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  1. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Round my way the clubman route I'd normally ride is usually won on low single figures, sometimes clean. Nobody seems to complain. If I had a problem with that I'd just have to ride a bit better to get closer to the winner.
  2. What's in a name?

    I've noticed an increased tendency of late for trials to be misspelt as trails, even by experienced folk on this site who definitely know better. I've just put that down to keyboard error. What's in a name? Probably not much actually. Any title our sport may adopt wouldn't convey to a total newcomer what's actually entailed. That would require further explanation or seeing it for themselves. As such, "trial" is fine. By way of interest, when I started decades ago the ACU handbook defined trials as "a competition in which participants endeavour to fulfil prescribed conditions". So that made it clear for everyone.
  3. Bashed up but better

    Has your wife seen a trial? She might ban that as well unless she likes sheer rock steps . Sorry, just noticed where you live so you should be safe. In all honesty condition rather than engine size should be your main priority choosing a secondhand bike. Good idea to get along to a local event and chat to some riders about their bikes, even blag a quick ride if you can.
  4. Trying to bleed rear brakes 2005 Gas Gas TXT 125 Pro

    I've been through this process too and taken account of the advice points given in this thread, with little success. What eventually made the difference for me was using a brand new large syringe, providing more force in pushing brake fluid through the system (from the rear caliper towards the reservoir). This seemed to eliminate the nooks and crannies where air had been trapped.
  5. I've run tubes on tubeless rims on my last couple of bikes, spanning a period of some 7/8 years. No rim lock used, no tyre creep experienced, no problems. Generally run 3.5 psi. Last bike I bought had normal tubeless set-up and I am unable to tell the difference from a riding point of view.
  6. Front wheel hop training tool

    Then you can start on the rear hops
  7. Front wheel hop training tool

    Something mildly hilarious about that video but well done for ingenuity. Could perhaps achieve the same effect by just backing the bike up to a wall and sticking a brick in front of the back wheel? Or just holding the back brake on?
  8. Does more sticker give more HP?

    Stickers will undoubtedly increase the HP of a bike. Assuming HP stands for hopeless pretentiousness.
  9. About Scorpa

    To my knowledge there was only the SR 125 and SR 280 in 2011. I have the SR280 (actual 276cc) of that year, with the Sherco motor. It's a fine bike, plenty of plonking power (I have the ignition backed off a bit, an easy job) and doesn't fly out of your hands when you give it a handful of throttle. Good bike to own as spares are easily obtained and there are no rear suspension linkages to wear out.
  10. Ducati trials bike

    Agree about a Ducati being a different option from the norm in pre 65 these days, but of course the Gaunt Ducati wouldn't qualify for that. Worth remembering that when it was built, it had to go up against the best Spanish bikes of the day in trials up to national level, which PG would routinely be riding, where everyone rode the same sections - no yellow routes, white routes or whatever!
  11. Ducati trials bike

    I believe Derek Wylde bought it at one point, may even still have it.
  12. Ducati trials bike

    I always liked Peter Gaunt's 350 Ducati, built to take on the Bultacos and Montesas in the 1971 Scottish Six Days and seen here prior to that event.
  13. Electronic Ignition

    Thanks, great to hear your opinion. I was thinking any advantage of the Pro version might be very limited as so rarely in the rev range where the ignition advance would operate.
  14. Electronic Ignition

    Any update Ross? Did you go for the Pro or standard version?
  15. Fantic 200 sprocket

    Bill Pye, Frankfield Garage, Great Ayton 01642 722378