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  1. Hi ,I can get it locally from a garden machinery shop for £21.50 for 5 litres .
  2. Thanks for your replies,I will try Aspen 2 in my Villiers engined Burian.
  3. Has anyone used Aspen fuel in Villiers engines and did you use Aspen 4 and use your own twostroke oil or the ready mixed Aspen 2 ? Was it better than pump fuel and was there a noticeable improvement ? I know its alot more expensive but is it worth it as I only use my bike a few time a year .
  4. Had confirmation from Alan Garrett who help build bike and owned and rode the bike in the late 60s early 70s that it is a cut down Greeves Challenger ,I have managed to get Challenger head so will get cut down to match barrel. The bike it comes from is a Burian built by John Banks BSA works rider in 1965 . Will post photos of rebuild as it takes shape . Second photo is of Alan Garrett riding in the early 70s Simon
  5. Had contact from guy that owned it after John Banks with loads of info and he is send me photos of bike which I will post on here 😁
  6. https://images.app.goo.gl/rYjWqtqZRRQYCrnr7
  7. Can now confirm the that this frame is a Villiers engine Burian built by John Banks BSA works rider in 1965, it was confirmed by Trevor Andrews who owned the bike in the early 70s and spoke to John this evening and he told me some history . The hubs are early Husqvarna and engine was Villiers with Challenger barrell. Doug Theobald road a bantam engined Burian and there is a photo of him on the bike in this forum by Deryk Wylde So it looks to be a rare bike not many made and I don't know if there are any around ( I'm sure there must be )
  8. Jeff ,not a Kyffin Sapphire the brochure on Otter web site is one of many I sent to Charlie (my name is underneath the brochure ) . Looking forward to Priddy see you there and hopefully have a chat . Simon
  9. Hi Chesty , don't think it's a Wasp and it will not be ready for Priddy but I will be there on my Greeves 😃
  10. Can't find frame number anywhere on bike.Couple of photos of hubs they are conical hubs and look the same. I have managed to get a completely rebuilt 37A engine with trials gearbox from friend and I have a Parkinson head coming and hopefully get it shaped to fit barrel.At the moment barrel is on +60 and needs rebore Villiers services do a +80 piston so might go that way. Will be selling the rest of parts to help fund new engine . Simon
  11. Hi yes same bike , cannot find number anywhere on frame ,some photos of parts that came with bike ,barrel,gearbox ,well rusty alpha crank ,concentric carb with unusual air filter setup ,exhaust silencer ,alloy tank looks BSA? no crank cases .
  12. Help needed to identify Villiers engined frame ,thought it might be Cheetah but after asking some Cheetah owners we don't think it is . Main frame looks similar but swinging arm and wheel adjuster are completely different , Any help would greatly appreciated in trying to identify what it is
  13. Thanks Peter ,would be good to have photo if possible . Simon
  14. Unfortunately I dont have the head , it maybe a cut down Greeves Challenger barrel I have Challenger barrel on 2 of my bikes so will check against them tomorrow. Simon
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