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  1. Pat Smage have a good instruction video about drop offs on his youtube channel.
  2. cascao

    New chain

    Non O ring is better since there are much less drag
  3. It you make them bolted to existing plate, you can develop 2 or 3 diffrent models and test
  4. cascao

    New Fajardo replica

    At least with much better result than Vertigo.
  5. They look greath with these neon-black sheme https://www.sherco.com/pt/moto/trial-fajardo-replica-4 and a front rim never neen before
  6. Was navigating on net and found what seems to be a newer version of Mitas et 01 tire named Xpro with a softer rubber. Anyone know anything about? https://www.acesports.co.za/products/mitas-et-01-x-pro-trials
  7. And there are gaerne goretex boots...
  8. New to me but at least 300 years old slave made trail
  9. Many times they are same quality as OEM with better price plus adding some bling
  10. cascao

    Rear Shock Bump stop

    Use aluminium ou other soft material to clamp the axle. You will need a good clamp custom made for this stem diameter. Clamp the axle on the clevis nearest part. Where seals are less likely to go Heat can damage rebound screw O ring. Maybe you will need replace them It is a good opportunity to change or lub dust seal. Just pop the shock cap off.
  11. cascao

    Rear Shock Bump stop

    Removing the bottom clevis shock doesn't lost gas pressure.
  12. Same on enduro/MX. Ridding without chest protector is much better....if you don't fall.
  13. cascao

    Future of Gasgas

    I do not belive in KTM spending money in a new motor. Maybe some minor tweaks and (why not?) a tpi in a few years. Most likely to happen is Brembo brakes and (why not 2?) WP forks in a few years.
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