took all the risk, put our money and hours on the line, made our choices. The only friend who isn't like that is a retired civil servant, who knew
  3. Thanks your friend can find out himself how to moderate his behaviour. Depends if he is a innocent or if he increased his risk through smoking, drinking, obesity, high salt/sugar diet then he already knew how to modify his behaviour and ignored it. But if living with covid-19 during treatment then there's plenty of information available. But he can modify his behaviour by doing the whole social distancing thing, or would he like someone to do that for him, sorry if I sound blunt because if you are trying to guilt me with the big C word then that won't work, I have walked my son, an innocent through the cancer journey and we lost. I took him, during treatment to the 24 LeMans, while he was nutropenic, very risky, but hey we moderated our behaviour, controlled the situation and managed all by ourselves. Maybe that's why I get fed up with people's reactions to this virus, it's here to stay and you can live with it,make the most when possible and enjoy your life, or wait until the lifestyle you have led, or your simple genetics give the virus the opportunity it needs to to make you a statistic.
  4. I'm bored of this but, yes a 1000 new cases, primarily from.... Multiple families meeting indoors or multi-generation homes . One of the first easing was exercise outside. My point is that this virus in all likelihood is here to stay, learn to live with it, You can always wear a face mask during trials. I expect the general population will want someone to protect them from the virus if they are an at risk category, because it would require effort on their part to lose weight, change their lifestyle, ensure their safety and the safety of others by moderating their behaviour. I've done trials and enduro for 15 year's and apart from signing on your pretty much on.your own. I am concerned about everyone's Welfare. But I'm realistic about learning to live with it.
  5. I bought a beta 250 4t loved it, tried lots of 2t but just like the 4t delivery, guess I'm used to it, wanted something newer and the Beta 300 4 t would seem too much like the previous bike so bought a Repsol, very happy with it
  6. Erm get a grip, would you step over an old lady who falls in Sainsbury's or drive past a crashed car, I wouldn't. Unless you are completely asymptomatic, which is not a common as you'd think then you will have symptoms, if you've lifted your head up and taken your tin foil hat off you'd recognize you have symptoms and not attend anything. It's as easy to social distance at a trial as it is anywhere. If an old boy falls in a stream with his bike in top of him I'd help him, then do something crazy like wash my hands in said stream or maybe reach for hand sanitizer. The reality is you either lock yourself indoors forever or get out there and be sensible. This virus is not going away in the near future so be sensible,safe and sane. Get used to living with it or you'll live in fear.
  7. I liked the TRS one-R I rode, beta than the betas I ride the same day tbh, but I stayed 4t and bought a montesa
  8. Ah that's the difference between countries, in the UK you'd be chased by a police helicopter, stopped, charged with having No insurance No tax No MOT No number plate No licence Being underage The bike would be taken and likely crushed Very nice bike ??
  9. I bought a hour meter with a rim option, I haven't tried it yet as it has an hour meter already fitted, £10 off eBay, hopefully it'll I'm the ball park accurate
  10. Either return it or at least get them to pay for parts, sales and supply of goods,,-not as described or fit for purpose. I bought a bike off the phone once, it was a ****ter, described as in great condition, I did nothing and thought I'd sort it, cost a fortune, it was a TY175, so I expected some wear but it was almost scrap, never buying like that again
  11. retromlc

    Beta 4t carb

    I have an in-line fuel filter, and use a small hand pump to transfer fuel from can to tank, 1: it stops fuel getting everywhere and 2: keeps dirt away from tank Never had any issues
  12. retromlc

    Beta 4t carb

    I had a 250 4/, cleaned the carb once in 4 years, only because I was bored, if you get an aftermarket airbox to carb conn which is softer I think removal of exhaust and throttle cable and it should pop out the lh side
  13. It's lovely finish, I guess you adapt to it, I'm hoping to gel quickly as i had the Evo 4/ as my only trials bike. If it's like my old bike with a bit more initial off the throttle response then I'll be happy, chassis feels good, there're not 2/ light but I'm used to that
  14. So I finally made a decision, a nice lightly used 2020 Repsol. Initial impressions are good, compared to the BETA Evo 250 4/ the engine feels stronger off the bottom which was the main thing I was looking for, finish it .... Well Honda ??? seem to be able to find the static balance easier, hopefully have a good go on Saturday
  15. I've been riding trials casually for about 5 years, the last 3 more so, I just sold a BETA Evo 250 4/ which was lovely and even better with an ohlins fitted. I have ridden several 2/ over the last few weeks and tbh apart from the TRS one-R (2016) I preferred my 4/. So I think the 4/ is my target engine. My riding is really smooth woods with some chalky mud when wet so grip low speed grip is important, it's not rocky here but slippery off camber and tight sections thru woods are the general round here
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