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  1. I will give you a good tip when putting motor back together.Remember to hook the internal kickstarter spring in the steel tube.I had to split my cases to do that because I forgot.It turned out the catch tab for it was bent a little so reaching thrue with long needle nose pliers did not work.It lines up the spring correctly when you install the kickstarter shaft.Been awhile but I remember the frustration.
  2. That explains why my stobe was acting so wierd.Ran bike without cover so I could pull flywheel quick to test adjustments. Was reasonably easy to find sweet spot.
  3. Michigan here and ride all the trials in Wisconsin. Started on my 2015 GG 300 pro 2 years ago(1st trials bike).Don't get a 300 unless that is all you can get or riding at altitude. They don't seem all that powerful till you actually ride them in a trials meet.A smaller smooth bike will cost you less dabs and do pretty much anything. I find the 250,s a much easier bike to handle. I would buy the Beta over a vertigo any day.Way better dealer support. Trs,scorpa,sherco also good support.I ride A class offroad and intermediate in trials.The only thing trials has in common with offroad is they both have 2 wheels.I installed a heavy flywheel weight in my 300 to bring the punch down.The 250 still smoother and easier to ride.I cannot really recommend a GG at the moment till we see what the orange gorilla is going to do with the company.
  4. I use type F in mine(2015 300 pro)and never had a problem.I should see what the difference is in these oils I guess.
  5. Pretty unhappy about the wear on my gaernes.They are a pretty wimpy boot.Leather gets cut easily and the upper plastic guards pulled through the attachment screws twice.I find my old alpine star scout boots actually work better for trials.Wish AP still made the scouts.
  6. Pulled a zoke shock apart off a 91 to put on my 94 a couple days ago.The 94 is basically a non adjustable,not very rebuildable thing.Will rebuild seal head and put a new bumper on it.
  7. It is cool that they are a real nice family also.There father is a farmer and one hell of a trials rider.Today I got the new dirt bike magazine and Pat is in there top u.s dirt bike riders of the year.Pretty cool that a magazine not focused on trials has him in there.
  8. I recieved them today and they are very different than what I am used to.The integrated knee pad thing feels weird.I have them on now and wearing around the house to see if I get used to them.They are very stretchy. They fit more like trials pants but not quite as skin tight.I think I will like them.I was worried about them not being long enough with 36"x36" measurements but they go into my boots a good 4" and knee pads location is perfect.They feel like they will help keep me cool also.Last summer I started wearing bicycle shirts at the trials to help stay cool(they work fantastic)and I am hoping these have the same effect.
  9. I ordered a black pair last night.I talked to him on the phone and he rides vintage in California.He said they were checking out what people were wearing at the trials there and no one had spandex stuff.Everyone used mx gear.He basically came up with a crossbreed that looks better on us slightly older guys without the crazy graphics. Pricey suckers and hope they last me a long time.
  10. Thanks,I need a new pair of pants and they fit the ticket. Never heard of them till you put up that link.
  11. Have used the gearne gortex last 2 summers. As said they don't offer much protection.I really want a insole shank also.Next boots will be AS.The gearne are my 1st trial boot and I wish I would have asked about them like you did.I just figured the bomb because a lot of the trials riders I 1st road with had them.Live and learn but a expensive lesson.
  12. After a few days of riding a lot of the aches dissapear.I started at 55 2 years ago and holy cow did it kill my lower damaged back and legs for a bit.Now I can ride all day and it sure did help my fitness.
  13. You are in a good part of the country for vintage trials.TY is a fun bike and pretty easy to get parts for.We have 2 guys in vintage in wota that slaughter the intermediate class on the same lines on there vintage bikes.
  14. That AHRMA stuff is a bunch of crap.It is getting that you have to be rich to build a bike that is legal. I heard rumors about them banning oko but was not sure if it was true.I am lucky that our club(WOTA)Is just cable brakes,air cooled,and twin shock.From looking at the utube on the AHRMA stuff the sections are pretty much for geezers having fun.A big turn out in vintage is 6 riders in my club so we are not to picky.We do not really even care about who wins and just have fun.I ride modern on day 1 and vintage on day 2.Honestly have more fun riding vintage as the riders are a blast to ride with.I love the way my friends Suzuki blasts that smoke and my other friend(fantic)that kicks our ass(and kills the modern riders on same sections)vintage is just a blast to ride.
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