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  1. No comprendo all this gay banter. I feel like a spare wotsit at a frightfully jolly thing.
  2. Bonjour, As a confirmed Luddite from a pre-computer age I regret to admit rather sheepishly that I don't understand the phrase "free up your messenger".
  3. YES, CORRECT! Couldn't find an example on t'internet but this pic of Smithy's Greeves comes close...
  4. Well observed, good point, but... nah.
  5. Hmm... maybe, but... nah. I used to boil my chain in a tin of that grease stuff (forgotten brand name) that melted when heated but the tin was about 10 inches in diameter - the tin in question is about... ooh... a mere five inches in diameter. If 'er indoors caught me boiling the chain on the cooker, I'd be in the doghouse.
  6. An astute observation but... nah.
  7. Good answer, but there was a far more common useage.
  8. Good thinking, but not the answer I have in mind.
  9. A teaser for the oldies: What's the connection between a Quality Street tin and a trials bike?
  10. bigplonker

    Seeley photos

    I bought a new Seeley (the black mudguard version) sometime around 1980(?) and have been a fan of them ever since. Spotted a good 'un for sale out here in France a few years back but didn't buy it. However, for some strange reason, I kept some photos of the bike and browsed through them earlier today in one of my 'delete unwanted photos' sessions. I think I'll keep 'em. Would be interesting to see other members' Seeley photos as I think there were a few different versions over its limited production run. Or am I wrong as usual? Anyway, a couple of snaps...
  11. As explained earlier, Dorna sneakily removed £125 from my bank account without prior warning. This was the cost of viewing this year's MotoGP rounds. However, as all these rounds (except for one?) have so far been cancelled, will I be able to claim a refund?
  12. Hello again, just out of interest when you bought the 350 Ariel did you respond to an ad or did you already know the seller and the bike? Have you now sold it?

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