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  1. Ah, that eBay sticker should do the trick, thanks. I've ordered two in case I mess up the first one. I reckon with a hairdryer I might be able to get it to curve in two directions. If not its cheap and I will resort to your idea, Pschrauber.
  2. Does anyone know where I can get a stick-on B&W number plate for my (1967) Sherpa. I've found a few places that do rectangular ones, but non that do those old 60's style B&W ones that will stick to the rear mudguard. I dont really want to mount a flat plate, Id rather stick one on so it bends round the rear mudguard without sticking out.
  3. Hi, I've now stripped the frame down and want to get it back to the original colour. Its been badly painted back, which is not right. So, once cleaned up, what colour should it be ? From photos I can see its silver, but is there a correct sliver it should be ? Thanks.
  4. After much heating, greasing and soaking in release fluid, I seem to have one end free. The spindle, inner bush and swingarm are all now independent moving on the RH side. Only the LH side does the inner bush not move free from the spindle. So some progress, just need to see if I can free up the other side. I've left it soaking again after a morning of heat, grease and lube persuasion. Time for a cuppa and then try again.
  5. Ah, OK. I will go and inspect it in the morning, now you have provided that explanation Woody, thanks. I did pump grease into it till I could force no more in with the grease gun. It seemed to go in easy, then firm up and now the swing arm still pivots up/down, but there is resistance that wasn't there before.. Im assuming the new grease has gone in displacing the old crap. I've laid it down on its side and poured as much Holts freeing up fluid down the shaft and left it for the night. I will inspect it tomorrow and ascertain if its rubber or original bushes.
  6. Good advice, thanks guys. I will set about it as you suggest.
  7. Yeah, you are right. I removed both nuts and twatted it with a hammer, either side. It did not budge and I didnt want to mess up the threaded ends. It moves up/down fine, no side to side play. But the swing arm pivot doesn't want to come out. I shall squirt some grease in the grease nipple and soak the pivot in some release fluid overnight and try again.
  8. Spent Saturday morning stripping all down into a pile of bits. Actually only took a couple of hours, there is just so little to an old 2-stroke 1960's bike. Just one bolt needed hacksawing off, one of the bolts on the front mudguard had rusted into place. The engine bolts were close to finger tight, the large ring that screws the exhaust header into the fined head was easy as well. I was expecting that to be a headache, but nope, easy. Seemed to be too good to be true. Only bit left that seems stubborn is the rear swingarm pivot, but actually since there is no play in it, I may leave it in place.
  9. OK, thanks for the info Woody. Looking at the 27 vs the 80 I also agree, the latter does look a bit better. Plus as you say, better ground clearance. So I will carry on restoring it, but not bother trying to make it a 27 and just get it all looking and working nice with the engine as a 27 and the frame as an 80 then. I may well see the original stamp once I clean the frame up before painting it again.
  10. Would the exhaust for that engine fit properly into the later 80 frame ? Or is that why its been bodged ?
  11. But as Woody says, it doesn't really matter. I can still get it all looking and running like new. I wonder how much a 27 frame would cost though after I take into account selling mine.
  12. Ah. Oh well, perhaps they figured it would be good to have matching numbers then. When I first bought it in the early 80's I never looked, or know about numbers. Could have been done by the chap I sold, then bought it off, but not sure why he would do that. Its not like he tried to sell it for any money, I bought it back off him for about 400 quid I seem to remember. But it does seem to be a 27 engine though.
  13. Ah, so someone stamped a false number on the frame then. Blimey, wonder why they did that. Id better start looking at model 80's or 49's then. I assume the engine is a model 27, though, or do you reckon that's been "adjusted" as well ?
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