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    Kuberg cross hero, Arenacross edition, unwanted prize. 4 to 8 years. The bike was new and has been around the garden just to try out. Have replaced the batteries with quality yuasa batteries . Has a few Mark's on it due to being delivered un packaged by Arenacross van . Speed limited and lanyard for safety

    900.00 GBP

  2. Found a picture of a bike I had 40 years ago. When I was 13 , dont know who built it ? I loved it anyway lol
  3. This is same type , 1979 ,
  4. Hi all can anyone tell me what these shocks are??
  5. Keep it up theoldstuff. You have done well to loose that much of the bike. I spoke to mick Andrew's and he put holes everywhere in components.
  6. Not that bigger job , just made a jig to drill rear shock mounts out. You can see the old mounts and they were cut off . Have got a swing arm to swop over from the home made one that's fitted. Biggest job is removing the extra bits welded round the seat tubes ect. Sam brownlee informed me they used a AR50 Kawasaki shock .l
  7. It's on a linkage but must have been direct mount at some time.
  8. This is my majesty, as you can see it's been some what altered. I personally think not for the better. It does not work . Hope you have better look with yours . I never did this and I am in the process of removing it all.
  9. Yes , it's the yam frame, the gussets are still in place and you can see the old mounts through the frame tubes . They have been cut off and dressed back.
  10. Hi all, I have been working slowly on the majesty , I need to replace the shock mounts after the original majesty ones have been chopped of when it was mono shocked. Has anyone got a picture so I can see how the welds should look. .it is the mounts through the tubes I am interested in .
  11. I have located a set of girling units as fitted originally but these will be saved for now, I have had contact with norman who will sort me out a set as required, with correct spring rates ect.. I am not a trials ace, I could buy more expensive but it's more about period bits !
  12. Thank you all for that , I can now make a decision on what is required, will get some orderd and start removing this monoshock , sam brownlee informs me they used a kwac AR50 shock when they converted it..hopefully will get her back to twinshock asap and working as it should
  13. Hi all , it seems there are lots of different rear shocks out there, some rated at soft and super soft action ect and i am 95 kg so need stronger spring rate to go on the shocks . I would have said you needed stiffer shocks for stronger springs , what do you find works best??
  14. Hi all , just sorting bits out to reverse the dodgy monoshock conversion done to my bike. The swingarm I have to replace the home made one has lost the stand bracket. Has anyone got a good picture of a bracket please so I can fabricate a replacement....cheers
  15. Just spoke to mick about the barrel, he said sam could not remember if one was fitted to my bike and sam would have to inspect the barrel to see. It would seem they only did about 6 of these barrels due to expense!!
  16. It was because mick and sam said about the sleeve and how to spot it, ie no mention off stepped sleeve and the reading of above artical of a 2mm wall thickness sleeve. You can see the sleeve on the bottom of the works barrel clearly, I just did not want to pull my engine down yet to inspect further.
  17. Look on this site under works majesty, ksmith was the writer and owner. This was what mick and sam was explaining to me . It seems it's called a s type barrel.
  18. It says on here the works majesty engine barrel was standard barrel took to 74 mm and a liner back to 70 . This was what I was referring to,
  19. I took my bike to mick Andrew's and sam brownlee, mick asked if it was 80 mm bore , I had had the head off before and new it was 70mm. They told me about the barrels that jonh shirt did and said you might see this as a thin ring.
  20. Hi all just been looking at this ty250 I have , do you think this has been sleeved down???
  21. Yamagodden

    Exhaust pipe

    ..Well guy that's up for debate, I have a couple more phone calls to make on this, if that is a dead end i will have done all i can. It will be put up for debate as a separate issue on here for every one to decide !!!
  22. Yamagodden

    Exhaust pipe

    Would this be a john shirt mod or another garden shed job??
  23. Yamagodden

    Exhaust pipe

    Has the 90 degree pipe been changed from standard pipe , ie bigger diameter . I can see how its shortened as you have described
  24. Yamagodden

    Exhaust pipe

    Is this standard size pipe into the silencer box?
  25. It looks like it . I wonder what else it has ? Has anyone got any links to more pics of this bike
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