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  1. Thatt's an absolute Beaut. i have a 125 version of thi bike and it's lovely to ride. Is this the one which was on ebay recently?? Think the guy gave a helmet and some trousers with it also. If I had had room i would have gone for it. It was listed as all original. It's a stunning wherever you got it from. Good buy :-)
  2. Just wondered if anyone knows if a service manual exists for the Fantic 241 Mono?I want to get my bike fixed but the guy who has offered to do it says he needs a manual so he knows what seting etc it should have. I've looked online and can't find anything. Cheers Julian
  3. I pick it up Thursday. Fr the money it don't ook bad. I will tidy it up over the winter. I just want something to ride and lean on.
  4. Well I've bought a scruffy yamaha TY 250 mono for £700 , pick it up this week so will let you know how it is.
  5. No i didn't as it has been standing for 10 years. I have been told for a mint or restored one would need to pay £2,500 ??.. so i thought that was quite cheap. I'm glad you have told me that as I thought that was the norm.
  6. What do i mean by artwork.. well my friend will need something to copy from IE and original set of decals or a picture of the logo etc. He has to redraw everything from scratch on the computer, so if someone resprayed their bike and they took off their originals decals and stuck them on to some paper , he can scan them in and then redraw them. Even if the decals are damaged etc as long as most of the artwork is there he can redraw it and then once into his computer,he can print them. it's about 30 quid for a set of decals.
  7. I recently bought a restored Fantic 241. Unfortunately, i have a problem with a leak from the clutch cover. I've managed to get a new old stock one, but waiting for sight glass to come and then trying to find someone to fit it.
  8. Would like to see a picture when done :-)
  9. I really want an d bike just for messing about on.. not to trial as such. I just like the look of the old bikes..
  10. Thanks for that.. think I will leave it then.. I only want sommething for riding in field really but looks like it needs money spent on it anyway ...plus the fact it's not been used in 10 years puts me off.
  11. Thanks for reply. He told me it had been restored 10 years ago then put away. He wants 1650 for it .
  12. Hi All. I have a yamaha TY175 fairly local to me, which from pictures looks fairly tidy.. I want a bike i can use and not worry too much about cosmetic condition but don't want a rat. The bike in question hasn't been used for 10 years. The seller started it up today and said it is running really well. Now if it hasn't been used for a long time i heard that the engine seals harden and although it may run ok for a few weeks it more than likely going to be a problem in the not too distant future. It's this Bike here in link below - any advice much appreciated. Cheers Taff http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Ty175-twin-shock-trials-/162631190905?hash=item25dd930979:g:yqsAAOSwtGNZjKm1
  13. I have to agree, i am swayed by colours.. I love my fantic 241 progress 1 colours, plain and simple white and red, but it looks nice although i don't like the later progress 2 the 241 version decals, but the 301 progress 2 i do, just because the decals are different, to me the 301 decals just look cleaner and the 241 progress 2 more busy and not thought out that well.. I'm not really into the modern trials bikes but l love the Montesa Honda 4RT bike colours. I think it looks really nice and would tempt me to buy it because i like the colours so much. (Please excuse my ignorance, I didn't know the Repsol 4RT was the same as the Honda Montesa.. I've just read through the rest of the thread and realised the bike i put up below was the same bike... I'm new to trials so don't know anything about the modern bikes.) Fantic 241 Progress 2 Fantic 301 Progress 2 Honda Montesa 4RT
  14. Sorry, I've only just seen this.. He does have some as far as I know.. He will need artwork to copy from and he does it 100% accurate, so if you message me and let me know what you want. or maybe you want in future. I can pass it on to him. Cheers Julian
  15. Well I've had some good news, I may have found a NOS clutch cover. I'm just waiting for photo's, and fell like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.. Thanks everyone for all your help.. I'm feeling a lot better about things now. Cheers Julian
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