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  1. Get over yourself. I read and understood what you posted. In easy terms for you to understand, at this point in time, your point of view vs my point of view has stalled until time passes and more valid information is provided by reputable sources. If you need me to go into ******* mode on you for no good reason, I suppose I could, but rather offered up some respect that you have your opinion, I have mine, and they differ. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. If you deem me the one that “chickened out” sorry to disappoint you. Certainly did not chicken out, but rather gave up on you and your point of view as no good would come from any more discussion. You stated your key points, how myself or others value them is our choice. Certainly not chickening out, if anything, pretty certain the words are Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. And I expect your reply to indicate it to be a two way street. Have fun, far more important stuff happening for me these days, not moto, not politics, rather family and families medical health. Lineaway, hope you heal quickly and completely.
  3. Tide Pods and alcohol should not be consumed at the same sitting...She might be barely living proof. Likely to be total freak out in regards to appointing a replacement Supreme Court Justice. Heard some already filling petitions that it should not be allowed until after the election. Seems a bit out of line not letting the US President get this done during his current time in office. If not, he will do it early next term after he is re- elected.
  4. Interesting to consider your words. There were several other contenders wanting to run against Trump. Biden beat those folks and became Trumps main opposition. That is fact. Neither is perfect. That is fact. Previous Presidents were not perfect either. My reasons I do not prefer Biden over Trump, several. Biden has had his time in politics and accomplished very little. Biden is documented where he has flip flopped his desires or actions not only during his decades in office, but on other topics such as Corona Virus. The US money that he threatened to withhold is very sketchy. His kids employment history with what appears to be tied into Bidens politics. Biden has shown many disrespectful actions, in my opinion towards the military and police. Help me change my mind and vote for Biden, but please support your statement with reliable, repeatable facts. Biff, regarding culture and how others respect where they live, if you are from Michigan, possibly the amount of other country culture is a bit less than South Florida. My comments are not me parroting others or fictitiously creating them. Rather, I base my words regarding other cultures or even trends I witness from other states based on actually seeing the end result. I am not there to predetermine an outcome or opinion, but will decide on my own after the actual results are presented.
  5. The wack job punk kids that insist on all this change to the world were eating bleach long before the media suggested it to them. Guessing Tide Pods snack were / is a Trump thing too.
  6. And another saying, “Stupid is as stupid does”
  7. No, they were simply obnoxious people from other areas or countries.
  8. I hesitated to reply on this previous comment. My experience in dealing with persons from other countries, very often had those persons could be very arrogant and my way or else. Not saying all foreigners, but many. Recently dealt again with another Canadian in regards to repair on an aircraft. In a mode as I have seen before, a broken record repeat themselves occurs, essentially wanting to let you know how smart they are and how wrong you are. Sadly, again, the Canadian was so far from correct, I gave up trying to explain and decided legally signing off the aircraft for return to service was his ticket to jail. A couple of weeks ago, I had to deal with a German in regards to an ignition system he he designs and sells. Dealt with him about 20 years ago in reference to possibly purchasing and installing one of his systems. Every time I have spoken with him, he almost immediately plays his cards of arrogance and you are not allowed to do anything more than his requests. Ironic, he was on speaker at the time and my wife heard his every word. As a customer service person, she was stunned at his words and attitude. Adding insult to injury, the aircraft owner, the aircraft manufacturer, and others, none of them want to deal with the guy at all. Locally, I live where winter months have a flocking of Snowbirds from other states and often Canada. Again, not all but many times those folks are simply rude and nasty, but will show their obvious two faced mode if they deem there is something they need from you. Often dealt with persons from France in regards to Dassault Falcon Jets. They too often had that dumb American attitude, yet they were seldom on the mark and often created more nonsense for everyone involved. There’s more but then again, that is my experience and I certainly never met every person in the world. Will say though, we here in the USA certainly have some stupid Americans. I find the focus that Donald Trump is self centered a bit out of context. Pretty much, any person that has worked and succeeded might show that to some extent. Unless you are a self employed small business owner, and even that is no guarantee, the people managing those companies can be very competitive and got there many times by stepping on those beneath them. Ironically, if true, the Trumps as the first family, make do with fewer on staff persons than previous first familys, and give back a lot in regards to not only salary, but bettering others around them. His daughter has apparently done many advances to improve various areas that woman deal with. I have not closely followed his son, but have not read he is on the payrolls of foreign companies similar to Hunter Biden. Prior to Trump becoming President, I had the opportunity to have the mechanic for his Boeings to hang out in the backshop I oversaw. This guy dealt with Trump for a long time. Nothing he said indicated Trump to be more than a serious bussinessman. Then again, another person I talk with often, has been around Trump in public functions and states that some of what the media claims is true. Putting aside any agenda to sell news, and here is the key, if we accurately and fairly compared the current candidates based on everything about them, and compared previous first families based on everything about them, how would those cards fall.
  9. Agree 100%. Experienced similar myself from similar regions.
  10. What an excellent reply, seriously. To accurately answer your question, understand I was an instructor of aviation professionals from around the world. With this, I was able to actually watch first hand, and see which countries set trends of cleanliness vs those that did not. Locally, I live where we have a large influx of people from South America, Cuba, New York, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico. You called me out as to how do I know. You are correct, I can not know 100% of the time. Suffice to say, people from these areas, not all of them, but many, show little respect for cleanliness. In similar to what Lineaway mentioned, there have been many times I have asked or told people to pick it up and properly get rid of it.
  11. Absolutely not an excuse. I have read your words, understand them and given it some thought. As I compare them to words others have spoken or posted I see some commonality or alignments. What you seem to not grasp from my discussion within these posts, I am all in favor of this greener world. Simply though do not place the burden or blame towards one country or group of people solely. Without being nasty or mean, I have asked more than once, what seems to be the best solution. We can all bitch about problems, but truly solving them takes a different way of thinking. As I see it there is no true solution that can be applied tomorrow to every country, even if politics were removed from the equation. Overall many people are so self centered in their own ideals and will not compromise or surrender their lifestyle. However, I do revert back to the concept that over time, major improvements have been made. We are not at the destination yet, and sadly it is a moving target. When one group wants it all, and an opposing group wants it all their way, nothing happens. With that, I will step back from further comments regarding the environment simply because I do not have a viable and nor do you. I do not oppose your desire for a cleaner greener world, but have yet to see a practical and viable method that can be utilized over many aspects while avoiding tremendous expense, force dramatic lifestyle changes or shut down industry. It will happen just not yet.
  12. Yes in a few posts back you indicated no accurate data existed. However, without data regardless of how biased, there tends to be nothing to base anything on except seeing smoking chimney. You raise points that tend to contradict others in certain ways. Saying the USA is in part responsible for Chinas pollution is a stretch. Couple of immediate reasons arise. This would indicate that no other countries utilize China for goods. That certainly is in error. Secondly, China has its own government, and with that hopefully has its own regulations. Chinas industry apparently is not clean regardless of the country they supply. Therefore, every country that utilizes any Chinese made goods is to hold blame. Consider too, and this goes against your Trump hatred, you must place a factual number on the jobs, and industries Trump has actually brought back to the USA, which is a much cleaner output per item, and upholds human rights far better than China does. Your Iceland example, I have no data on. I must ask though. Is Iceland considered a country that is a leader in industry that also exports many items. In simplest words, does a company in Iceland build the majority of automobiles driven within that country? If not, then they increase pollution aspects of other countries, possibly unfairly. Deciding to bring in the US Military as a leader pollution concern is also interesting. Granted, it is unlikely that the USA will be invaded by Russia. However, I seem to recall end of the world discussion when a small Korean country had plans to attack its neighbors. Ironically, this huge polluter showed a presence, which no doubt caused pollution. With that though, as much of the world expected Trump to begin a nuclear war, it seems he did the opposite. Then last week, if I am not mistaken, Trump and his team has brought other countries to the table and made progress for peace in areas where that has been difficult in the past. During his four years, Trump if I am not mistaken, has insisted that countries that utilize not only US equipment, but the lives of our own to defend other these other countries when asked, merely wanted those countries to fulfill debt. Those countries can never fulfill the debt of even one American killed. So ask yourself, if the USA simply stayed home, to reduce emissions, then what? Adding to this, you need to learn more regarding the US military. It has become greener over time and safer for those in service. Consider that efficient drones are now used to more safely and efficiently gather intel when needed. Many vehicle are multi fuel capable and fairly efficient in the task they perform. Many would say the best and safest nuclear reactors and technicians are within the US Navy. Since you find it difficult to obtain accurate data regarding countries and per person environmental impacts, I suggest it best to leave out each countries military as you would likely find that the USA ranking is more efficient in per person cleanliness than any other country with a true military. I am saddened to see the extreme left problem here in the USA has spread so intensely to other countries. If Trump gets 4 more years in office, that gives you 3 years to accomplish true factual research and present it with adequate time to help me be an informed voter in the 2024 election. Expect though, as Trump gets results, Pence becomes an even more viable person for the following 8 years, and if she keeps on track, Trumps daughter will likely be the first US woman President after Pence. Have fun, be safe, a become Greener each day, do not become stagnant in your quest for you and your family to eliminate all that is bad for the planet.
  13. Do you have any statistics or data that lists global countries and ranks them on a standardized comparison per person regarding energy, pollution etc? It would be easier to follow comparing apples to apples. Not any kind of get out of jail free card, merely what countries are efficient and which are not. I will add though that often I see here in Florida that people from other countries, whether tourists or immigrant citizens tend to have far less respect for cleanliness, pollution, even simple littering by tossing trash to the ground, than those of us that have been here for generations. Difficult to understand, but suspect the countries they left were simply dirty and it was unimportant to them.
  14. Not exactly sure what entities own those power generating capabilities, but a decade ago, I was very impressed to learn, via friend that worked for Florida Power and Light, that she living here in Florida was accomplishing oil analysis for FPL wind turbines in the USA Midwest. Additionally, it is now more common to see FPL solar farms instead of more housing or outlet malls along the highways. Kind of impressive to see collectors covering a huge area. When I visit the towns I grew up in along the Massachusetts coast, very common to see wind turbines. Possibly that when the technology is presented, the lag to get these systems fabricated and in place may be a factor also. No doubt money and profits are key points too.
  15. OK, so I call you out. Essentially you deem no where a viable place to live. Add to this, you have very anti government concerns, yet you can not provide the answer to the problem you bring up. Yesterday I got information sent to me about how wind turbines are killing 600,000 birds annually. So it seems even wind energy is now bad. Your concerns for the environment are obvious, however, these politicians also tend to understand that a country in poverty is bad also. Poverty either on account of no resources or in some cases, manufacturing being sent to countries that change less and it seems ironic they care far less about the environment and the health of the workers. As the sun rises today for you in the UK, I doubt the world has stopped spinning and life goes on as it did yesterday. Can I suggest you redirect away from the woe is all of us to a more hands on way to find an answer. These posts have shown improvements can be made, but short of removing industrialization from the entire planet there is no current good answer. Politics have endured longer than industry. Industry has seen many phases. In those phases, people realized there were concerns and improvements have been made. Those improvements never stop, they simply have not found the ultimate answer yet, and when they do, it will never be good enough.
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