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  1. pmk


    Finished. 50 years old and reborn. Titled, street tagged and ridden. Not restored since it seems no two were the same, not restomod except for LED bulbs, but built as a period correct time capsule, with period correct enduro options, NOS 1971 license plate, and kept as the originally built for enduros back in 1971 with the original RT2 360cc engine.
  2. Yes, Chris CH is very delusional. Each time he posts, the theme music from Twilight Zone should play.
  3. Chris, that is a hugely bold statement indicating I do not even like the USA. It clearly shows your inability to think beyond your own agenda, and sadly for you, the narrow minded path you follow will be your own demise. Stating I do not even like the USA when I have clearly posted that I believe in the USA first, and placing its true citizens first AND spending our tax dollars here in the USA first. Long before, as Biden is doing, to try and save the rest of the world using US citizens tax dollars. When you actually reside here in the USA, which you do not, you can witness without much effort, the unjust ways the US government unfairly and wrongfully refuses to ensure the well being of the elderly and more importantly veterans. Of course you like Biden, he offers a freehand out to you as he takes it from his own citizens. In your eyes, and limited understanding, you apparently find it completely acceptable that politicians here in the USA are willing to turn their back on our citizens and try and save you. It is very good you find a savior in Biden since you yourself are the one posting your dislike for your own country and its leaders, as you claim to want change, but deem yourself incapable. You are not incapable in my opinion, merely a burden on society that wants a free handout, the same as so many of those that voted Biden in as President. Get off your lazy ass and do something to save your own country and live by your words and agenda.
  4. Yes Lineaway, but these non USA folks deem the USA needs to lead the world and save it, while they are telling us how it needs to be done spending our own tax dollars to do it. Yet they get super angry when true American Patriots say no.
  5. As they say about saving money, or losing weight. Take care of the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves, or save the grams and the kilograms will be gone. You truly crack me up, whatever, call Trump a liar, but praise Biden as truthful. Seriously, you are clueless about anything outside your own agenda. Even more comical is how you as a person tell others what to do, then claim to be unable to do anything about your expectations. More correctly, like a politician you are, incapable of doing anything except talk about it.
  6. Your David Coresh statement is brilliantly showing how little you truly know about the world around you. Coresh and the Branch Dividiots were a cult. Your words make it sound as if the entire USA followed this mans beliefs and actions. The USA has plenty of stupid idiots. I see it daily. A person walking their dog, or driving in the car alone with windows down, wearing a Covid mask. Politicians, Pelosi and Schumer last year told the country on national television that Covid was nothing after Trump had shut down travel from other countries to the USA. Schumer and Pelosi told everyone to get out, go out, and enjoy the holiday celebration parades. And stupid people did. Politicians, campaign and make promises. Your boy Biden promised a lot, now a few months in, many that voted for him believing his words, are now experiencing increased difficulty in how they survive economically each day. Since Biden was elected, a main staple for people is gasoline, tne price has increased to the consumer approximately 33%. Biden promotes these stimulus checks, which were started by Trump to ease Covid financial strains for those unable to work, but unfortunately, the increase in gasoline costs, is easily using this stimulus, AND causing increased costs on most other items. So under Biden, we are seeing already, steady and drastic inflation. BTW, on a serious, semi cultist topic. The news media, and what they project as fact or what they do to increase ratings without any repercussions is pretty much wrong. Consider the toilet paper crisis last year. Just as a cult, someone made a suggestion, it was promoted to an insane level, and people responded. Just the other day, they hacked the electronics of the gasoline pipeline. Without even learning the facts, people followed along and made a mad rush on gasoline, fearing there would be none. Again, all the best in your efforts to save the planet. FWIW bicycle trials is far more environmentally friendly than moto trials.
  7. There is no misunderstanding on my part at all. You cling so tightly to your environmental agenda, but fail to practice what you preach. Essentially that would be a hypocrite. No different than our US Sierra Club wanting to close off all sorts of open space lands, and keep people out, to save nature and our planet, while at the same time they drive huge SUVs, and do very little to truly abide by what they claim is needed. I also see you have decided that I am somehow not over this election, and you, yes you, are badging me as a cultist. Whats up with that and why? Trump is in the rearview mirror. I am watching and looking forward, in an effort, same as you, to decide how to make my country better during each coming election. To live here, and see with my own eyes, or get credible information from life long friends, vs what information is projected to the world often varies by a lot. Again, all the best in saving the planet, while hoping for change, yet failing to practice what you preach. Unfortunately for you, to reach your goal, you must make sacrifices and life long changes in how you live and get tasks accomplished that can negatively affect the environment. This includes not only how you accomplish transportation of you and your family, but also you need to grow a portion or all of your own food, the use of electronic devices built in China or other major polluters needs to stop, ensure also, any items or letters you might receive are delivered by non motorized vehicle, or walk and pick them up yourself. To be true to your cause will take a lot, anything less is merely fiction, fallacy, and the now too common, like a politician, you are telling me what is best for me. Again all the best in your spoken / written goals.
  8. How is your electric motorcycle working for you. Are the batteries 100% recyclable. Very curious, is the electricity generated without any emissions? Are they now able to recycle used nuclear materials used in electric generating powerplants? And those tires, please say you do recycle those at some type of non emissions facility. FWIW, your post does ring a bit hollow. You claim that you “would be proud to lead the world in the most important thing that has ever existed”, but would only do it if you were a US Citizen. What does that mean? Are you admitting that you are second rate being from the UK and that the USA is, I guess superior? Might be time for you to take some serious initiative, towards something you dearly believe in, give a **** and stop blaming others and do something right there in your own country.
  9. There is no Whoosh about it, statements like yours, are, well, kind of White Supremest. For what it’s worth, you brought it here to this topic and asked to create a topic/thread about it. Simply calling it how I read/see it.
  10. Please stop the euthanasia?, merely something you brought to the discussion.
  11. If you are hearing a whooshing sound, it is merely the vacuum of no brains within your skull. BTW, the joke is on you, your rhetoric never went over my head, rather your child level spats are about the level you are capable of. All the best in hoping Biden saves your world.
  12. A truly great word, Patriotic. From the outside of the fence looking in, you have no idea of how patriotic many US citizens are, and the amount of pride they have towards the USA. As I mentioned, your country should fully open its borders, require no person entering the country to become a citizen, those same folks, plus those already illegally here, based on the laws of your country, should be openly welcomed and allowed to stay as long as they wish, AND, receive full benefits of free education, welfare, housing and more, while you and your fellow citizens pay for all of it. AND, while you are at it, let your government leaders take the tax money they collect from you, and decide what other countries anywhere in the world should get a free handout of your money, while your own country is turned into a **** hole that fails to take care of its own elderly and veteran citizens. My country, The United States of America, does not need any more career politicians, most often crap BS lawyers anyway that were liars and cheats running this country. It needs true patriotic Americans. Maybe when we get our own country sorted out, then we can try and assist the rest of those countries so set on making the rest of the world correct in their eyes. Until then, yes, Germany, the UK, France, and all the rest so set on saving the world can handle it, and pay for it.
  13. Unless you are not burning fossil fuel yourself, and with that ride an electric trials bike, please save your commenting efforts. As for climate change, why does the USA need to lead the world, what is wrong with the UK, Germany and all these other countries spending their own citizens tax dollars to lead the world in the fight against these global warming climate changers. By the way, as a spectator of USA politics, living here and dealing with how it unfolds is a far different view than you see and even greater to experience the effects. Could it be that the UK, actually every other country, simply lower their requirements of who is considered a citizen, have no requirements to meet, simply show up. Better still, those that do arrive, give them everything they need for free, paid for by your tax dollars, and offer it up, as long as they need it. The USA needs to get its own crap sorted out. You folks can save the rest of the world without us.
  14. Dumb ass, you are a typical uninformed and uneducated person, Pence was never a model.
  15. As I quietly watch, what so many of you preferred to see, Biden got elected. Now a few months in, His promises while campaigning are not quite unfolding as well as he led others to believe. Promises he has kept are now costing US residing people, both legal and illegal more with increased prices in fuel and more. As for the opening of our borders, while promising control of Corona and crime, I wish upon those non US citizens that your own country leaders place this upon your own country. Like him or not, whether Biden, Trump or someone else, the USA needs a focused American Patriot, not a career politician. Kind of ironic, for all the crap I got for supporting Trump, by friends and others, they insisted on following Biden and gave Biden their vote. Now just a few months later, the list of greatness Biden that made them believe in Biden has dwindled to almost nil, and those same folks are now angry about the increased cost of day to day living. Oh Well. My one riding buddy still retains he thinks the Zebra VP is hot. Not sure what he sees in her, myself I thought the model was a better look. Patriotism needs to prevail. It was a basis of this country and must return, it is not outdated, nor worn out.
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