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  1. Yep a 18inch rear wheel, just after anything that will fit or can be modified. Thanks
  2. Thanks Would a 3ta arm do if its modified they are a lot cheaper than an RE one
  3. Can anyone help, building a Trifield but not sure what swinging arm to use. The frame is 1958 but the existing swinging arm will only allow a 17inch rear wheel. Any ideas! And does anyone have one. Thanks JOJOTUT
  4. jojotut

    Crankcase welding

    Ok thanks lads I will give them a ring.
  5. jojotut

    Crankcase welding

    Hi, East Yorkshire near the Humber Bridge. Thanks
  6. Hi just pulled out a 199a I bought back in the day and found that the previous owner tried to put a new main bearing in the crankcase with a 10lb hammer wearing a blindfold! I don't think he even heated up the casing! The bearing housing has a crack all the way through. I took this to a local engineering firm and held their hands up and said stopped doing that stuff years ago. Anyone out there in trails land that know anyone I can trust and at a reasonable price. Thanks
  7. I have a Stormer front break that I am in the process of using AND a Stormer rear break that I want to use.
  8. Ok thanks for that, do you think I can use a Stormer rear break then!
  9. Hi putting a pre 65 bike together and have an AJS Stormer alloy wheel and hub, can this be used! I have seen a few bikes with what looks like this setup or is there something else similar. Or what's the best setup to use, can't afford new alloy one's yet.
  10. Hi everyone, a little help please. Over the last year or so I have been putting together a Trifeild! Before I start building can anyone help with the forks. Not sure what I need, ie length which ones I can use for pre 65 trails. Can I get new yokes made in alumimium! I was looking at 35 mm forks or can I not use these. Just did not want to finish this and get the bike rejected my rule. Again info on the rear shocks would be great When I start building I will start to post build. Has anyone done one of these! All the best
  11. jojotut

    Gripper 350 Engine

    Thanks for the web addresses the one posted by mudyman did not open but the other one did. Talked(via email) to a guy who sells original stuff for theses bikes in Spain and he says that there is a book for the TR80 model and wanted over $100 for it?? Think I will make do with the company’s printer. All the very best to everyone
  12. jojotut

    Gripper 350 Engine

    Thanks for that Woody, sorry did not mean to take over this posting mudyman, anyone know know how to date the 350 Gripper and is there a site I can get a Clymer from. My head is starting to clear a bit now and the smile is coming back. Thanks to everyone
  13. jojotut

    Gripper 350 Engine

    Hi do you have an engine strip down for one of these? I have looked all over the place, people are saying that there is not one. I can get an exploded view but by the time you try and make it bigger you cannot make anything out. Its a bit a problem when you buy a bike when you have had a drink and the guy says "Its all there mate! all you need to do is put it back together?" You take the bike home the engine looks like your 6 year old has given up on it, your wife looks at you and with that I told you so smile and you reach for the cans again. O why do we do it. Sorry about that, someone help
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