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  1. Chris, I gave you folks a grown up and verifiable answer. Backtrack the replies of others, when they post absurd unrelated replies, then I do. This topic began with much of it anti Trump. It then shifted to pro Biden, and now Covid. Covid you might grasp since it is worldwide. Anything regarding living here in the USA, how USA politics affects me, my family, and other citizens does not need to be lectured to me or others by folks not living it firsthand. Therefore, for me to take non USA citizen comments serious, they need to have accurate facts they can reference. Regarding you, others here and the opinions they endorse about the USA, almost always, the focus is relating to what is best for them, not those of us actually here dealing with / living with USA politics. Kind of falls under the idea that you must walk a mile in that mans shoes. Simply, all this has been fun, but truthfully as much as you and your friends here think I am a fool, it is reciprocated. All the best to each of you, and hopefully, eventually you will get it sorted out.
  2. Ok then, you want to discuss total deaths. As a I stated a few posts back, old age is more deadly than Covid or the Flu. Now, you bring forward a new statistic, “relative risk of death”. Very well then, here in the USA, folks that are fully vaccinated and booster shots are catching and spreading the latest variation of Covid. The irony though, is the latest variation has very low risk of death, and when you consider non vaccinated persons that contracted the latest variant, they are not dying either. The real unknown is that the next variant again may be ineffective to prevent contracting Covid or spreading Covid, but reverts back to a very deadly status. If that happens then what? Will folks that are not vaccinated be better or worse off? Best you can do is hope. At this moment, published factual data, demonstrates on a death per week basis, the flu is more deadly. BTW, if you do survive Covid, kind of a guess on my part, if you make it to old age, you will eventually perish.
  3. Again, you, same as others, find a linked article that does not compare on a deaths per week value, merely total deaths. I already agreed that in regards to toal deaths, because Covid has a longer duration more have died. On a deaths per week, flu season weeks vs average Covid deaths per week for an entire year, deaths per week has the flu more deadly. Sadly, like so many things, you are unable to understand. It is not difficult. Facts are facts, prove me wrong rather than present yourself as smart when you are not. As for your words indicating I have a teenage fascination for Joe Biden, again, you create these ideas in your limited capacity, like a small child saying “nah, nah, nah, nah, booboo”. Joe Biden is a corrupt career politician that does not care about you, me or anyone except himself. He has been caught flopping his words like a fish on the deck, to suit whatever seems to gain him the best outcome at the moment. While I do enjoy fish as a meal, my only use for Biden at this time is he keeps Harris as #2. So he does serve a purpose besides his comical blunders. When you get your accurate sources and linked data sorted out, bring it on.
  4. So then, it seems, try as you might, none of you have posted fact based information, that is linked to reliable accurate sources, that can prove that on a deaths per week, Covid is more deadly than the flu. I bet you will also start convincing me that people that got two doses of vaccine and a booster, are immune from Covid and can not spread Covid to others that are fully vaccinated. About 90 years ago, FDR stated the words, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. Lets go Brandon.
  5. Great, so now you are going to pick on our beloved Homer Simpson. Sleepy Joe, with a year under his belt, the reality is Homer Simpson and Marge would have been a far better choice as US President and First Lady. For that matter, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are better than Joe and his wife. Sleepy Joe has a military policy worse than Wile E Coyote, and speaks about as good as Porky Pig. Actually, and no offense to Autistic persons, every time Sleepy Joe speaks, it reminds me of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman saying “I am a really excellent driver”. Lets go Brandon
  6. But I like clowns and the circus, actually, attending a real USA rodeo is much better and they have clowns there too. My wife and I took the grandkids to a rodeo on the national rodeo circuit. It was the most USA patriotic event I have attended in a long time. Opening ceremonies focused on pride in being a true American, with an entire segment having horses draped in US flags, then walked around the arena perimeter, in remembrance of those left behind and killed in Afghanistan. As each horse walked the arena, each persons name, rank and hometown was announced. Absolute respect by every person there. If there was 1 Biden supporter there, that would be an overestimate. Simply “Let’s go Brandon”
  7. Apparently motorcycles are too much pollution. You sir would thrive on living in California since they are banning gasoline powered motorcycles and small engines. Very curious Chris, does you Green Agenda look to ban aircraft and large ships?, with technology returning to wind energy of all large transport will be by sailboat?
  8. You certainly try to manipulate your own statements into the words of others. You are as slippery as a wet eel. Guys, it was you that brought up and posted the Capital video and in your words deemed it “terrifying stuff”. I never once said those politicians were not terrified, rather, I stated instilling fear in them happened. For you to downplay the attacks of 9/11 and try to place words that I never posted saying I claim the actions on the Capital were justified is again merely an attempt at diverting your incompetent errors away from you. As smart a person as you try and present yourself, please, tell me honestly, would you welcome an increase in the price of gasoline by 40% in the past 12 months? Would you welcome the possibility as truth and accept the crimes committed by politicians and others at the Epstein estate? In simple terms you might understand, but know you are not capable, I say “Let’s go Brandon”.
  9. ChrisCH, you are truly tempting fate and about to open a Pandoras box you will not close. Be very, very careful what you are messing with.
  10. People upset with their government and doing that at the Capital is a mere fraction of how terrified the USA was during all of this years ago. Many of those politicians are corrupt power and money hungry corrupt lawyers. Instilling fear in them is a good thing since they are representatives for the people that elected them, not themselves. This is true terror of one type that has factually happened.
  11. Destroyed you ask, for starters Bidens mandatory requirement for Covid vaccine to workers of companies over 100 employees, or other specified groups of workers. Having the mandatory vaccine result in adverse reactions or death to just one person being required to obtain the vaccine or lose their job and benefits is destroying lives and families. Yes, this does happen. And no person that dies is literally dead, they are truly dead. On a positive swing to your green agenda, after some rides in my friends Tesla Plaid, electric cars like that should be subsidized by the government for everyone. Certainly a fun car, and similar performance to another friends car I recently drove that was not electric, a Porsche Carrera Turbo AWD.
  12. At this point, you bounce around and make no freakin sense or post anything even borderline to something intelligent. Pretty much just blah, blah, blah. No wonder you embrace Joe Biden so much. If you truly have something intelligent to say bring it on, as it is now, you bore me with dumb as a rock comments. Prove my information is in error and support it with facts you can reference and link to. Just to be clear, you using the words “mental gymnastics” is the first time I have ever heard that.
  13. So now, you use the term “mental gymnastics” yet previously you stated “Olympic level gymnastics”. By your own words regarding gymnastics, as you flutter and prance about, are you now stating the Olympic gymnastics are actually mental gymnastics? No doubt anything about Covid is difficult for you to understand.
  14. Regarding the Nigel Dabster asking, I agree 110% with Steveos post. Nigel Dabster, I welcome you to bring it on with accurate facts and data. Anything less, as they say, you are merely bringing a knife to a gun fight.
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