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  1. How about a photo? I'm sure you"d get loads of information on the bike from our regulars.
  2. cleanorbust

    Left leg start

    I never found it any inconvenience to start my Beta with my right leg, standing alongside the bike. Certainly wouldn't let a left side kick start put me off buying a great bike.
  3. I think in general people are OK with waiting a day or two for results to appear, but that may be shifting as part of the current trend for the "customer" to demand instant service regardless of whether those providing it are part-time volunteers. I recall as a club secretary in the 80s there was an unspoken general expectation that results would be available on the Sunday evening after a trial, though of course posting them out meant most wouldn't see them until Tuesday at the earliest. I recall the indignation of the Motor Cycle News local correspondent who phoned me on a Sunday evening when I told her I was going out that evening and the results wouldn't be available until Monday.
  4. Very good account of the improvement process. Thank you.
  5. If you mean Mid Atlantic Trials, I know they use 28mm for the 250 Gripper. If you contact them through their website, I'm sure they'd give you details of the jetting they've arrived at for best results. I think they've gone to some lengths to find tune the OKOs and yes, they do use the genuine ones.
  6. These could be handy in case 1965 ever comes back.
  7. It might depend on who the foot belongs to.
  8. cleanorbust

    VF mudguards

    Good luck with your search, they were actually pretty good guards and looked the business too, a lot of works bikes had them on and they were standard fit on some bikes (Jefferies Honda for one). I actually have a pair, which I had fitted to my Dalesman and Ossa MAR way back then, but I wouldn't like to part with them. I'm waiting for 1973 to come back.
  9. I can't really claim to be knowledgeable in the technicalities of a conversion but my response to this type of question is always the same: what a shame it would be to effectively end the life of a fine old survivor like this by trying to turn it into something it's not, with the sad ending of an inevitably disappointing result.
  10. There is perhaps another route to improving your rear brake modulation, which doesn't involve messing around altering your braking system: Practice.
  11. I think the accepted wisdom would be that you're better off with a worn X11 than a new Mitas.
  12. I've got one, same year. Geared it down one tooth on the gearbox sprocket, slow action throttle and retarded ignition. It's a great big pussy cat of a bike, completely unintimidating, grips well with easily repackable silencer. Very cheap to run with no rear linkage etc and none the worse for it.
  13. I remember in the mid 70s the UK Kawasaki importer effectively made every buyer of a new KT250 a works rider, promising a fairly substantial cash payout for a win or first class award in a national (and possibly Centre) trial. Remember, we're talking about the KT250 - up against the Bultos, MARs and Cotas, their money proved to be pretty safe.
  14. I don't think it's a question of age determining when people stop riding. I know many people in their 70s and 80s whose general health and fitness is far above that of lots of 40 year olds. Put them on a trials bike and this would be proved. If the general fitness and will is there, just keep riding. Sadly I can recall loads of super riders who stopped in their 20s/30s, through boredom, moving to enduros, financial constraints, family demands etc etc.
  15. He'd probably do quite well on a Tiger Cub, though he'd be hard put to find one that fits the description of "an old twinshock".
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