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  1. item no 165088259639 on eBay 55 pounds grey stones tiger cub
  2. the 3ta was already in the frame when got it it has been widened by about 1 inch the frame had a b 40 engine before i bought it so i left it alone
  3. built trifield useing a james oval swingarm just doing a velofield with a widened 3ta arm that has been widened
  4. we used vw beatle tail pipe years ago and they don't look bad but i will have look in the shed later today to see what i can find .Just had a look I've only got 175 and 250 ones i had to compare them against my 80 to refresh the old memory sorry
  5. wiggy

    Bantam D14

    This lowers the 2nd and 3rd gears then a big jump up to the top gear I have used this for 18 years and the bike has done many pre 65 Scottish events (around 8). The bike has only ever broke down once in all of the years me and my daughters have abused it. Pvl ignition with no weight ts 185 piston standard clutch.
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