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  1. Yamagodden

    Exhaust pipe

    ..Well guy that's up for debate, I have a couple more phone calls to make on this, if that is a dead end i will have done all i can. It will be put up for debate as a separate issue on here for every one to decide !!!
  2. Yamagodden

    Exhaust pipe

    Would this be a john shirt mod or another garden shed job??
  3. Yamagodden

    Exhaust pipe

    Has the 90 degree pipe been changed from standard pipe , ie bigger diameter . I can see how its shortened as you have described
  4. Yamagodden

    Exhaust pipe

    Is this standard size pipe into the silencer box?
  5. How much are you wanting for the bsa?
  6. It looks like it . I wonder what else it has ? Has anyone got any links to more pics of this bike
  7. Rear done as well. Grease nipples, drilled for lightness
  8. Ok thanks , I did not know it's a magazine article, I see it has the ow10 works titanium kickstart and looks like half width hub in front, must be the development majesty, same as sam brownlee 320 in northern trial pic!
  9. It has trail 70 and the works kickstarter
  10. It's the one on the advert "Yamaha majesty" looks like the spec and in French... might have trial 70 on the clutch housing..
  11. Is there any more pics of the yellow majesty of this link? Looks like the majesty advert?
  12. Front wheel just a identifying point on the 320 development bike then, does any one know what the identity this bike was using??
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