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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. Sure I know the Kaercher. I live close to that company and my landlord is even working for Kaercher. It's the first one of that devices I knew of. But the water capacity is poor and the pressure a little lower than the jetwet as I read in comparisons. The jetwet is compressible, got an adjustable nozzle and price is 1/3 off.. Better and cheaper. I know what to expect regarding water pressure and capacity.
  2. It's not available right now. So I have to wait. There are companies for forwarding? That's a good idea! How much would be forwarding a parcel with ca. 30x30x35 cm and about 3 kg?
  3. I know that and sure there are some pros for the worx but I really like the jetwet. Which is out of stock meanwhile.
  4. Hi there UK trial-mates! I'd like to get a nice portable cleaner that is unfortunately just available for UK shipping. https://www.jetwet.co.uk/product/jetwet-portable-power-washer/ I'm from Germany and so I'm looking for a nice trial-mate who would be kind and forward the parcel to Germany. Of course I'm going to pay all shipping costs to Germany in advance. I got some Boyesen power reeds and carbon fiber reeds for some Sherco bikes. One of them as a free gift for the helper! ? If not I'll find another way to say thank you.
  5. femi

    Generator/radiator fan

    If you're talking about the competition parts. Yes, they are in use. I'll take a closer look on them this evening. Nobody else with the same issue? Low fan speed due to less voltage from generator! Maybe I did a mistake last time. But this evening the generator is doing well. It's about 60 ACV at mean engine speed. The fan worked proper but the lighting broke down. I checked the rectifiers output which was about 35 DCV. I'll replace the rectifier at first. It's obviously defect.
  6. femi

    Generator/radiator fan

    Thank you, but I got 2 stroke. There is no fuel solenoid on my bike. Any other ideas?
  7. Hi there! The radiator fan on my EVO 250 MY16 is running very slow. I ended up voltage metering the generator yesterday and its about 3-4 ACV at mean engine speed. That's way less. I was metering at the plug under the rear fender, next to the CDI. Anybody with an idea to fix it? Thanks!
  8. There's just one theoretical case you'll need a sidestand on a trials bike. You are at an area without obsticals, walls, trees, rocks, cars, unicorns.. Let's think of a salt desert. Because there is no reason to be in salt desert with an trials bike in fact there is absolute no practical case for a sidestand on a trials bike. So take this useless part away and keep your thoughts on riding instead of resting.
  9. Hi, I already tested just these bronze bearing bushes. They are very soft and deform to easy. It works but the mod with hard steel inner rings as distance bush does way better. And you don't need sealings with slide bearings. Perhaps they last a little longer but depending on your use of the bike you have to renew the slide bearings once or twice a year for 1-2 bugs each.
  10. It's steel coated with bronze and on top PTFE (out- to inside). There are different coatings and materials. There are even durable bearings completely made of special kind of plastic, see igus.com
  11. If you want to have less maintenence at your linkage throw out this useless needle bearings and put slide bearings inside. As a spacer you have to use a bushing. I took inner rings for needle bearings on mine. The inner rings are fitted with a special loctite glue. I use this modification for about 6 months and the linkage is still close to free of play. I had about 5 mm vertical play at the rear wheel axle on the nearly new bike before I done this mod.
  12. femi

    Repair Manual

    Oh, thats close! It would be great if its for the REV and including chassis. Any other ideas? But thanks so far.
  13. femi

    Repair Manual

    I can't find what I was looking for. On trialforum.net is just a simple service manual posted. I'm looking for a real repair manual as the workshops use.
  14. femi

    Beta Evo Project

    Can't help with used boots but for future I recommend Sidi boots. They are not the cheapst but they are really tough, flexible and fit great at least on my feet. I love mine. I wouldn't take the Alpinestars boots because you can't renew the rubber sole. This is no problem with Sidi (Gearne...). Depending on your footpegs,too the sole mostly fails first.
  15. femi

    Repair Manual

    Hi, is there any repair manual for Beta REV3 250 '07 out there in the www? Or can you buy it at a beta dealer? The most interesting part are some values for tightening tourques (driving axles, engine, steering...) I don't mean an owners manual! Thanks!
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