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  1. Antifreeze coolant

    What is the correct or best antifreeze for use in a Beta please also what are the change intervals.
  2. Drayton Bantam

    If only we could buy them now, how I wish I had kept both the Velocette and Triumph Twin that came went got sold or swapped for what seemed the next better thing. That little Bantam would be worth quite a lot next weekend at Stafford.
  3. Drayton Bantam

    Dave Rowland on the works BSA Bantam.
  4. Drayton Bantam

    Unable to help you with the weight of a Drayton Bantam, I have ridden bikes belonging to friends who enjoy trialling them and they feel light enough but really the forks, wheels, frame and other necessary bits weigh exactly the same as on any other bike built from similar components so any weight saved has to be due to a lighter engine. Personally I am amazed that the BSA Bantam was largely ignored for so long as BSA offered a trials version in the 50s, Jeff Smith began his riding career with one. Dave Rowland almost won the SSDT on one losing by I think one mark to SM. Comerford's offered a trials version for a while as did Wassell so why they were largely ignored until the Drayton bikes came along is a mystery. In Pre 65 trials there always seems to be one bike that people knock it used to be one person in particular criticising the BSA B40 and the later type BSA forks, then the Villiers James bikes came in for it supposedly using Yamaha bits inside which was complete nonsense after that Triumph Tiger Cubs now the Bantam...why?
  5. Drayton Bantam

    In your case the total cost would be the price of a Drayton frame plus the £4 you paid for the rest of it so no 10k or sponsor required.
  6. Drayton Bantam

    Saddened to learn of Jim's passing. Jim was always a gentleman and a 100% trials enthusiast, a good rider but always helpful to others whether it be with bike or riding advice. The attached image is of the first version of his Bantam taken at the Reliance but it constantly changed week by week, Jim also rode a BSA B40 and Royal Enfield Bullet 350 throughout the midlands area and often in the Pre 65 at Kinlochleven.
  7. Is Ossa still good?

    The OSSA bike has I believe been discontinued so probably best to buy a brand which is current. Welcome to Trials Central, good luck with whatever you purchase hope you enjoy your trials.
  8. BSA frame identification.

    The WD B40 frame which was all welded was based on the Victor scrambler this frame was used on the later BSA works trials bikes. Jim Susans of Bikecraft modified many WD frames in the way that yours has been done. http://www.bsaotter.com/jim_susans_bikecraft.html
  9. BSA frame identification.

    The earlier road bike B40 like the C15 had a detachable rear subframe.
  10. BSA frame identification.

    I think you may have a modified WD BSA B40 frame. The two tubes from the rear of the tank to swing arm pivot have been reshaped attaching much lower so as not to rub the ridrrs legs also I think the head angle has been altered, look at the down tube above the engine mount. You have a good looking bike which ought to work rather well.
  11. Smoking Cub help

    LF Harris purchased the right to manufacture the Triumph twins.
  12. Smoking Cub help

    Any reciprocating pump must surely be fitted with one way flow control valves otherwise the only pumping will be 'to me to you'
  13. Smoking Cub help

    Brucey why not speak to Morgo http://www.morgo.co.uk for information about the Cub oil pumps, they make them so should be able to help. I tend to think all piston pumps would need one way shut off valves whereas a gear pump would not as the flow would be continual rather than intermittent as on a piston type.
  14. Tiger Cub Oil Return Mod

    Would be very interested to learn of your findings Brucey.
  15. Cub valve springs

    Does the Triumph Tiger Cub have different valve springs for the standard cam and R cam, if so how do you identify which springs are for which cam. Same for the cam followers or are they the same for both types.