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  1. I'll get a photo when i'm back at warehouse. Unlikely to be in UK anytime soon. I maybe ablento get the hub repaired locally and then get new spokes. Mainly asking about forks now is if i'm going to send away for rechroming that can be done while i get on with the rest of the work, as everything is currently taking forever (brexit, covid, shipping issues etc) But for now its the bits to make it run. So thought i'd start with clearing out the ancient fuel. Dad had a habbit of just tipping what ever premix was kicking around into it. So left over stuff from our ty250, fantic 212 the rev3 and even boat fuel. So god know how old the juice in there was. Didnt smell great. With that all cleaned up and flushed out i'll put the carb back on once i have new gaskets for it and throttle cable. Will then see if there is any sign of life BEFORE i touch the ignition. That will need looking at as well as the spark was always weak but i will try and start it before messing with it so i know i'm not chasing my own mistakes.
  2. Original Amal carb way better inside than i was expecting. Throttle cable is garbage and didnt fit the picture twist grip properly at all so new cable and throttle goes on the list. Along with carb gaskets. Any info on front forks would be helpful. Ive never stripped or worked on stuff with air valves on the top (done plenty of modern forks) the chrome is shot and i know they used to sometimes stick down so they'll need stripping, seals, bronze bushes and what ever else is normally needed in there. Are the just the same to do as normal forks?
  3. Tank cover and tank off. Cap took some time to remove. Tank stinks of varnish that is some old fuel in there! Air filter removed. Probably the original one looking at the state of it!
  4. Its just a a cover, the tank is an alloy one. Thankfully we don't have the Ethanol nonsense over here.
  5. The bike is all original as far as i know. Body work not been changed in the time we have had it. So possibly the date of 1st road registration is correct.
  6. Thanks. That place looks decent, i'll get my shopping list together and give em a shout. Been away from trials for a while so wasnt sure on who is good for stuff.
  7. Road registered in 1980 but they may be when it was imported to guernsey not when it was made. How to i find out what age it actually is?
  8. Hi all, New here but not to trials. Rode from 1987 as a kid on a ty80 till 2007 when i sold my Beta rev3. Anyways the Montesa. It's pretty original but very scruffy. Its very much part of our family, my Dad got it in the early 80s to do a few fun trials and the annual new years day event for people who didn't compete regularly. Dad had ridden brit bikes in trials back in the 50s. So this was just a bit of fun. What it turned into was a family outing of dad riding in between the sections with 6 year old me on the tank, my then 11 year old brother also on the bike and any other kids that had been dragged along to watch. He spent more time messing around on this thing making sure all the kids were having a good time that he never took the actual trial seriously. Off the back of this he and another chap called Danny started Juinior trials here in Guernsey. The bike then got used be several teenagers to learn to ride on as well as the new years day trial by this point the poor thing is doing the equivalent of 6 trials every meeting as everyone was using it so its had a bit of a hammering. Its since been sat at back of Dads workshop since at least 2005 possibly longer. I dragged it out a couple of weeks ago (complete with the dirt from its last trial) Dads now nearly 90 and i know would love to see it up and running once more and if possible i'd like to enter a couple of trials on it again so i can injure myself like the old days. Sorry for long rambling post but wanted to give an idea of the sentimental value of this thing. I'll upload some pics in following posts. I'd love help in finding parts and who to use. It's always had a weak spark so that wants addressing. The rear wheel hub has a section snapped off and spokes missing so rear wheel is not good and thats why it stopped being used. Rear shocks are no good. Clutch drags so that wants sorting and ideally a motor rebuild at some point. Front forks used to stick down sometimes. I have not looked at what state they are in under the gaitors. So rear shocks where to get new? Ignition system, service or go electronic? I've not looked yet but assume its points atm New clutch and cables where to get those?
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