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  1. On mine, it is hard to find neitral when ridding, what is good. When stopped, neutral is easy
  2. New radiator cap. No allen key needed
  3. If, in future we see one trials bike in each KTM dealer floor, It will be a big opportunity for our sport. (Hope they are better than regular ktm enduro riders) I guess next generation gasgas EC will be only an red KTM. My biggest concern is how small companies like ordonez (radiators) braktec, formula and many others will deal with this new gg. Killing these suppliers will put big stress on ktm competitors like beta and sherco.
  4. Just saw this http://www.enduromagazine.com/ktm-y-black-toro-capital-crean-una-joint-venture-para-reactivar-gas-gas/
  5. Found an perfect place to train this weekend. Improved a lot. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2xSPTZg6Nz/?igshid=1hw94gp51n7al
  6. think people are using whatsapp more and more. This make your research hard.
  7. Have seen a few. They look incredible big and weired on a trial.
  8. Be smart. Know your bike. Do not go too hard on open terrain. Use good quality fluid. Your bike should be ok
  9. You will not loose any travel on forks with any.
  10. foud a picture of me using the bum bag from camelback
  11. Acerbis have something to be fixed on handlebars too.
  12. bum bag from camelback. https://www.amazon.com/camelbak-alterra-28-hydration-pack/dp/b0006i9ziy
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