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  1. Been awhile since I posted here.Bike is running great and working on installing yz front brake as I tried everything with stock front brakes.I removed flywheel weight.I find I want some back so going to machine down 50% and put back on.me and a friend rebuilt our ty,s at same time but he used a wisco piston.His bike has some piston slap and my wossner does not.Have ran bike stock now and going to increase compression a bit.Looking to have just a tad more bite off the bottom but only want a little bit more.Bike starts 1st kick every time and is a blast to ride.Going to do 1 or 2 vintage meets with it next month. It is taking alot of dinking around to fit that front brake(77 TT500 wheel and 1980 brake plate).I hope it was worth it.
  2. The number plate is cut from a plastic cat litter container from wall mart lol.The yellow is a good match and already had the curved edges.
  3. Just wanted to protect frame.It is cut from a thick black plastic potting tray with tin snips then cleaned up with sand paper.add almost no weight.
  4. If you want your engine fixed pm me and i will give you my phone number.For example stealth performance in eagle river wi does exceptional crank work and is fast.I know of no one including B&J performance that jas actual aftermarket pistons(he modifies dt pistons which works fine)There are various pistons that work in the ty.Yours appears to be a yz the same as my wossner.Same basic specs but yami went to fly cut for better breathing on yz models.You can go over to adventure riders and check out my build thread in trials section.Have not updated the one here.
  5. Cool,it has the used Michelin on stock rim now with a new Dunlop on front.
  6. Thanks,I figure if I have a issue will simply install a tubless system that I use on my offroad bikes.Just hoping not to spend 100 bucks on one.They work fantastic but sort of pricy. I would do that before replacing the rim.I guess I will find out how low I can go with the tube in there.Either that or hunt down a irc tire.What pressure do you guys run in the back tire?
  7. I removed my decent tire off my GG and put it on my 74 ty with a tube.Will it work ok or just s bad idea.Sorta hard to find tube type trials tires these days plus I was trying to save some money.Have considered getting a tubless kit for bike so I can reuse my lightly wore modern tires but not sure what direction to go on this.
  8. And here is one of head before I removed them for clean up.
  9. I need to plug some holes on the motor from removing oil injection. The flywheel cover and pump cover were damaged and welded badly so going to grind them out,reweld and clean up.
  10. Replaced left slider because original had some internal issues. Picked up a set of forks for parts off ebay for around 80 bucks.Now I have extra damping rods to experiment with.Installed magical springs and new seals.Starting to put bike together and looking good.Laced the front wheel up and went well.Was not thinking when I cut off old shock mounts in back.The seat bolts to backside of them so now have to fabricate another method to hold seat down.I don't like the seat and will change it up in future. Might go out to shop and weld a rear mount on mx 80 tank so I can do some body work on it.
  11. I switched over to the sprays a couple years ago.I spray inside and out and work it through out the filter with disposable rubber gloves on.I then rap with paper towel and press the extra out into the towling.If the filter is not completely oiled it will not work as good.I used to waste more oil with the poor on types.After doing a few filters with the spray I got it down so I don't waste near as much.
  12. I believe it is a 93 or 94.Parts bike is a 89 so hope some stuff fits(like the water pump impeller)Never ever heard of a fantic a year ago so will be a interesting journey finding any technical details.Going to use it as a loaner bike to try to get my friends off there damn harley,s lol.
  13. Project is coming along well.Ran into a issue with front wheel and left slider.Slider must have took a good hit at one time.fork jams up about 3" before it bottoms.I ordered a set of forks from a bone yard for 80 bucks to rob parts from.front spokes were froze up to bad.Even with heat and pb blaster they broke like glass.Ordered a stainless kit from speed and sport and it came in today.
  14. I am not good enough either but I still do every wota event I can.It's just a blast to ride these events.Good people and cool motorcycles. There is a class for everyone from beginner to expert.We also try to get together to ride as often as we can in door county.
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