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  1. I don't think there's a rule which says a left-kick bike must be started with the left leg. When I rode a Beta I managed fine using my left leg but standing alongside and kicking with the right leg was never a problem.
  2. I think the downside is already present within your final sentence. With face protection, when looking at obstacles within a couple of feet of the front wheel, "I can't really see".
  3. I can recommend Mid Atlantic Trials for great service and advice for OKO carbs.
  4. Motorcycling history is characterised by owners carrying out modifications, some minor and some major. Sometimes this even leads to factories adopting changes.
  5. Looks like a 250 to me. 325 had "325cc" cast into the barrel between fins. I wonder if someone has bored out a 250 to create a "350". Would be worth whipping the cylinder head off and measuring the bore. 250 was 70mm, 325 was 80mm I believe.
  6. From clear memory of the time I'm sure Beamish never used the title RL350. Their bigger engined bike was the RL325 and always had that capacity Could you post a picture of the whole bike?
  7. Good of you to detail the mods to make the bike competitive. I think you're quite an experienced rider - how do you feel about the bike in comparison to the mainstream two strokes for trials use? Lastly, are there any differences between the Sherco and Scorpa?
  8. Yes, would be OK I believe, as with Fiat Doblo, Renault Kangoo, Citroen Berlingo which have often been used as trials transport.
  9. Make aure you test the cable after refitting it by turning the handlebars fully to right and left, engine not running. As you shut the throttle you should hear a click as the slide bottoms in the carburettor. If you don't hear this, you need to dial in a little slack on the cable with the adjuster on top of the carb. If the cable isn't bottoming properly the engine revs will race on start-up.
  10. If you try phoning Inmotion Trials on 01784 440033 (0044 1784 440033 if you're outside UK) they should be able to supply the puller you need.
  11. cleanorbust

    Scimitar Ossa

    Quite a bit more steering rake than on the standard MAR.
  12. I agree with rotors7. I've seen bikes do that with only result being shearing the woodruff key locating the flywheel. You could be lucky.
  13. ...and East Yorkshire 2 day near Whitby, usually early October.
  14. Can also recommend Lanarkshire MCC 2 day at Fintry in Scotland in August, worth the trip.
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