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  1. Have done this tire repair kit smaller and light as possible. It fit easily into my hydration backpack. There is a self explanatory video showing the tool on: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cascao/45297539352/in/album-72157660786014720/
  2. 15 ST 250

    If nothing else work....Try closing reed valve gap a bit...
  3. Trs chain adjusters

    Especially bad in dissimilar materials like steel bolt on aluminium. Worse when alkaline soap is used to clean the bike (always look the PH before). Loctite, 3M and others have dedicated products to prevent bolt seizure. Worth a try.
  4. Had used tube in my old 2010 sherco without any problem
  5. 280 or 300?

    Same carb or keihin vs dellorto too? Because there much difference here too.
  6. Cracked clutch cover on 2014 Racing

    S3 have a clutch cover for GasGas....maybe it is stronger....
  7. Front brake wont lock on 2018 Sherco factory 300

    Sometimes brake need some time to work propely after you change pads or discs. Just ride and have fun. After half hour it should be nice.
  8. Sherco rear suspension lubrication

    Bikepert, the white plastic part you saw in dogbones is a "thing" I made few years back when this bike was almost brand new. Your rear fender zip tie mod is a good practice. Will tell about it with a friend that keep breaking these fenders.
  9. Does more sticker give more HP?

    Yes, more HP and torque but.... unfortunately, all the effect disappear when you start riding and others see your real ability.
  10. New gas gas vs new Sherco, what should I buy?

    Look for best aftersales support.
  11. Sherco rear suspension lubrication

    Yes, this is a good practice. Anyway, you should always wash everything after removing swing arm from bike. And, yes, when I wash my bike I never spray high pressure water in links area. This part is always dirt. I try in these videos keep things "real world" and simple as possible. The idea is give confidence to the one who want do the job first time.