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  1. I agree, unless riding a 4rt which requires a specific idle speed to work properly, set it by feel, not a figure from a book.
  2. If you want to try doing it, should be easy to get a piece of alloy tubing on ebay and drill holes in it yourself.
  3. Mixture screw correctly set?
  4. I use a non-adapted Doblo which is excellent for the purpose. I think all the adapted vehicles have a lowered floor which can be awkward for accessing start fields at some trials.
  5. There's a Clymer manual for Montesa singles on eBay UK right now at the reasonable price of a tenner. My 247s are 1977 and 1979 but this manual still applies to most stuff you need to know.
  6. My pal uses a Navarro to carry his Beta on a rack. As far as I know it has zero effect on driving.
  7. cleanorbust

    300 SS

    I tried both 250 and 300 at Inch Perfect test day. As stated above and confirmed by John Lampkin the UK 300 is to SS spec. I found the best way to assess them was to forget engine size and just focus on how well they rode for me. In doing this, I (old timer clubman rider) found that I couldn't really decide between them. Both were soft and forgiving, no sense of the 300 being too much bike. I did find, though, that the 300 needed more beef to kick start it, perhaps a factor for a not particularly fit rider during a tiring trial.
  8. A bit of gentle and patient prodding with your foot will get neutral eventually. Using a last would be far too violent.
  9. Plug cap a good tight fit on the plug?
  10. Turning up at a trial looking like a cheapskate helps me fit right in.
  11. Or better still, van-derived car like Fiat Doblo or Citroen Berlingo: no speed limit reduction as with panel vans. I know from experience Doblo will carry one, or two, trials bikes inside. If I'm parking somewhere I'm bothered about security I cover the bike with a tarp.
  12. ..though I think they're out of stock of black atm.
  13. Cleaned up the drum as well as the shoe surfaces?
  14. Tried filing a taper on the leading edge of the shoes? Getting a lot of lever movement before brake comes on? If so making an alloy packing strip between shoe and cam helps.
  15. Ah, that's not the problem then. I had trouble doing my back brake but found a really big syringe was the answer, as if the extra pressure was what was needed.
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