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  1. This year's TT has now been cancelled.
  2. Worrying news Alberto. I have just heard that France is closing down all but essential services and talk of restrictions here from early next week. No words to describe the situation.
  3. http://www.manchester17.org.uk/Shared_Pages/Announcements/Coronavirus.htm
  4. Electronic ignition or maybe a new carb if either is needed, if the footrests are worn out and hanging down then replace them other than that keep it has it is and enjoy riding it. Why ruin it with unnecessary alterations, you needlessly mention Pre65 while in the same post ask about modyfing a twinshock. .
  5. Can anyone explain how the Ferrari team have made it to Melbourne for the Australian GP when Italian teams and iders could not attend the previuos weeks MotoGP?
  6. I see there is currently a Comerfords Cub for sale on eBay
  7. Thanks for the spreadsheet ikb very interesting and Paulmac for the set up you have. It would be interesting to know who first realised that the Bantam gears could be interchanged to give alternate ratios. I read that one major reason why BSA did not produce a trials version of the Bantam was because of the high cost of manufacturing gear clusters as used on the works bike's, yet surely BSA must have known that this could be achieved using the part's they already had.
  8. Hi Wiggy a great story of a bike that has obviously given lots of pleasure to you and your family. Thank you for the information regarding the gears is second low enough to be useful in sections if you need a bit more speed than 1st
  9. Couple of Bantam build questions please, Is it a good idea to swap around the existing 2nd and 3rd gears, I found a diagram of how to do this on the web but if that lowers second then what happens to third gear. Is it instead better to buy the aftermarket second gear set which is I believe 20/27 ? Which ignition system and crankshaft weight is the one to get All BSA Bantam engine build hints and tips welcomed
  10. trialsrfun

    Greeves win

    You are very welcome, congratulations on your winning ride
  11. trialsrfun

    Greeves win

  12. trialsrfun

    Greeves win

    No this is an alloy beam frame Villiers engine model
  13. trialsrfun

    Greeves win

    https://www.trialscentral.com/news-archive/uk-trials-news/21206-manchester-17-mcc-ltd-open-fisher-trial-2020 Well done Liam good to see a Greeves winning against such strong and more modern opposition
  14. https://villiersservices.co.uk/ or http://www.nortonvilliers.com/ or http://www.alpha-bearings.com/ Any of the above may be able to help
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