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  1. trialsrfun

    Ossa MAR ..restoration advice please!

    Nor me with the Rubik cube. When I fitted the engine into my TR77 the motor with top end on was placed on a workmate bench then the frame somehow lowered over it and sort of rolled in position I do know when it was finally built the downtubes were covered with bubble wrap to protect the finish. Never having owned an earlier model I was unaware that the shock bolt size was changed.
  2. trialsrfun

    Ossa MAR ..restoration advice please!

    Best to do a dry build prior to painting to see if any brackets need attention, fitting the motor is a bit like doing a Rubik Cube but once you find which way not too bad. I would lower the footrests in the way Woody has done on his bike, the originals are far to high. Shock mount bolts are M7 fine a size not always easy to find, I got them for my bike from Barfast Engineering Newcastle under Lyme (find them on google) also check everything around the rear wheel spindle to see if it is bent. A better made replacement in high tensile stainless is available as well as a carrier for modern Beta type spockets which has a third bearing and completely cures the problem. If you can make Telford show in Feb Steve Sell is usually there he is definitely the best person to speak to for everything OSSA.
  3. trialsrfun

    TY 175 airbox

    Thanks for your valuable information, we got the bike running much better today well enough to ride in a forthcoming local trial.
  4. trialsrfun

    TY 175 airbox

    Am assisting with the restoration of a pretty standard Yamaha TY 175 into a bike that will be ridden in trials, is the air cleaner/airbox perfectly ok as is or are there performance improvements to be gained by changes or even replacing with a different set up?
  5. trialsrfun


    The initial damage was likely caused by someone removing the clutch basket without using the correct holding tool.
  6. trialsrfun

    Miller Bultaco or Whitlock?

    Could the frame be a Macdonald
  7. trialsrfun

    Villiers Clutch

    The Villiers 31a was I think often fitted into small cars and has two large springs in the clutch centre, these work well in a trials bike if set up as section swept suggests. When fitted to cars the clutch might have had Capasco plates which are entirely made from friction material even the tabs but you can use the steel plates from it with the modern friction plates sold by VS.
  8. trialsrfun

    Villiers Clutch

    As far as I am aware the gearbox mainshaft has to be shortened to fit a different clutch so no returning to the original. VS also have friction plates for the Villiers clutch which use more modern materials well as lighter springs, I have these fitted to my bike along with the 17t engine sprocket and chain tensioner, the clutch works very well.
  9. trialsrfun

    Antifreeze coolant

    What is the correct or best antifreeze for use in a Beta please also what are the change intervals.
  10. trialsrfun

    Drayton Bantam

    If only we could buy them now, how I wish I had kept both the Velocette and Triumph Twin that came went got sold or swapped for what seemed the next better thing. That little Bantam would be worth quite a lot next weekend at Stafford.
  11. trialsrfun

    Drayton Bantam

    Dave Rowland on the works BSA Bantam.
  12. trialsrfun

    Drayton Bantam

    Unable to help you with the weight of a Drayton Bantam, I have ridden bikes belonging to friends who enjoy trialling them and they feel light enough but really the forks, wheels, frame and other necessary bits weigh exactly the same as on any other bike built from similar components so any weight saved has to be due to a lighter engine. Personally I am amazed that the BSA Bantam was largely ignored for so long as BSA offered a trials version in the 50s, Jeff Smith began his riding career with one. Dave Rowland almost won the SSDT on one losing by I think one mark to SM. Comerford's offered a trials version for a while as did Wassell so why they were largely ignored until the Drayton bikes came along is a mystery. In Pre 65 trials there always seems to be one bike that people knock it used to be one person in particular criticising the BSA B40 and the later type BSA forks, then the Villiers James bikes came in for it supposedly using Yamaha bits inside which was complete nonsense after that Triumph Tiger Cubs now the Bantam...why?
  13. trialsrfun

    Drayton Bantam

    In your case the total cost would be the price of a Drayton frame plus the £4 you paid for the rest of it so no 10k or sponsor required.
  14. trialsrfun

    Drayton Bantam

    Saddened to learn of Jim's passing. Jim was always a gentleman and a 100% trials enthusiast, a good rider but always helpful to others whether it be with bike or riding advice. The attached image is of the first version of his Bantam taken at the Reliance but it constantly changed week by week, Jim also rode a BSA B40 and Royal Enfield Bullet 350 throughout the midlands area and often in the Pre 65 at Kinlochleven.
  15. trialsrfun

    Is Ossa still good?

    The OSSA bike has I believe been discontinued so probably best to buy a brand which is current. Welcome to Trials Central, good luck with whatever you purchase hope you enjoy your trials.