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  1. I suspect I've been around trials about as long as you have but I've never heard the theory about odd/even sprocket wearing less quickly. I can"t figure out why that would be the case. Any ideas on the theory behind this belief?
  2. Thanks for posting the photo. Looks to be a very rideable machine. Well done again.
  3. I notice he rides without gloves too, for that genuine period look. Excellent.
  4. cleanorbust

    GG UK riders

    Shirty seems to be concentrating on his offroad clothing business. He sent me an email today advertising trials shirts and jeans at keen prices, not keen enough to persuade me into such lurid designs though.
  5. There's a secondhand MAR kickstart top on ebay at the moment and you can buy a new knuckle from France Trial Classic or possibly Inmotion.
  6. Some ride indeed. I'm not familiar with this particular bike, presumably it's not tricked out much, as so many "pre 65ers"are?
  7. cleanorbust

    OKO Carburetors

    Best place to buy an OKO would seem to be Mid Atlantic Trials in USA. Their website has an OKO section which describes how they've tuned the carbs for specific bikes including SWMs. I'm sure they'd be responsive to any email enquiries. They sell the genuine OKOs, jetted for specific bikes, not the useless copies. I think the price including postage to UK is currently about 115 quid.
  8. I have run tubes in tubeless tyres on tubeless rims for many years - no need for a security bolt and never had a problem with tyre slip at 3psi.
  9. Chamfer the leading edge of the shoes with a file.
  10. If you look on retrotrial.com there's an article from Yamaha magazine which is a photo report of Rob Shepherd's 1981 works Majesty.
  11. Inmotion Trials in UK do the plastic type as fitted to later 247s, but it's about £50 I think. I made a grey one by heating up the lid of a plastic storage box with a heat gun, bending the plastic over a broom handle to mould the curved shape at the top, drilling and fitting. Looks just like the original for about three quid, and it's another bit of plastic saved from the ocean. I hope Greta and her chums would approve if they came to a trial I'm riding, which is admittedly unlikely.
  12. Snapping the choke on can also help to stop it, if you can overcome your hands shaking with terror.
  13. Mine's a '79. Has the mid section box as in the diagram but it's a welded up one piece system up the point where the back box fits. The pipe at that point looks narrower in the diagram but would be easy enough to make a spacer/sleeve to fit the tailpipe.
  14. Meant to say, I don't find the exhaust note on mine with the VW tailpipe to be much different from standard (I still have the original silencer which I removed), and I'm not a fan of loud bikes. The mid-section silencer does a pretty good job.
  15. Rob Edwards' works bike with VW tailpipe. If it was good enough for him... Note also rear suspension units top mounts repositioned further forward.
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