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  1. Hi Can anybody advise me where to buy a Ty80 exhaust silencer please,I’ve just got hold of a 1975 Ty 80 and the silencer is missing off the end of the box and I’m struggling to find one.Somebody has previously jammed a length of copper pipe into the exhaust and it needs a proper one sorting.Im in Uk.
  2. Hi,I've unscrewed the suppressor cap and taken plug out,there's no spark from the ht lead when held next to head so I'm guessing it's not flywheel key as there's no spark at all.dealer says probably stator and is quoting £120 to fix with rewound stator if it is the problem.
  3. Thanks for info so far,I've took plug cap off and searched for a spark but nothing showing at all,I'm guessing it's either stator or coil pack.i lol try and swap coil pack with spare one if it fits but I'm thinking a stator rewind could be in order.
  4. Does it normally need bleeding after replacing gear oil?
  5. Just got the lad a Beta 80 and set about changing the gear oil as it looked a bit dirty and I wanted a piece of mind.The guy I bought it off gave me some YAMALUBE OIL that he said he has used in the gearbox for last 2 years or so.I drained the oil and put in the 300 ml as per manual but upon starting and testing the bike in gear it appears that the bike is still driving a little even when the clutch is fully pulled in. Could it be thatr the oil is incorrect or is rthis a common fault and is there an adjustment that can be made or will other oil solve the problem? thanks in anticipation.
  6. ive been on the phone to yamaha and gave them my matching frame and engine numbers 451-1001** and they tell me that the bike is a 1975 ty80b.Thats all well and good but the bike has 5 gears in a one down four up config.Now yamaha tell me it should be a standard 4 speed as the 5 speed didnt come out until late 70's.Could the gears have been modified or could there be a problem with the gears thats making it look like a five speed.Its definitely 1 down and 4 up with neutral a half click up from bottom.Not sure if ive bought a rogue bike but frame and engine number all match and look genuine.All seems a bit strange and would welcome any advice.thanks.
  7. Thanks for that Bilks,was told it was early 80's bike but the seller wasnt really sure.Anyone know if its rare at that age to have 5 gears?,also whats the differance between a ty 80 A and a TY 80 B?
  8. Hi.i have just bought an old ty 80 but have discovered it has 5 gears.the frame number is 451-1101##.does anyone have any idea as to age of bike as the frame number points to a 1970 s bike but I didn't think they were 5 speed at that age. The engine number is the same number so I know it's not been replaced.any help on its true age/identity would be appreciated.
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