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  1. cleanorbust

    Dalesman upgrades

    If you don't fancy drilling the frame, some strips of self adhesive Velcro on the tubes and the inner surface of a side panel should be up to the job. Regarding unusual fitments, that kick start looks like no other that I've seen, but is no doubt quite serviceable. Frame number on headstock?
  2. cleanorbust

    Dalesman upgrades

    I'd be wary of relying on 40 year old handlebars, I did exactly that with my Cota 247 and they snapped first trial out. My first bike was a Dalesman. I think they might well be Puch forks on your model. A good strip down, or even just flushing out and filling with correct oil should improve things but of ccourse they're pretty limited as trials forks by their design. To help to complete the original look, you could make up a triangular alloy side panel for the right side. This was attached with self tapping screws into small holes drilled in the frame tubes.
  3. cleanorbust

    Hi all,

    You might find that standing alongside the bike and kicking with your right foot helps you get the power and leverage you need. I did this quite a lot with my Beta; there's nothing to say a left sided kick start must be kicked with the left foot.
  4. cleanorbust

    Fantic 80 conversion to 125

    If you contact Bill Pye at Frankfield Garage, Great Ayton on 1642 722378 he might be able to advise on how feasible this is. He's Mr Fantic, knows almost everything about them.
  5. cleanorbust

    Did it scare you ...

    I think your incident is entirely normal for someone with little or no experience, we've all had the feeling of the bike running away with us at the very beginning. If the bike is running as it should, you just need to practice taking off from a standstill, pay attention to what you're doing with your throttle hand and you'll soon get the hang of doing it fairly smoothly and your confidence will really pick up then. Keep at it, it will come, and you'll look back and laugh at today's experience.
  6. cleanorbust

    21M piston

    www.francetrialclassic.com have 73.5 size Cota 247 piston kits, not sure if they are the window type.
  7. cleanorbust

    Newbie to Trials - Fantic TX250

    Welcome. If you need bits for the bike, Bill Pye is your man, at: Frankfield Garage, Great Ayton, North Yorks, TS9 6BZ. Tel 01642 722378. He knows everything Fantic and can do rebuilds etc.
  8. cleanorbust

    Italjet 100T parts

    Villiers Services for brake shoes - they do a made to measure service at very reasonable cost.
  9. cleanorbust

    TRS Ground Clearance Lower Than Others

    Have a look at a Raga video.
  10. cleanorbust

    Choosing a new front tire.

    Don't know what bike you have, but if you want to have a proper go at trials: 1. Only consider Michelin, Dunlop or IRC but much, much more importantly 2. Do whatever you can to get a trials bike.
  11. cleanorbust

    Kick Start Lever Required for Jumbo.

    They sell a new clamp for the kickstart but I don't think they have the arm to fit, though I seem to remember they were looking into getting some made.
  12. cleanorbust

    Kick Start Lever Required for Jumbo.

    He's on 01933 314145 or 07917406313, according to previous discussion on TC
  13. cleanorbust

    Started engine with no oil

    You'd be surprised at how many bikes are neglected to the extent that they exist with little oil most of the time.
  14. cleanorbust

    Montesa 348 repacking exhaust.

    Sorry no photos, but easy enough to cut a rectangular window in the flat area on the back of the silencer with a dremel. Leave about a centimetre margin on the flat surface. The perforated tube will then be exposed - pull out any remaining packing and repack with modern loose packing material around the tube. Make up a rectangular plate from alloy sheet to cover the hole and fix in place with small self tapping screws into holes drilled along the 1 cm margin around the window. Seal with heat proof silicone. You then have a silencer with quick access for repacking in future. Repacking well worth it in my experience (Cota 247).
  15. cleanorbust

    Montesa 348 Cota, what carb is best nowadays ?

    Very interesting, thanks for clarifying.