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  1. Make aure you test the cable after refitting it by turning the handlebars fully to right and left, engine not running. As you shut the throttle you should hear a click as the slide bottoms in the carburettor. If you don't hear this, you need to dial in a little slack on the cable with the adjuster on top of the carb. If the cable isn't bottoming properly the engine revs will race on start-up.
  2. If you try phoning Inmotion Trials on 01784 440033 (0044 1784 440033 if you're outside UK) they should be able to supply the puller you need.
  3. cleanorbust

    Scimitar Ossa

    Quite a bit more steering rake than on the standard MAR.
  4. I agree with rotors7. I've seen bikes do that with only result being shearing the woodruff key locating the flywheel. You could be lucky.
  5. ...and East Yorkshire 2 day near Whitby, usually early October.
  6. Can also recommend Lanarkshire MCC 2 day at Fintry in Scotland in August, worth the trip.
  7. Scarborough 2 day in August. Also do a twinshock 2 day in July.
  8. You don't need an ACU licence to practice, and can ride any bike to do so.
  9. I'm afraid I was quite distracted by the unnecessary music laid over the video, so it's difficult for me to comment.
  10. I've always lived with tubes that creep a bit. Three things I do: - in first gear with dead motor, repeatedly jam the bike backwards against compression to correct valve position - extend valve hole lengthways with a round file - don't screw the valve lockring up to the rim, let the valve tilt if it's going to.
  11. Blimey. Wouldn't get away with riding a motocrosser to the pub or anywhere else for more than two minutes here in blighty.
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