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  1. Its pretty crazy these days.On the way home from the trials I stopped at a friend's house.He was sick as a dog and I got him to hospital.He has been on oxygen for 12 days now in icu.He believed it was all bs and took no precautions. I entered his house and had a mask on but still got tested 5 days after my encounter. The covid is not slowing me down much but I stay away from crowds and social distance.It is a pita sometimes but nothing I can do.Our governor is cracking down again now but honestly it will not help much.
  2. At a trials this weekend we did ok.Did the masks for sign up and they put up a shield. 2 guys in each group scored to limit contact. Kept our distance well walking sections. We had some elbow and fist bumps to say good ride.There were times were people that don't believe it's a problem did not distance properly as people's fear levels of this varied quite a bit.
  3. For long term storage there is fogging oil.You pull off the intake boot and spray into motor while running. Coats the internals to keep things from rusting in there.Ussaully requires a new spark plug upon start up.In the great white north here we use it on the boat motors and such that are stored for winter.Good to replace tranny or engine oil for storage also as oil gets a little acid build up in it from use.Mainly in 4t,s because of slight engine blow by.Stabil in fuel,run and fog the drain fuel tank.I spray my bikes down with a metal storage oil (except brakes of course )to fight rusting as my shop gets heated off and on which creates moisture from my propane burner.
  4. After over 30years racing offroad,MX,flat track,ice I got hurt 3 years ago in a national enduro. Said that is enough of the redline sports.52 weeks ago Purchased a 2015 GG pro race 300 as I had no idea what to buy with these bikes with wierd new names.Liked the bike a lot but was starting to worry about getting parts as I ride a lot plus compete.I tried a 2018 TRRS last year and liked it because it felt the same as my GG.Have only ridden a few sherco,s,a 2018 scorpa and a newer 200 cc beta.I like the TRRS the best so just got a new 2020 TRRS one R as I have heard good reports on them.A rider in our club pounds his 2018 in expert with no issues.I have seen 2 beta,s now with the pop into neutral problem and it's not just Internet gossip that there plastic is made of glass plus expensive.I also built a pretty sweet 74 ty250a to take out once in while in twin shock.Our twin shock class rides the intermediate line so some of the meets that are nasty best to use it as a pit bike.I like the TY because it was easy to get parts for and some heavy mods turned it into a pretty good bike.I have a 94 fantic k-roo I am almost done rebuilding just because it is a cool looking bike and picked up super cheap (2 for 300$).
  5. That is a vent for the float bowl not a overflow. If that hose is run low on the bike it will actually suck water up the tube if you ride in water. That hose should be routed high on bike.Over flows come out below ventura so if the float needle fails the fuel does not flood into carb.Also check your reed valves as if they are worn and not closing all the way you may be getting blow back into carb.Ussaully when reeds are bad bikes are hard to start and acts like it is flooding out.
  6. If my shock location was stock it was 50 or 60 lbs but when I told them I did the mod they changed it.I had them do the soft damping as the bike is mainly used for trials in intermediate lines.Been riding it over a year and shocks work nice.I save the bouncing for my TRS.
  7. Pretty rare up here in upper peninsula of Michigan also.I just sold my 2015 gg pro that is in great shape 2 days ago to a man in Lower Michigan. Last week a guy came all the way from Missouri to Wisconsin to pick up a friend's GG 250.I actually went to Missouri over 2 years ago to buy my GG.A good place to ask around is the Facebook site called trials bikes for sale usa.That is were I found my 1st trials bike and were my friend sold his.Good luck shopping.
  8. Depends on bike set up a lot.I am 207 lbs and my ty has the shocks laid down a bit like a majesty which means it needs a stronger spring.Falcon set mine up with 70 lb springs. Sounds stiff but works fantastic.If my shock mounts were not modified they would have used 50,s or 60,s.
  9. I made my own puller tools from some steel tubing but should have just picked up a tusk puller.We use yz rod kits (hot rods)for 89 to 98 yamaha.Everything the same except small end is 1mm bigger. I use a 1980-82 yz wossner piston in mine and it comes with proper bearing for later rod.Piston is arc cut on back instead of intake windows but timing is the same as window piston. On the right side of crank there is a o ring that seals the pto gear to crank.keeps you from cross contamination of tranny oil and crankcase mixture. In most bearing kits the o ring is to thin.Reuse old or get a new one from yamaha.Very important o ring as it keeps your tranny oil out of crankcase. I re used old one and gave it a smear of yamabond 4 to make sure I had no issues.I use parts houses on line to look at parts break downs for assembly. They often make it easier than using a manual.
  10. I will give you a good tip when putting motor back together.Remember to hook the internal kickstarter spring in the steel tube.I had to split my cases to do that because I forgot.It turned out the catch tab for it was bent a little so reaching thrue with long needle nose pliers did not work.It lines up the spring correctly when you install the kickstarter shaft.Been awhile but I remember the frustration.
  11. That explains why my stobe was acting so wierd.Ran bike without cover so I could pull flywheel quick to test adjustments. Was reasonably easy to find sweet spot.
  12. Michigan here and ride all the trials in Wisconsin. Started on my 2015 GG 300 pro 2 years ago(1st trials bike).Don't get a 300 unless that is all you can get or riding at altitude. They don't seem all that powerful till you actually ride them in a trials meet.A smaller smooth bike will cost you less dabs and do pretty much anything. I find the 250,s a much easier bike to handle. I would buy the Beta over a vertigo any day.Way better dealer support. Trs,scorpa,sherco also good support.I ride A class offroad and intermediate in trials.The only thing trials has in common with offroad is they both have 2 wheels.I installed a heavy flywheel weight in my 300 to bring the punch down.The 250 still smoother and easier to ride.I cannot really recommend a GG at the moment till we see what the orange gorilla is going to do with the company.
  13. I use type F in mine(2015 300 pro)and never had a problem.I should see what the difference is in these oils I guess.
  14. Pretty unhappy about the wear on my gaernes.They are a pretty wimpy boot.Leather gets cut easily and the upper plastic guards pulled through the attachment screws twice.I find my old alpine star scout boots actually work better for trials.Wish AP still made the scouts.
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