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  1. trialsrfun

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    http://www.duckswax.co.uk This is made by a fellow trials rider and works like a dream on my Gaerne oil finish boots. I speak only as a satisfied customer, if you went to Telford Show it was available there from the duckswax stand.
  2. trialsrfun

    tiger cub forks

    If you look at the two lines on the left picture posted by Carl you can see that the space at the lower end is greater than at the top this is where the 20mm comes from.
  3. trialsrfun

    Moving from Classics to moderns ? Bike advice please

    I have also ridden both Rev and Evo bikes on many occasions, both models turn equally well. Possibly some of the earlier Techno models with upside down forks handled differently but cannot comment on those. OTF http://www.aqueductclassics.club http://www.gresfordclassic.co.uk
  4. trialsrfun

    Moving from Classics to moderns ? Bike advice please

    OTF this club who usually have a stand at the Telford show might be your nearest http://narberthclassicmcc.co.uk Aquaduct and Gresford clubs a similar 50/60 mile trip are other options.
  5. trialsrfun

    Moving from Classics to moderns ? Bike advice please

    For a modern bike either Beta 200 or Beta 250 Rev or Evo, whichever buy on condition not price alone. We have family in Aberystwyth and while there are enduro events around the mid wales area very few trials seem to be held which has you say given the available terrain is surprising. Might we yet see a Ceredigion Classic Trials Club formed?😀
  6. trialsrfun


    Charlie Prescott did this first see the BSA Otter webpages for the full details.
  7. trialsrfun

    Newbie Alert first pre 65 trials bike

    Very nice job you are doing, hope you continue to ride it when completed.
  8. trialsrfun

    Imperial bolt question...

    FWB Products @ Stoke on Trent https://www.fwb.co.uk/ or Barfast http://home.btconnect.com/barfast/ these people also stock metric fine, I highly recommend Britannia Fasteners Burslem though they do not have a website.
  9. trialsrfun

    Imperial bolt question...

    Hi Boner, yes shoulder is correct. A bolt is threaded part way along its length. If fully threaded up to the underside of the head then it is a set pin. Either type is measured from end to underside of head so length does not include the head.
  10. trialsrfun

    Inlet Rubber Ty175

    In addition to the above is there also a boost bottle pipe connector which would need blanking off?
  11. trialsrfun

    Peak Classic @ Clifton

    Rode in the above trial today, well done to the new team running the club well laid out sections, a good sized entry a very enjoyable event. Good luck hope to see you at future trials.
  12. trialsrfun

    C15frame with tiger cub engine

    My original reply was somewhat tongue in cheek as my own Cub has been a bit diificult and very time consuming to get working properly whereas the C15 though a heavier bike seem less trouble prone. Islandjj I would not be put off building your Cub but I think best and easiest frame to use would be Triumph Tiger Cub. Armac produce some excellent parts which will fit well exhaust, mudguards, yokes which would make for easier build and better finished bike.
  13. trialsrfun

    tiger cub forks

    OTF I think the Royal Enfield fork bottoms are accepted in Scotland at the two day I have seen them fitted to several bikes there.
  14. trialsrfun

    tiger cub forks

    Hopefully the above may help, good luck with your project.
  15. trialsrfun

    Contacting Trials Central

    Think this site is run as an hobby by a trials enthusiast.