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  1. cascao

    Rear Shock Bump stop

    Use aluminium ou other soft material to clamp the axle. You will need a good clamp custom made for this stem diameter. Clamp the axle on the clevis nearest part. Where seals are less likely to go Heat can damage rebound screw O ring. Maybe you will need replace them It is a good opportunity to change or lub dust seal. Just pop the shock cap off.
  2. cascao

    Rear Shock Bump stop

    Removing the bottom clevis shock doesn't lost gas pressure.
  3. Same on enduro/MX. Ridding without chest protector is much better....if you don't fall.
  4. cascao

    Future of Gasgas

    I do not belive in KTM spending money in a new motor. Maybe some minor tweaks and (why not?) a tpi in a few years. Most likely to happen is Brembo brakes and (why not 2?) WP forks in a few years.
  5. Stuck float? Clogged jet? If it wold me, I will clean carb, and check reed valve
  6. My question.... has anyone tryed a longer bump stop? ...or rieger ones (Seems like rieger has red and blue with hardness choices)
  7. The adjuster in this shock is a by pass on main valve. It act on both compression and rebound. But it has much more effect on rebound than compression. Anyway it effect is limited for a small amount of oil passing by it small hole. So, again it effect is noticed only on small speed bumps. Short answer: it is a rebound low speed adjuster.
  8. cascao

    Future of Gasgas

    In the future I see a GasGas TXT and a GasGas tpi... Or....GasGas enduro line will fade off. (Replaced by red ktm) And they will keep the trials line. Best scenario will we see gasgas: With money to invest in trials improvement and better quality and an enduro bike to help dealers business profitable. If KTM choose to sell an orange TXT it will be the dead for most gasgas dealers.
  9. Splat Shop used to rewire them. Worth a try
  10. Find someone to help you with trials techniques at first or a trials course. Trials has some hidden techiques and small detais that can be hard to learn alone.
  11. cascao

    Sherco engine mount.

    Maybe after all this years, plating isn't that good on this cylinder. Worth looking for new one if it is the case. Welder has to be very carefully to not ovalize the bore with heat. Check frame for cracks.
  12. You will need a expanding mandrel to drive this bearing out. Jitsie sell them
  13. On mine, it is hard to find neitral when ridding, what is good. When stopped, neutral is easy
  14. New radiator cap. No allen key needed
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