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  1. do you have any photos of your set up and the whole bike?
  2. I have removed the shocks and moved the swingarm and the chain seems to stay tensioned
  3. hoping for some input here guys, building a paul Jackson framed cub and struggling with the chain tensioner position, was hoping to get it tucked up behind the peg mount on the swing arm but the chain had clearance issues with the spring when the swingarm moved, I have tried a gasgas/universal/beta tensioners and all have issues mounting in this area, so I have now mounted one on the back of the peg mount, clearance with the chain is the best I have had it and as the swingarm moves the tensioner keeps tension. I like this position but are there any issues with doing it this way? I thought that because is it still mounted close to the pivot point of the swingarm the difference between the frame position and swingarm position in relation to the pivot point is quite small. my only other alternative is to move it forward a couple inches to a more conventional position.... if anyone has any suggestions on mounting position and tensioner to use.
  4. at the moment I am staying with the monty forks, may change the yokes though a there appears to be a couple degrees rake in them but will see how it rides first, the engine is a pretty standard set up, dellorto carb, electrixworld ignition, standard clutch with alloy pressure plate, gearing- 16 engine/ 13 gearbox/ 62 sprocket, it weighs 77kg currently with no fuel or engine oil.
  5. yes, doing the dry build to see how everything will work together at the moment
  6. does anyone know the difference between the teardrop tanks offered by armac, upb and terry weedy besides price?
  7. does anyone have one of these or photos of one, I have managed to get hold of a frame for a build and am looking for info around the frames? any input appreciated
  8. what mods did you have to do to fit the montesa front end, and to make the right length? thanks
  9. I can t help you sorry but I am sure if you start a new thread you will get some help
  10. does a bsa c15 have offset built into its yokes like the cub?
  11. my project currently has some 36mm jap forks in that are not really suitable for trials, I am planning to change to bultaco 35mm leading axle forks as I have access to some, my question is what type of yokes? cubs are non parallel with 1.5 degrees in the yokes as standard, but given that I am changing to leading axle forks should I be looking of parallel yokes to compensate for this change or would non parallel ones work without causing issues to trail/rake?
  12. just an update for you all, so far I have identified that the swing arm had been pinched in by about 10mm due the axle not being long enough for the swing arm, the tyre was a trail one and slightly fatter than an irc and the 428 chain was wider than the 420, bits have been ordered and delivered now, and will be fitted shortly. I am hoping that these small gains in space and with your advise, that I will have it set up better shortly with a little more clearance all round. thanks for your input
  13. the engine is spaced and the rear sprocket, the rear wheel offset is unknown as it is only a new bike to me not a new build, what should the rim offset be in relation to the hub? also though if the rim is moved to the sprocket side to put it in the middle of the swingarm the tyre would be in contact with the chain, then if I spaced the sprocket and engine more the chain would run through the rear shock
  14. Here's the problem, I have a what appears to be a feked off part-widened and lengthen swing arm and a 4x18 tyre on my rear wheel, to get the chain to run straight and clear the shock (already spaced slightly out) by a millimetre, the tyre has to be moved on to the left giving very limited clearance on that side and the wheel does not sit centrally in the swingarm. This does not seem right to me but I have nothing to compare it against. To me it seems that the swingarm is not wide enough, and maybe the sub frame is to narrow causing the shock interference. Has anyone else experienced these issue, am I just missing something?
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