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  1. This weight is a personal preference and you can experiment what work better
  2. Yes. Keihin is a good upgrade.
  3. cascao

    Gas gas rear shock

    Yes, can be serviced. There a post about it.
  4. cascao

    2013 Factory 300

    In 2013 we didn't had black forks yet. Formula brakes aren't good. But could see only clutch master.
  5. cascao

    2013 Factory 300

    Noted formula clutch master. From 2013. But brake caliper seems braktec/Ajp
  6. Perfect weather, few fences, big mountains... https://www.instagram.com/p/CCRaKFXBeXH/?igshid=1chgwwqcger51
  7. Pressed a lower fork clamp today https://flic.kr/p/2jhxS16
  8. cascao

    2017 txt rear brake

    Yes. Remove pads, clean disc as best as you can. Sand pads. mount again
  9. An way to convert MX grips into trials grips
  10. If you plan to ride for more a couple of years at least, it is a good investment buy right tools
  11. Be careful with WD40. All small particles you breathe will stay inside your lungs forever....
  12. Sherco had (or still have not sure) different levers from others with same model master cylinder. The pivot point in sherco give more leverage than others. So the lever should be specific for sherco's
  13. Check if disc is bend. If not drive bike while holding brake. When hot, pour water in caliper area. Should work.
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