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  1. So, I did Novice but would like to do amateur next time. I feel that would be my challenge there. Anyhow, the issue I am running into with RMTA is they are on Sat and Sun. To me it felt like more like a competitve supportive practice event, which I think why I fell in love with it. Sat and Sun are tough for me due to work, so wondering if there is another competition/event that holds on weekdays? or psosibly large get-together for all skill levels?
  2. Thank you!! I do not have any other trial bike to compare it to, so was never sure if it was proper or not. But I think I will eventually get used to it! And I 100% understand what you are saying. Once I get to my destination, I am not even focusing on the positioning haha its only when Im on my way to the destination. I was thinking about getting one of those velcro seats, then taking it off when I get to the playground but unsure if that would just be a waste of money. Unfortunately, it takes like 20mins to get to the practice area. And its funny because when I am there practicing, like you mentioned, all of that thinking goes away
  3. Thank you so much! Yeah I just have nothing to compare it to, or see whats normal or not. I am about 6ft 1, I was thinking about risers, but did not want it to mess with my abilities to learn. I might ask questions and compare my bike at the trials event, just to see what is normal or not. I do notice its a bit hard for me to not put pressure on my wrists though just because im so hunched forward. Its a 2001 gas gas TXT pro. As a perspective, I can stand a lot longer on an enduro bike vs my trials, but im just not sure whats "normal" ha ha.
  4. Probably a very dumb question, but I really have nothing to compare it to since I am new to this. But noticed when I go for a trail ride (to get to my destination) its very uncomfortable and very hunched forward; it is an older trials but perhaps something I need to get used to? or are there trials with a more "enduro" erogonmic type of stance, if that makes sense? Yesterday when I went out to practice on very rocky terrain, i had a lot of pressure on my arms and wrist and lower back due to being hunched forward; again I am new to trials so just trying to fi gure it all out. Top it all off, I have "entered" my first trials event, so im sure I will get to experience a lot of things
  5. Thank you! So, it was just to get to my destination. Lower back starts hurting on my way to the play spot. I can "somewhat" sit on the curve part on the trials ha ha but my plan was just to take it off when I get there. Perhaps I will get used to it, but im not trying to trail ride with the trials, i actually want to learn, the tight turns, the balance, the slow maneuvaering, etc. It seems like a lot of fun.
  6. Looking to get into some low level obstacles. Would be cool to see what others have!
  7. Thank you! That is a good way to put it!! I noticed trials has been giving me that confidence to learn that aspect...at a low level since im not very good. However I love tight maneuvering obstacles where I have to hop and move the rear tire...although I am probably ages away from it...to me that looks super fun as oddly as it sounds haha. But I am going to join a trials event. Hopefully I will just join in and some new rider stuff for me
  8. Thank you! This is exactly what I am scared of! I would like to get into trials events or coaching. So these events you just show up and ride? ask for help when needed, or is it more competition? I am definitely going to look into this. I am in Pueblo, CO so that Canon City one would be great! What website would you recommend for competing? Ive been late just focusing on tight turns and balance, which I seem to do ok in. I also been riding, then stop to balance then continue on. Sometimes I can do it for a few seconds, others for 10+ seconds. So, Ill probably continue that until I join a class and or at least get static balancing pretty well
  9. I would love to join a trials class, but cant due to time, so im stuck learning on my own. as of now, im just somewhat trail riding and learning to get over somewhat technical ledges about 1ft high, slow riding, and just trying to static balance. I am hoping someone can somewhat guide me on what order I should do things. I met someone and they told me, just find a playground for now with small ledges, climbs, etc and ride over them slowly, get over them slowly. Try Static balance at the start, just a little before the obstacle and try getting over it, then slowly pick more technical lines. So i combined this list to see if anyone can offer some advice and this is the order that I should learn how to do things for now as a beginner. 1. Learn to pop front tire to get over 1ft - 2ft ledges. Slow riding and balance and very slow pace. (Do i need to learn to zap for 2 feet ledge obstacles?) 2. Static Balance 30 seconds 3. Static Balance 60 Seconds Both sides 4. Static Balance 60 Seconds and change handle bar positioning. 5. Start Learning Front hops, then learn front hops side to side. 6. Stoppies and rear stoppie pivots. 7. Small Zap techniques, to eventually getting over 3 feet obstacles I think the main question would be too, when do I need to start popping clutch to get my front tire over stuff instead of just throttle?
  10. Thank you for everyones feedback! Sorry I was at work. So, for normal trail riding, not at all. Slow technical, using clutch to pop my tires at a standstill, yes. Now I am not sure if I will feel that way with any trials bike since the front comes up way easier than an enduro bike. Only reason I bought a 300 TXT was the cost, got it for about $1500. I am 40 years old, and weigh about 200 lbs without gear but ride in about 6k feet elevation. definitely a super entry level trials rider ha ha Have a quick question, a Montesa been seeing those with a seat?
  11. Hey all, so new trials rider here, but an average enduro rider you can say. Nothng special. I did trials for a bit, but stopped, then now started again. Probably 3 months of trials riding all together. Mostly learning to get over "trail obstacles" I know nothing of fundamentals, learning static balancing Not sure if I should just stick to this older 300 and all I need to progress, or soon enough I should look for a new trials. My biggest thing is E start haha. Sometimes I get into some nasty terrain to play in and makes it difficult to kick start due to the pitch Not sure if 125, 200 or 250... 2 stroke 4 stroke etc
  12. Thanks for all of the feedback! I am located by Canon City, Colorado. I think I will start off as many say, just have fun and trail ride with the trials. There are some pretty tough technical single tracks out by Canon City so I might start riding them and let the natural ways of trials force me to stand and get my balance right. Hopefully when it warms up, trials events start happing so I can join some! I would just like some coaching on what to practice and how to start, but heard many do just that, just trail ride some tougher enduro trails. Either way tons of fun! And I feel good that I cant get stuck like a traditional enduro bike since they are so easy to push up things
  13. Hey all, so I come from a background of enduro riding and rmec racing, so nothing super tough. Im not a skilled rider, just your basic trail, single track and "rougher" enduro rider. Many times, I still sit on rocky terrain and obstacles (to give you an idea of my riding level). As some of you know I am starting off with a trials 300 txt gasgas, and I have no idea where to begin or do ha ha. so here are some questions. Yes I know youtube has a lot of videos, but I still feel like I need to build up to get there. Im hoping one day I can meet a trials rider in Colorado so they can show me how to start. As of now, I dont think many events are taking place since its winter. However I still have that canyon to ride near by. 1. Should I start off using my trials to trail ride on harder single track/enduro type of terrain and learn the balance and riding skills there? I took my trials on some harder single track and noticed I take my feet off a lot and dab a lot. This shows me, I rely too much on sitting now. Should I just start riding the harder trails till I get used to standing and not dabbing all the time? Is this part of learning trials? simple as just taking it to tough trails? 2. What drills, practice skills should I start off with, either on the trails or open fields? I honestly have no idea what I am doing or what to practice. pretty much I am just static balancing, I ride off, then static balance and been practicing that. I also been practicing popping front tires over little logs and such 3. How do you work to bigger obstacles without being intimidated? there are some ledges and tough obstacles where you require to splatter, talking about 4ft - 6ft ledges with a kicker. I stare at that and I feel like I will never be able to do that. Just looking at it is super intimidating and I know it is do-able because ive seen normal enduro bikes do it. But how do they work up to it without being terrified of something like that?
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