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  1. 100 main jet and 30 pilot worked for me dave Stuart
  2. What's the parts availability like for one of these, looking to buy one
  3. can anyone recommend mechanic in the stoke on trent area to help with my little honda tl125 running issue, its beating me at the moment.
  4. i did check for an air leak but nothing was obviously changing the engine speed when checked
  5. just got hold of a honda tl125, but it does not run well, starts up without choke, but ticks over nicely from cold and revs well enough, but then once warm is all goes wrong, the idle revs increase when blipping the throttle, it starts to bog down and does not like being under load and then is hard to start, the plug is not sooty, initially i thought condenser so i have replaced this and the coil but its still does it, the points seem in good order and timing seems right. any help appreciated
  6. Has anyone done this, any issues with fitting it in terms of chain alignment and rubbing the tyre?
  7. What size taper roller bearing do you guys use for villiers services yokes, they did not have any and meriden is out of stock as well?
  8. It's a 220 i believe, but I am not 100% sure and it will only need wiring to run as it will be trials only, so no light, switches etc thank you very much pauperstu@gmail.com
  9. hopefully there is someone out there that can send me a wiring diagram for a honda tlm thanks
  10. Anyone know where I can get a tlm rubber manifold from or is there one off another bike that will work, my friends just got a tlm and it is split around where the carb fits, also what keihin carb so we can source a rebuild kit as it seems to be running very rich like the choke is not closing properly. Thanks
  11. how long should these be to properly mount the ignition, either pvl or electrixworld thanks
  12. do you have any photos of your set up and the whole bike?
  13. I have removed the shocks and moved the swingarm and the chain seems to stay tensioned
  14. hoping for some input here guys, building a paul Jackson framed cub and struggling with the chain tensioner position, was hoping to get it tucked up behind the peg mount on the swing arm but the chain had clearance issues with the spring when the swingarm moved, I have tried a gasgas/universal/beta tensioners and all have issues mounting in this area, so I have now mounted one on the back of the peg mount, clearance with the chain is the best I have had it and as the swingarm moves the tensioner keeps tension. I like this position but are there any issues with doing it this way? I thought that because is it still mounted close to the pivot point of the swingarm the difference between the frame position and swingarm position in relation to the pivot point is quite small. my only other alternative is to move it forward a couple inches to a more conventional position.... if anyone has any suggestions on mounting position and tensioner to use.
  15. at the moment I am staying with the monty forks, may change the yokes though a there appears to be a couple degrees rake in them but will see how it rides first, the engine is a pretty standard set up, dellorto carb, electrixworld ignition, standard clutch with alloy pressure plate, gearing- 16 engine/ 13 gearbox/ 62 sprocket, it weighs 77kg currently with no fuel or engine oil.
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