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  1. I first saw a 350 CCM in action when Dave Thorpe struggled round the Scottish way back in... whenever it was. Saw one for sale a bit later and took the plunge. Did a few SE Centre trials on it, got the four stroke bug and swapped it for... can't remember, possibly a 350 Ajay (no, it was a 250 Honda Pinkie from Gordon Farley's Ash shop). The buyer bought it on behalf of an American enthusiast who was intending to rebuild 'as new', so it went off to the USA where I presume it still resides, possibly in a millionaire's collection, or museum. Must be worth quite a few bob now I suppose. Out of curiosity, I revisited my bike blog to check out the 350CCM posting where I listed a few bikes over the last ten years. Interesting. https://www.blogger.com/blog/post/edit/9185673305938807930/6167844510043939243
  2. A few interesting 350 CCMs here... https://www.blogger.com/blog/post/edit/9185673305938807930/6167844510043939243
  3. Merci beaucoup b40rt. Yes, well spotted, that's the Yam Mick was building that I mentioned (photo now attached).
  4. I've just been idly meandering around the internet where I discovered a very interesting bike: a 525cc Yamaha trials twinshock, built by a talented French engineer, Frédéric Fleury (?) - see link below. Apparently it was based on a Yamaha XT500. Which reminded me of a photo I saw years ago in a Mick Andrews trials book (forgotten its title, but I remember the book was small which contrasted with the bigger books by Sammy Miller and Don Smith - I still have all three somewhere upstairs). The photo was of a partly constructed 500 trials bike that Mick was building, based on an XT500. For years I wondered if that build was ever completed - apparently it wasn't due to Yamaha pulling the plug (as mentioned in Fred's article below), which was a shame. Anyways, Fred invited Mick to have a test ride. Mick's very popular over here in France where he often attends trials gatherings. Apparently he gave it a thumbs up. It's probably not a very competitive bike but nevertheless it's an impressive bit of machinery. Bravo Fred! http://www.loeil2fred.com/525-xty/#prettyPhoto[1]/4/
  5. No comprendo all this gay banter. I feel like a spare wotsit at a frightfully jolly thing.
  6. Bonjour, As a confirmed Luddite from a pre-computer age I regret to admit rather sheepishly that I don't understand the phrase "free up your messenger".
  7. YES, CORRECT! Couldn't find an example on t'internet but this pic of Smithy's Greeves comes close...
  8. Well observed, good point, but... nah.
  9. Hmm... maybe, but... nah. I used to boil my chain in a tin of that grease stuff (forgotten brand name) that melted when heated but the tin was about 10 inches in diameter - the tin in question is about... ooh... a mere five inches in diameter. If 'er indoors caught me boiling the chain on the cooker, I'd be in the doghouse.
  10. An astute observation but... nah.
  11. Good answer, but there was a far more common useage.
  12. Good thinking, but not the answer I have in mind.
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