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  1. hello guys, thank you for the feedback. I was finally able to disassemble the bike today. last time we rode the bike it died totally. it was leaking oil from the crankcase vent under the cylinder. here are the answer to your questions: - valve float closes 100%. valve is moving smoothly. however i am not sure how to measure the closing level, as there is no option to keep the fuel inside the bowl as the bottom screw is draining the fuel when being unscrewed? - exhaust has the awful smell of oil ( gearbox oil) - bike was very difficult to start - i removed the reed valves. nothing is broken or cracked. i don`t know how to check them properly, so i sucked with my mouth and it seems they are ok, but i plan to install new ones - it was very interesting that the crankcase was full with about 150 ml of fuel. i guess the last 2-3 minutes of riding the engine wasn`t able to burn most of the fuel, or it was overfilled by a faulty carburetor. my main concern is the crankcase seal. what i did is that i disassembled the clutch and found out the crankcase seal was a bit sideways, very loose and also i believe it was installed the opposite wrong way. could anybody confirm how it should be. and in case someone can send me a service manual would be great! i disassembled completely the carburetor and everything seems ok here are the size of the jets: main jet - 70 jet in the lower bowl screw - 124 pilot jet - 33 choke jet - 60. could anybody confirm the original jet sizes. what i also noticed is that the choke wasn`t closing 100% when disengaged. i was blowing with my mouth through the choke jet (choke closed) and air was able to pass by the small rubber seal. is that normal, should it close 100% or not? thank you guys in advance , your help is highly appreciated. cheers Ves
  2. Hello, anybody had this problem? my Sherco 2.9 is constantly clogging spark plugs. I believe fuel/air mixture is ok. however it smokes like we are putting double the 2T oil in fuel. it takes 1-2hrs and the spark plug goes all black and fails to work. bike doesn`t really have sharp response. i was planning to check the left side crankshaft seal, until i found that from one of the hoses of the carburetor (top one) leaks pure oil. I am really wondering how this is happening. it creates like 20-30ml of oil on the ground for 48 hrs. is there any chance that oil in the transmission enters the carburetor? thank you in advance!
  3. thank guys for the objective feedback. it is really helpful to get different opinion and viewpoints based on your experience. I will go for the 250 cc engine. regarding the brand will depend on the deal and condition of the bike.
  4. There is just no dealer of any trial brand in Bulgaria.. there is no one riding trials. why do you think the GG is not reliable ?
  5. Hello, i need some advise on choosing the correct engine for a first trial bike. I have been riding MX since i was a kid and i have let say intermediate enduro skills. I was analyzing the newer models and will probably get a gasgas but cant figure out how does the different engines 250/280/300 feel like.. it looks like all of them have same stroke and the difference comes from the bore. i guess as with any other engine the bigger the piston the more power.. at first my idea was to get a 300cc, but is this stronger engine will affect the learning curve? I am 180 cm and 74 kilos and as of now i am hesitating between the 250 and 300 cc engines.. i would to improve my balance skills (in life too ) to get better clutch control / body positioning and of course to have fun without driving 50 km away to any mx/enduro track here in Sofia where i come from, there is no Trial dealers, riders or anything related to trials.. therefore no tests are possible. thank you in advance and have a great week cheers Ves
  6. Hello Guys thank you very much! Faussy the info is really helpful. i guess it is a wrong packing or the official Sherco dealer messed it up. I am shipping it back today, hopefully they get me the correct tube soon. I will get the bushings from splatshop cheers
  7. Hello guys, my name is Ves from Sofia, Bulgaria. After riding MX and Enduro for years i just got my first trial Sherco 2.9 2002 and unfortunately immediately got in trouble. The bike is great, the problem is that the right fork tube is slightly bent and seal leaking, so as there is no Sherco dealer in Bulgaria, ordered the fork tube and all bushings from a dealer in Germany. The part # R099 i got from the official online parts catalog. So I have waited for 6 weeks and today the fork tube finally arrived and it is totally different at the bottom side (the left one is the new wrong one, the right one is my old damaged tube), at the same time on the label the part # is correct R099. Although i have sent photos to the dealer, they still sent me a wrong part how come it is possible that the correct part # comes with a wrong part? i guess there are several different types of Paioli forks.. is there something i am missing, or i am wrong? how can i find the correct part for my bike. Furthermore the dealer informed me that the teflon coated bushings (Spacers) part# R133 (position 14 in the diagram) are No Longer available from the factory... i badly need them too because they are in very bad condition.. are there any aftermarket bushings or professional and reliable online source where i can order parts ? I would really appreciate any help/info on my issue, thank you in advance cheers Ves
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