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  1. Are they skipping 18 and going straight to 19
  2. The covers where pretty rare, mine was the only one I ever saw, I gave it to a mate who’s a bit of a collector, they where cast and the hose angled, the hose needed to be shortened a bit, I’ll see if I have a pic later.
  3. Ta, are the 18 bikes imminent?
  4. SY tuning wasn’t all about making them more wick, lots of people swapped the flywheels from older bikes and Tyz’s (3.1kg) to give better grip, the Tyz had steel reeds and stoppers, the stoppers where used to smooth the power at the top end, there was a little porting done too. I had one of those water pump houses, while they sound a good idea the I was always worried if it took a hit the case would get trashed.
  5. Any more news on theses? I’m on the market but reluctant to buy a 2017 if a new bike is on the way.
  6. godzilla

    The scott

    Stones 3rd! [Fire Emoji]
  7. godzilla

    2018 beta

    Silver Ano frame will look ace! Way better than painted, was the last time they did this on the 2010 bike?
  8. godzilla

    2015 Beta?

    Has it got a new flywheel cover?
  9. godzilla

    Evo Fuel Filter

    Ace, glad there's one in the tank, probably going to chuck an inline filter in as well so I can see if it's out of juice easily
  10. godzilla

    Evo Fuel Filter

    Do the the 2014 Evo's come with any type of fuel filter,There isn't an inline one but is there one in the tank or carb? Do you guys fit inline ones? Cheers GZ:)
  11. They are out of production because because of financial mis management, not because the SY was a bad bike as you suggest. Lots of bikes have flaws, drop most the wrong way and and you'll shag em somehow. This doesn't detract from the fact that the Bike has had it's day, parts are hard to come by.
  12. Is it that bike? Looks rough and at 2000 you would have to be mental! I wouldn't ride it at all without a chain tensioner.
  13. Nightmare! Do you know any more about where it was taken from yet?
  14. The correct response is - I ken ya Bill, deep fried Mars bar?
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