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  1. cleanorbust

    Evo 200 upgrade to 250?

    That really does seem the best advice. Trying to make one bike into something it's not is usually expensive and not as effective as hoped
  2. cleanorbust

    Evo 200 upgrade to 250?

    Carb, exhaust and CDI same as 250?
  3. In my experience, lots of good riders arrive at stage 4 without being aware of going through 2 and 3. They can clean sections, but couldn't tell you how they do it.
  4. I probably shift between all four stages depending on the actual challenge I'm faced with. I do try to make my practice sessions improvement sessions, rather than just repeating the same mistakes, but if I leave it too long between sessions I have to relearn some stuff.
  5. cleanorbust

    Fiat doblo (van)

    Good result. Two bikes will also fit in the car version of the Doblo, facing forward, with the back seats unbolted (not a big job, I converted mine to be quickly detachable)
  6. cleanorbust

    Ullo from Whitby

    I think you'll be on the right path following section swept's advice. Don't worry too much about cosmetic appearance, there'll be battle scars on any bike at a grand, it's the mechanicals that matter. It's possible that an old Rev3 has already had a stator replacement: worth checking if possible.
  7. cleanorbust

    Ullo from Whitby

    £1k is really about as low as you can go in terms of anything worth buying and more or less ready to ride. I'm in Scarborough and will keep my ear to the ground. If you get sorted out with a bike, I'd encourage joining Scarborough and District Motor Club to get access to their excellent practice facility between Scarborough and Whitby. If you get that far, pm me and I'll be pleased to show you the ropes!
  8. cleanorbust

    Full-Sized E-Trials

    I'm sure Inch Perfect in Lancashire would provide a test ride on an Electric Motion, if you're ever in the area. They've got a good practice area. And no need to worry about a clutch lever with EM.
  9. cleanorbust

    uk trials

    As a member of Scarborough Motor Club (east coast of Yorkshire) you'd get to use their Low North Park venue any time. Big area, loads of natural terrain making a great playground.
  10. cleanorbust

    uk trials

  11. cleanorbust

    Why is it...

    Maybe they just like yellow. If so, in theory they'll have the following personality traits: Impulsive, analytical, strongly independent, unemotional, spontaneous, irritable, arrogant and, though I wouldn't suggest this is necessarily related to buying a TRS but perhaps to wearing the garb, pretentious, with a tendency to spend money unwisely.
  12. cleanorbust

    16 year old

    According to the ACU standing regulations, as a 16 year old now he can elect to ride either as a Youth A class rider or as an adult on an event by event basis until the end of 2019. As an adult he would have no engine size restriction, as a Youth A class rider he would be restricted to 125cc monoshock or 250cc twinshock machines. Of course, this applies to events operating under ACU jurisdiction only.
  13. cleanorbust

    training with engine not running

    With all the courtesy in the world, and I would say this to you face to face if the opportunity was here, don't retire for the season just because it's cold and gloomy outside, you'll be squandering the best conditions to improve if you do. Nothing hones the skills like riding on ice or snow.
  14. cleanorbust

    training with engine not running

    Next few months of no riding??? When winter closes in, it's the proper time to ride trials, or just get out on the bike.
  15. cleanorbust

    How to adjust chain tension on a 2018 Beta Evo 200?

    As a rule of thumb (finger?) aim for a distance of two fingers width between chain and swinging arm mid-way along.