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    Brema jeans in good clean condition, no rips or holes. Zipped front pocket, with good working zip. Built in leather waist strap with buckle. Velcro fastening at bottom of leg. Good period item for twinshock riders, almost impossible to find now. Width at waist: 37.5 cm Length from waistband to bottom of leg: 95cm. Price includes postage within UK.

    45.00 GBP

  2. I seem to recall the 2013 300s were prone to this and a change to red cylinder head was the cure. Haven Trialsport can advise I think.
  3. I was riding the SSDT when Thorpie was on the CCM (1979). He spent quite a bit of time repairing/rebuilding it through the week. A very game effort, but he soon returned to a Bulto after the event.
  4. I believe the early Dalesmans (Dalesmen?) had Puch forks, from the M125 road bike.
  5. If used trials bikes prices have been subject to inflation in recent months, this effect seems to be multiplied in the case of 315s. Be careful.
  6. Hasn't he got a tie-up with Tenaci Wong now?
  7. Bound to enjoy it once you get stuck in. Which part of Yorkshire are you in?
  8. Fair point. What ratio of rider/bike performance contributes to a good result? 80/20, 90/10?
  9. Yes, not like lemonade. Or the original bikes, come to that...
  10. Thanks for this input. Other than launching the bike for big steps, I would have thought the clutch was superfluous as you can go right down to zero and pick away again smoothly on the throttle only. In effect, the bike is unstallable. Or am I underestimating the benefits of the clutch?
  11. I've been having similar thoughts, and intend to test ride latest model this month. I did get a ride on one a couple of years ago but nothing about it tempted me to change (from the point of view of competing in trials - not sure if this is your situation). Relevant points for me are: - They're improving significantly year by year. Buying one now could leave me with a bike seriously out-dated by new model in two or three years. - Although it may cause less bother, riding it on private land without permission is just as illegal, with the same penalties, as a petrol bike. I accept this isn't important to some. - Virtually nobody in my area, which is a trials riding hotspot with loads of experienced riders, has made the move. Why? - Looking at the owners FB page, they're not entirely without their problems, and there is a reported tendency for the factory to be deaf to complaints or claims. - They do get loads of good reviews.
  12. Yes, that's correct about the Doblo. Fiat Multipla had three front seats.
  13. On a similar note, I use and would recommend a Fiat Doblo - takes one bike with all seats fitted or two bikes with rear seats (easily) removed. You'd be better off with a car version than a van to avoid the lower speed limits imposed on panel vans.
  14. I've ridden 125 and 200, would advise that either is easily up to the job, in fact more fun to ride in many situations. Don't think of them as low powered or more suitable for youngsters. They're trials bikes, and very good ones. Also, there's no rule that says a left side kick start must be used with the left foot. I had no problems with my Beta either starting with left foot or standing alongside using right.
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