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  1. https://villiersservices.co.uk/ or http://www.nortonvilliers.com/ or http://www.alpha-bearings.com/ Any of the above may be able to help
  2. trialsrfun

    OKO Carburetors

    I fitted a 26mm OKO carb to my Bultaco Model 124 in place of the original fitment Spanish made Amal Concentric with very good results, set up was easy. OKO was purchased from Scooter Assassins website the one's they sell are genuine OKO.
  3. Does anyone please know if the numbers on both jets and slide fitted to Delorto and Mikuni mean the same and can be directly compared?
  4. Search for Motocarb they supply Mikuni carbs for all sorts of bikes
  5. I believe that Derby Road and Race sometimes make the Majesty frame for the 250 motor
  6. http://www.peakmotorcycletrialsgroup.org.uk/ Look at Man 17 also Manchester & High Peak
  7. This is who made the alloy tank seat unit for Bultaco when fibreglass tanks were not allowed in the UK https://gracesguide.co.uk/A._J._Homer_and_Sons
  8. My OSSA TR77 Verde 1979 The footrests have been relocated lower and rearward a Mikuni VM26 fitted with pleasing results, Saftek brake linings make it stop well and rear tail silencer made from an old motocross one cut down. The sump shield originally fitted to the bike is made from steel and very heavy, I found one from a slightly earlier MAR identical in appearance but made from alloy so much lighter. I have since found a nos Renthal one these do not have the curved sides but have yet to try it on the bike.
  9. Like the MAR have you a photo of the other side please?
  10. The sketch makes it clear. If you could take the swing arm with its spindle and wheel spindle to someone with a workshop who understands motorcycles they should be able to realign it for you. Roll both spindles across a flat surface to check that they are both straight. What area are you in?
  11. Is the chain lining up correctly over both sprockets, place a straight edge across the side of the rear sprocket towards the gear box sprocket also.
  12. You need to do the following when running a trial, this will take a lot of effort and numerous visits to the area. Find suitable land for a trial Arrange a date trying not to clash with much else Contact ACU or AMCA for event insurance Publicise your forthcoming trial Check the ground for a suitable route as well as the sections Clear any vegetation or debris Signs to the event Lay out route markings and section markers Collect all entries, get everyone signed on, look after the monies Find observers See that everything is running smoothly Gather up all markers, litter, make good anything needed, secure the area as requested by owner Pay for use of site Pay insurance Tally up scores each class separately then forward to riders Another job is get rider numbers prior to the event or have bibs ready, after the trial wash bibs if covered in ##@# then sort numerically ready for next time. If you have not tried the above I suggest you do so as there is also a lot of pleasure gained from organising a trial but at least it gives an insight as to why the results come last on the list of things to do. The electronic scoring is probably a nice thing if the club is well financed but if there is a programme of trial entrants numbers would still be needed but at least there would be no more rain drenched score sheets to try and decipher, unless water got into the electrics or someone lost their transponder or the scanner played up!!!
  13. trialsrfun

    VF mudguards

    Colour is very much like these https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/universal-translucent-plastic-mudguards/ but I think the design of them was modelled on the alloy Bultaco https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/bultaco-sherpa-original-style-alloy-front-mudguard/ https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/bultaco-sherpa-alpina-original-style-alloy-rear-mudguard/ which have a raised edge. I think they suit the earlier Bultaco bikes better than the Goneli ones which although a good mudguard were fitted only to the later bikes.
  14. trialsrfun

    VF mudguards

    My Bultaco Model 124 is fitted with the later lighter coloured VF mudguards.
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