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  1. The Yamaha TY twin shock bikes are a Japanese take on the OSSA MAR, the MAR formed the basis of their design.
  2. Buy the best you can find without going OTT £££ keep a bit back for things you will need. Which one to choose I think depends on what you find that appeals most but I would look for one that has not been messed about with and apart from possibly modern footrest and maybe lower gearing keep it that way. Because of wear a new carb or electronic ignition might be needed but these parts are bolt keep all the original bits and have fun with your bike.
  3. Hi Glenn, the Homelite tank unit fitted to my Bultaco Model 124 is the same type as the one on the left in your picture. The glassfibre Slimline tank/seat units were made in two versions to suit earlier and later frames.
  4. Greeves made their frames from Reynolds 531 tubing.
  5. You need to replace the O rings that surround the jets these fit into the float bowl and when worn cause all sorts of running problems.
  6. I have the UPB thin clutch plates with 16t engine sprocket and tensioner. I seem to remember someone saying the belt drive pulley being about 17t equivalent on the PK belt drive conversion. By comparison I have a Villiers engined bike fitted with a Villiers Services 17t sprocket (similar pitch primary chain to Cub but single row) and nylon tensioner running with complete satisfaction which made me question if the mains are to blame for the noise made by the Triumph Cub.
  7. Brucey do you have a 16t crank sprocket with tensioner is it that which makes a noise, is the noise inherent due to the tensioner or does the amount of free play make a difference my bike also rumbles from the tensioner area might the noise be due to wear on the main bearings?
  8. trialsrfun

    Beta Evo Models

    https://www.beta-uk.com/index.php/downloads or here
  9. Hi Steve it will become easier as you get used to it just find somewhere fairly open to play ride around, at least you now know what happens when you open her up.
  10. There is no reason why the set up you have should not work but when the tensioner is swing arm mounted spring tension remains constant throughout rear wheel suspension movement whereas if the tensioner is fixed to the frame it then varies due to the chain moving nearer to or further away from it, obviously the nearer to the gearbox sprocket you can fit the tensioner the better .
  11. I have found the TY175 type work well when mounted to the swing arm on my PJ bike, fit it immediately behind the footrest mount checking the suspension movement arc for clearance between tensioner bolt and frame. Because they are outside the chain not between chain and tyre mud is not scraped off the tyre by the tensioner arm.
  12. It is looking good already, what engine set up will it be 199cc, also are you staying with the Montesa forks?
  13. Possibly a MAC frame there are similarities but whatever it looks like a good bike to own.
  14. Do the pictures show the bike you have?
  15. Barfast Engineering Supplies Engineers' merchant in EnglandOpen OVERVIEW REVIEWS PHOTOS 1 of 3 DIRECTIONS SHARE Barfast is the place to go for metric fine or non iso metric sizes. SAVE Watermills Rd, Newcastle ST5 6AT Open ⋅ Closes 5PM
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