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  1. Brilliant reply from the Belgian. If you truly are from where you say, kind of sad to see your countries Corona deaths per million persons is 19 vs the country I am from, led by the President you continuously slam, where we have 4 deaths per million persons. Seems especially you Mr Guys, with such high Corona deaths almost 5 times that per million persons compared to the USA, need a mask and likely gloves to match the Duct Tape style you posted. In your case FWIW, you can find Pink or maybe Rainbow tape. Best to stay safe and self quarantine for enough time until it is safe for you to come outside, 10 years seems about long enough.
  2. I had quoted SteveO, if the words are read as he wrote, he very clearly used the term less dependent, (not independent) regarding items you asked about. My advice, and it is from a meager citizen, based on a USA perspective, of course we want trade and tourism that is mutually good, for the persons and the countries.
  3. All very important for a country to be independent, self sustaining and in my opinion, a leader not a follower. After this weeks political games where Democratic law makers are exploiting Trumps request for aid to help his citizens, the time has truly arrived to replace these elected persons. Myself, I await the upcoming day when true investigations on crimes committed against the USA, politicians and others are tried and if guilty, given just sentences for crimes committed against the USA, and hopefully will send a message to all elected persons. Be honest and do not forget about who you actually work for.
  4. An excellent reply, sorry it got you worked up. My asking was specifically focused at guys. That was why I asked. FWIW I learned something from your post. I was unaware West Palm had such a high ranking in murders.
  5. Mr guys specifically, November will be here soon enough. Please share your choice for President of the USA.
  6. Agree, what are known reliable sources that accurately post information, regardless of favoring either political side. Myself, I believe shutting down travel may have been a very good move. The USA is currently like living in a nut house. Locally, good luck finding toilet paper, or any type hand sanitizer, iso alcohol, or surface wipes in any stores. Still have not figured out why people are buying cases of water. If I was unaware about CoronaVirus, I would swear a cat 6 hurricane was making a direct hit within 48 hours. Saw tonight, the reporter from MSM that stated the money spent on Bloombergs? Campaign and the money could have been distributed to each citizen, giving each a million dollars or whatever exorbitant amount, is now upset that her numbers were exposed as grossly incorrect, and each citizen would get one dollar. Yes she is upset because she can not correctly do the math, was exposed and is now saying those that exposed her error are racists. One huge item about Corona, and I have no clue if true or not. Supposedly, the Chinese city where it all began has a biological facility there. Very well and fair enough. Apparently the latest story, whether fact or fiction is indicating that the biological facility tested on animals. The story goes that after the animals were tested upon, those that survived, were sold to local people and resold in local street markets. Seems crazy, but if true, China created a very potent and deadly biological weapon to infiltrate the food supply, whether they realized it or not. As for Trump, he tends to weather every onslaught. I never expected him to be perfect in all he does, nor be perfect for every citizen. I do hope the corrupt politicians are squirming, knowing when the time is right, they will be investigated and ideally punished properly if crimes were committed. Reaching further than the next 4 years, which hopefully he wins and continues MAGA, and hopefully MAGA for all US citizens, almost need to speculate, could there be an additional 8 years of Trump after his next term? Must wonder if his daughter may be the first woman President of the USA.
  7. Possibly, take a look at the Sudco companies info or Jets R Us. The items you are asking about, I would suspect are still available in tne aftermarket
  8. It’s an AHRMA rule if the machine were to ever compete in one of those events. Luckily it will not be a part of that organization. Heard from someone that is involved with AHRMA trials, they apparently banned OKO and all carbs unless round slide. Kind of a dumb rule. So now you must spend more money, plus time and have a bike that likely runs worse to compete in an organization that is struggling to get entries. Sounds like a great way to promote vintage entries. Next they will insist on an old school spec tire, the same type tire for everyone.
  9. Date codes are 1979, so they comply with available prior to 1980. Parts are 1980 Yamaha, which was available in 1979, keeping the bike legal as a pre 1980 machine with period correct items. Look close at the details required to do this. I had to “C” notch the frame. The entire pedal setup is redeveloped. I have a cable swaging machine to build the rear brake cable. Essentially, there was fabrication time altering the frame, machining time, and fabrication of detail parts including the cable. All this was after getting the much wider wheel into the swingarm while aligning the chainline. Many hours of sorting it out, designing, fabricating, etc., then having hope it would work. We considered many hubs / wheels before even starting. FWIW, both wheels were completely disassembled. Cleaned, polished, hubs painted and modified as needed. Suffice to say, getting the hub in the swingarm was no simple plug and play task. But seems to give a clean look and functions well.
  10. I currently own and ride a 2005 SY250R that Mike imported and sold back then. It has had a few owners before me. In the gearbox, I have been running Shell Rotella T4 15w40, but have on the shelf and been considering switching to Maxima MTL 80wt but have not swapped yet. As for brake and clutch, I run Pentisone DOT4. The clutch slave I altered by removing the snap ring, as it tends to wear on the slave piston body. I also installed the jamb nut to the inside. Many people mention the arms are soft and fail, or have issues with the slave cylinders, on mine I simply ensured there was no binding or limited stroke to the lave cylinder. During a Ryan Young school, Ryan cautioned me about the brake pads. I will ask him again for details when the brakes need replacing, but he indicated something about the pads touching each other and not clamping the disc, even though pad material was left. Need more details to accurately explain. I have tried the oem white progressive spring, the oem yellow spring and both seemed to allow the rear end to squat more than I cared for. I have made adapters and installed an aftermarket spring the works well with minimal preload. Check the engine mount bolts for tightness. The choke on my bike has been a problematic bother. My latest efforts hopefully resolved the issue of the rubbed disc not sealing well. I made some other changes to improve the reliability of the bike, mainly the fabrication of an air filter guard to prevent water from coming down the airbox under the fender and filling the inside of the airbox. I also did away with the oem rear fender that so far for me was impossible to find at a reasonable price. Mike has been great to talk with and is knowledgeable on these machines. My most recent call to him discussed the ignition timing. I did dial back the timing on my SY to midway between the Yamaha spec and Scorpas setup. I found the Scorpa setup gave random flameouts, that felt like I either had to increase idle speed or take a small amount of timing out. The ADV website allows more photos so if you check there, I posted a topic about the SY and some changes I made. For me, the bike is far more capable than I am. Last event, I asked one of the local higher class riders to try it and give an opinion on the setup. His dad owned SY250s years ago. Within minutes, my SY was doing fine on stuff I would likely never attempt. I installed Dunlop tires.
  11. When we built my buddies 72 MAR, many changes were made, including installing Yamaha wheels and brakes that are period correct. I have ridden his MAR and it will stop, plus has the feel and control pretty close to modern bike disc brake feel.
  12. Just noticed your pen / screwdriver holder...Lycoming or Continental?
  13. You will need to drain the coolant. Remove the kickstart lever. Remove the clutch cover. Remove the small bolts and clutch springs securing the clutch pressure plate. Remove the pressure plate. In the center of the clutch is a pusher, remove that. Next there is a steel ball, remove that, then withdraw the clutch pushrod. With the pushrod removed, the arm should lift out. Accomplish the reverse to reassemble. You may need a new gasket on reassembly. The link below is from a TYZ parts manual and visually explains what I just wrote, sort of. https://us.fowlersparts.co.uk/parts/4120715/ty250z-250-trials-4gg3-1994-999-a/clutch The link posted by Feetupfun is the service manual. That shows a similar sketch, but is handy as it is a workshop manual explaining the clutch disassembly.
  14. Have not had my Scorpa engine apart, but typically you remove the clutch pressure plate, slide the pushrod in, then remove the actuator arm assembly.
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