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  1. trialsrfun

    1974 Montesa 247 Cota

    Barfast Engineering Supplies Engineers' merchant in EnglandOpen OVERVIEW REVIEWS PHOTOS 1 of 3 DIRECTIONS SHARE Barfast is the place to go for metric fine or non iso metric sizes. SAVE Watermills Rd, Newcastle ST5 6AT Open โ‹… Closes 5PM
  2. trialsrfun

    Sherpa Kickstart

    Please include me in as interested in one of the kickstarts.
  3. trialsrfun

    TY 175 front exhaust pipe

    I like the look of the tyoffroad system you have on your bike feetup, did the Yamaha heat shield fit easily to it.
  4. trialsrfun

    TY 175 front exhaust pipe

    Thank you feetup, I have found a long exhaust pipe and silencer set up essential for good performance with the Villiers engines.Plan is for a Kato type pipe for the TY 175.
  5. trialsrfun

    TY 175 front exhaust pipe

    I am thinking of making a new front exhaust pipe for a Yamaha TY 175 but have variously read that lengthening/shortening the front pipe on a TY 175 brings about a performance improvement but which is right longer or shorter, what difference would either option give?
  6. trialsrfun

    197 8e advice please

    Hi Mark, the carburettor fitted is a Villiers best place for all things Villiers is https://villiersservices.co.uk .Normally a well set up villiers carb gives good running so probably nothing too wrong best to check all the things already mentioned also their is a bakelite plug lead to coil connector piece that can be troublesome but if ok works fine. I would clean the air filter, clean and airline the carb pay particular attention to the needle which sits on a spring and is adjusted with a screw from the top, plug cap and plug, check timing and spark. Good luck the bike looks great.
  7. trialsrfun

    BSA Tiger Cub wheels

    If you feel the current gearing is too high then either go smaller on the gearbox or larger on rear wheel, I assume the sizes you quote are for 428 chain, is this the chain size on your bike 520 is also listed? 520 links are longer but slightly thinner than 428. If you divide the number of teeth on the gearbox sprocket into the number on the rear this will give you the ratio. 428 chain 60รท14=4.28 I think trialsbits sell a smaller engine sprocket which would lower the primary gearing best to be certain what you have then speak to trialsbits.
  8. trialsrfun

    BSA Tiger Cub wheels

    I buy from this link https://www.trialsbits.co.uk/index.php?cPath=78_107 hope this helps
  9. trialsrfun

    Villers engine rebuild

    There is no problem at all if the correct stud is used, it fits through the hole under the clutch arm through the frame tabs and engine mount. This has a fine thread at each end (cycle thread 26tpi) just fit a plain washer under each nut it will not come undone. Good to use one for the lower mount as well, Villiers Services should have them or they will point you in the right direction. Also a good idea to cut a shallow slot to suit a screwdriver tip at one end so that the stud can be held or turned when assembling. These are what you need https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271778047353 I normally get them from the show at Telford which was last week or Stafford in April. Like the bike.
  10. trialsrfun

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    http://www.duckswax.co.uk This is made by a fellow trials rider and works like a dream on my Gaerne oil finish boots. I speak only as a satisfied customer, if you went to Telford Show it was available there from the duckswax stand.
  11. trialsrfun

    tiger cub forks

    If you look at the two lines on the left picture posted by Carl you can see that the space at the lower end is greater than at the top this is where the 20mm comes from.
  12. trialsrfun

    Moving from Classics to moderns ? Bike advice please

    I have also ridden both Rev and Evo bikes on many occasions, both models turn equally well. Possibly some of the earlier Techno models with upside down forks handled differently but cannot comment on those. OTF http://www.aqueductclassics.club http://www.gresfordclassic.co.uk
  13. trialsrfun

    Moving from Classics to moderns ? Bike advice please

    OTF this club who usually have a stand at the Telford show might be your nearest http://narberthclassicmcc.co.uk Aquaduct and Gresford clubs a similar 50/60 mile trip are other options.
  14. trialsrfun

    Moving from Classics to moderns ? Bike advice please

    For a modern bike either Beta 200 or Beta 250 Rev or Evo, whichever buy on condition not price alone. We have family in Aberystwyth and while there are enduro events around the mid wales area very few trials seem to be held which has you say given the available terrain is surprising. Might we yet see a Ceredigion Classic Trials Club formed?๐Ÿ˜€
  15. trialsrfun


    Charlie Prescott did this first see the BSA Otter webpages for the full details.