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  1. One thing I didn't mention- I went for the option with the 2 power settings, I guess on one of them the ignition is slightly advanced for a sharper response, but I hardly notice any difference with this.
  2. I have this system on my SWM and have found it great, much better than the original system, but the process of buying it from Rex's Speed Shop was a little less so. Glad I've got it though.
  3. cleanorbust

    carb for 348

    I agree about the OKO. Got one from Mid Atalantic for my SWM and it transformed the bike. They've put time into getting the OKOs dialled in for each model they sell them them for.
  4. You don't want to be using heat on the shaft, that would just expand the metal and make the problem worse. It's the flywheel that should be heated.
  5. Tried giving a few sharp knocks with a hammer on the end of the puller? A bit of heat around the flywheel close to the crankshaft might help, also leaving the puller on full tension overnight.
  6. My 247c had 10/40 as standard, but 9 tooth front is better for modern sections.
  7. Once you're in a section and riding it, the physical input wouldn't be any less than on a petrol bike, I'd suggest. Quite possibly more, given the suspension and tyre shortfalls of the Oset. If starting a bike is an issue, the Tenaci Wong would merit investigation for its electric start. Performance is well up to competition standard and I think it's the cheapest new petrol bike you can buy.
  8. Usual cause of only getting 1st and 2nd gear is that the pawls carrier is fitted upside down. The slot which holds the pawls looks central, bit isn't quite. Whip off the carrier, turn it through 180 degrees, refit and see if you can then get all gears.
  9. No need to buy as a Montesa part. Cheaper and easier elsewhere.
  10. Seems to feel a need to be a bit smart when straight talking would do. Style over substance?
  11. Plenty of places on eBay sell M7 screws. I bought hex head ones for my Cota 247, cut them to length, ground the heads to a round shape and hacksawed a slot in the head. Good as the standard screws and not expensive. From memory I later found allen head ones on eBay which are better for the purpose, but haven't got round to fitting them yet.
  12. cleanorbust

    Beta 300 4rt

    If you search Hull Auto Club you'll see contact details on the ACU website.
  13. That's a question which would have prompted several pages of debate not so long ago, but people seem to have run out of puff these days. Perhaps just jaded by it all.
  14. There is another good thing about winter in my opinion: getting the bike out to ride in proper trials weather.
  15. Maybe , but I've never had an insurer ask me to state what a bike's odometer says, and with no MOT data on a historic vehicle they wouldn't know unless I told them.
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