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  1. cascao

    Fan not working-2018 TRS RR 300

    Spin fan blade with hand. It should spin free. Have seen one vertigo broking small frame tab and blocking fan movement Bypass thermostat connecting the two wires on thermostart. If fan spin. The thermostat is the one. Connect fan on 12v from a car battery. It should work Look for any fault connection going back the wires from fan untill magneto.
  2. cascao

    Front brake seize

    Biggest chance to fix it: Change fluid. Check caliper piston returning (*) them with fingers. It should be hard but same effort on all four. * when returning brake calliper pistons for replacing pads or anything else, always clean pistons first. Or you will inject dirt into system. * cut a small chamfrer on new pads. The idea here is ease disc placement when reinstalling wheels. This way you will not need to return calliper pistons every time you deal with wheel maintenance.
  3. cascao

    olle rear shock parts

    somehere in my shop I have the drawing for this part. You can ask someone with a lathe do make one for you. Send a PM tomorrow remembering me pls
  4. cascao

    Future of Gasgas

    Sales will drop dramatically untill Gasgas give a new good real healty sign. Again During this time new and exiting products will be shown by competitors, shinking even more Gasgas market share. Then they will say that sales are under what they expected? What Gasgas need is a good marketing plan supporting the new return and a proactive communication people. Nobody can relly on unions information when your job depends on it.
  5. cascao

    Future of Gasgas

    Read today (if I understood well) that they plan to stop the factory for 6 months...
  6. cascao

    Maxxis Trialmaxx

    After 2 and a half months ridding every weekend, here my impressions: Good traction everywhere. Can't explain but not good on wheelies. Wear very fast Can't hold air even if overinflated.
  7. cascao

    Future of Gasgas

    Big question: They will put Cabestany ridding electric bike only on these trialgp events or he will promote the bike from now? For me, this will show if they trust about electric bike beeing an viable option on next years or if it is just a fashion.
  8. cascao

    Future of Gasgas

    Poor communication from factory let space for speculation
  9. cascao

    Did it scare you ...

    Close the oppening of reed valve stoppers and/or retard the ignition. It can help a bit.
  10. cascao

    Machining Your Own Parts

    Fuel filter with car injector filter
  11. cascao

    Wheel bearings.

    Try using sealed bearings as they come. Poping out the seals can damage them. High pressure water is number one enemy of greased items. Keep them out axle area. Check spacer lenght. If they was smasched a bit. (For over tighten wheel nut) Bearings will be axial loaded.
  12. cascao

    2019 raga forks

    Aluminium forks have smaller internal diameter. Maybe top riders feel some difference on flex and some kind of dampening since steel forks can flex more. At least on frames, not everybody love aluminium.
  13. cascao

    Oil change

    It was over filled Filling plug act like a level too
  14. cascao

    Choosing a new front tire.

    look maxxis trialmaxx. They are good crossover tires.
  15. cascao

    Tech fork only compresses half way

    thanks for returning how situation ended. This is greath for knowlege base of this forum