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  1. In fact it is not the cap that is green. The rubber under the cap that is green when mineral oil is used. (Mostly) You can double check with a drop in water: 1 dot oil mix well with water and turn white. 2 mineral oil floats
  2. If you know nothing about motorcycles, go to the less risk and buy the newer.
  3. Main plug failture root cause is rich carb
  4. Bought from parker store downtown. Others seal and hydraulic gasket stories can have these seals too.
  5. Seems ok to me. If it is normal, sound should keep average the same as time goes If there a problem, it probably will get worst and worst. So, give bike a good ride, have fun and hope everything will be fine
  6. No misteries rebuilding these standard shocks
  7. Kerosene is greath for filter cleaning
  8. Had you looked at dremel 90 degree attachment?
  9. Mark the nut and axle relative position first. Than remove nut with a impact gun Change seal Reinstall nut with impact gun untill marks realign again. This way proper tigtening is garanted
  10. cascao

    2021 GP models?

    there was some rumors about aluminium frame....
  11. This weight is a personal preference and you can experiment what work better
  12. Yes. Keihin is a good upgrade.
  13. cascao

    Gas gas rear shock

    Yes, can be serviced. There a post about it.
  14. cascao

    2013 Factory 300

    In 2013 we didn't had black forks yet. Formula brakes aren't good. But could see only clutch master.
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