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  1. PCP: Frames made for pre-65 trials classic motorcycles (progressiveclassicproducts.co.uk)
  2. Any classic trial would be well served by having two routes to cater for all ages and riding abilities then three bike classes Up to 300cc two and four strokes combined Over 301cc as above Rigid all capacities and engine types together, there's never enough to sub divide them A total of six groups for the organisers to deal with, thats still plenty of work to do on top of everything else which goes into organising a trial.
  3. The Greeves Challenger is a scrambles/moto-x bike fitted with a small diameter Stefa ignition, very well suited to what it was intended for but unsuited to trials use. The Challenger cylinder and head with slight variation were used on the TFS, TGS, THS and TJS Greeves trials bikes. The head angle on the Greeves alloy I beam didn't really change but the make up of the fork yokes on the leading link forks certainly did to change the steering angle.
  4. Head up the M1 for the Taverners trials give them a try first whats to lose!
  5. Hello TTSpud, Please find attached a link for trials which should be eminently suitable for you and your bike, this proves that there are events out there for original machines. http://www.tavernerstrials.org.uk/ A club local to me is also planning trials this autumn for classic bikes including rigid frame machines with suitable sections and entirely on private ground. I would be very happy to communicate with you privately to enable you to make your entry, you would be made most welcome should you choose to ride with us. TRF
  6. Drill for security bolts where the spokes are widening out not tapering in, much easier to deal with like that.
  7. John Banks is best known as a world championship moto cross rider for BSA though I understand that earlier in his riding career he rode a DOT. Looking at the main frame loop and lower subframe on your bike the design is very similar to a DOT though the DOT bikes made around that time used square tube for the main frame loop.
  8. Pleased that you have found the make of your bike also that I correctly identified both the front hub and cylinder. Hope you restore and ride it, be good if you can post pictures here on tc of the finished machine.
  9. Hi Greevesman, Well hopefully someone may yet come forward with details of the frame maker but either way you have an interesting bike that is well worth restoring. Crank cases can be found or are available from Villiers Services new or possibly s/h Villiers Services, The largest stock of Villiers spares in the World or Cotton Villiers cottonvilliersspares.co.uk The Alpha crank may well be serviceable also If you do not have a cylinder head one from any of the aftermarket alloy cylinders can be fitted as the stud spacing is the same for all of them Forks appear to be Ceriani rear hub possibly Triumph Cub but its difficult to tell from the photos which do not really show it, wild guess for the front hub which is barely visible Husqvarna??? Mudguard stay is very similar to the Greeves one fitted to some Anglian models with Ceriani forks or the Greeves alloy beam MX models as well as the Griffon. If it were my bike I would do a rolling rebuild just clean and tidy everything and up take the motor to one of the above for a rebore as well as all the bits needed.
  10. greevesman is this the bike the cylinder came from that you are asking about here on TC? If it is post a photo of all the parts together including tank and exhaust, bit more to go on then. Interesting looking frame though.
  11. trialsrfun

    Frame Paint

    Thank you Feetupfun
  12. trialsrfun

    Frame Paint

    Great looking bike you have Peter, very original condition and still has the lights fitted. Can someone please tell me what changes were made to the fork sliders?
  13. Ask Steve at Villiers Services but if I were to make a guess it could be a Greeves Challenger barrel with the fins cut back or less likely a DMW Marcelle? Can you post pictures of the head The Challenger barrel came in trials or MX versions but dont really know if other than the carb manifold and a spacer between head and cylinderthere was really much difference
  14. trialsrfun

    Ty stalling

    If the carb is a similar type to that on the TY175 there is an O ring surrounding the main jet which needs to be a good fit into the float bowl when it is fitted. Remove the float bowl you will see it.
  15. Lets hope an improving covid situation allows us all to ride in trials at least a few times but hopefully a lot more🤞 enjoy your trials collycolly 👍
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