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  1. Going slightly off topic the exhaust system is a Mayfield expansion chamber. Back to the forks which are actually leading link not Earles type, if you are considering getting some leading link forks made then best to contact a frame builder, maybe look in Old Bike Mart
  2. The leading link forks fitted to your Starmaker engined Royal Enfield are called 'Earles type' lots about them here http://www.vk6fh.com/vk6fh/earlesfork.htm
  3. https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/universal-rear-trials-plastic-mudguard-many-colours/ These are the ones I fitted You may be okay with this type https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/universal-long-stilmotor-pair-mudguards-grey/ These are full length, they have a slower curve then the Goneli These https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/universal-translucent-plastic-mudguards/ were on their stand at Telford in February and looked good, the rear is a little shorter than the stilmotor but that is a long guard so this rear guard could possibly be a good fit for your OSSA. The mudguard mountings on the bike are normally 6mm diameter I drill the guards 5.5mm then use 5mm bolts it allows for a bit of adjustment.
  4. For my bike pictured above I used two of the short mudguards sold by in motion Bultaco. You will need to trim the length of the lower guard to get the right length.
  5. Telesco were often fitted to Montesa
  6. This set up is correct the cable inner wire pear nipples hooks into the bracket on the frame then when the pedal is depressed the lever on the brake pedal shaft moves rearward pushing the outer toward the back of the bike. Because the outer is anchored on the brake plate this movement transfers to a pull of the inner cable which applies the brake.
  7. trialsrfun

    Sherpa Brakes

    When the bike was new both hubs had a chrome braking surface but with time the chrome finish sometimes came away. The fix was and is still to machine in a metal liner often cast iron but sometimes stainless steel which has a surface like you describe.
  8. I fitted this http://www.upbuk.co.uk/shop/clutch/100-4-plate-evo-clutch.html to my Cub along with the alloy pressure plate and it works well
  9. Wezzo in my Cub chain case I put sufficient tqf to cover the primary chain, I keep to hand a piece of wire bent to form a dipstick because you cannot see how much is in there. You need enough spring pressure to prevent slip.
  10. Online pre event entries with a maximum number of riders would seem to me the most responsible way forward at least in the short term.
  11. The engine is a Villiers Starmaker contact Villiers Services here in the UK for all you need. Frame is a DOT which would have had DOT leading link forks fitted when new, the forks currently fitted could be MP Metal Profiles. Uncertain about the wheels earlier DOT bikes had pressed steel British Hub Company 40 spoke hubs, then later usually on the square tube framed bikes Grimeca alloy full width hubs which were 36 spoke. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&id=1AECF324898D4A4997662D6A96C460A958C0B0FA&thid=OIP.2GaDQ1durw9lLnBEulx_TAHaE5&mediaurl=https%3A%2F%2Fimg2.thejournal.ie%2Finline%2F4256348%2Foriginal%2F%3Fwidth%3D630%26version%3D4256348&exph=417&expw=630&q=dot+scrambles+motorcycle&selectedindex=13&ajaxhist=0&vt=0&eim=1,2,6
  12. This is the place to go to https://villiersservices.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66&products_id=146 good for lots of other trials bits as well
  13. The filter is usually fitted into the return line on a classic bike to prevent oil starvation, think it's all explained on some of the filter websites.
  14. Yes you can take the rocker feed from there but the oil filter must go in the return to the tank I see a lot of bikes fitted with the Terry Weedy oil tank
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