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  1. Do you leave the boxes blank that dont apply to you or ad N/A thanks
  2. Hi guys can anyone tell me or link me to rear wheel bearing for my evo 300 4t 2014. Or a part number of the bearing...n is the front one different or same size... Is their only one bearing on each side if the wheel or is there inner n outer bearings. ? Also is it only the 4t evo bearing that will do it example, will the 250 do the 300. N is 2t the same as 4t, n does it need to be exactly for the 2014..would other years still be the same.. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi guys. Im looking for a set of front pads for my 4ride...is the 4rt pads the same..
  4. scratcher

    Wont start

    Bikes all running fine after a few squirts o easy start n a clean filter...put some injection cleaner thru it. Jist needin a wee run out now...
  5. scratcher

    Wont start

    B40rt who are you...n are ye in motherwell
  6. scratcher

    Wont start

    Yea tried the reset. N ye think the bank sensor could be at fault..its started only fur a few seconds. But in reality i was using body spray not easy start..i will get some EASY START tomoro n give it a go..if i can get it to keep goin n keep sprayin it, it may pull the fuel thru n run on its own. I was thinkin it may have got a bit o water in the fuel some way but a doubt it..tank never went under..
  7. scratcher

    Wont start

    Hi guys n Happy new year.. 4 Ride...i had a fall the other day bike went down in a stream..theres no water in the air box. Plugs sparking ok. But will only start on easy start thru the airbox...fur a few seconds. Im thinking its a fuel issue...any ideas.
  8. Hi guys. Im looking for a new rear tyre fur my monty 4ride..its fitted with a dunlop 803.i like the tyre. But use the bike mainly fur trails n roads..do do actual trials..its great grip on the road (soft) knoblles are ripping themselfs off especialy in the middle run 10psi but ave been lookin at a mitas e01 anyone used this. Or any recomendations of a decent all rounder..
  9. .yea my buddy took it back to dealership...he was one month outa warranty..but they changed the disc n pads......free...mickey oates glasgow..well done eh...
  10. Hi guys. My buddies montesa 4ride...when applying front brake ye can feel a slight pulsating feeling thru the lever.? Wat causes this. Bikes brand new...only 10 miles on it..
  11. Am a 4r owner..my gaerne boots are size 14...im 6'5".20stone
  12. I think you could need a new condenser..intermitiant spark or even rectifier..although i drowned mine...these were the culprits ghat stopped it fae starting...the spark was intermitant..worth a checking...
  13. Thanks thall1...appreciate it...ma buddy whos on it has done most o that... cheers
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