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  1. lsv


    As above, but there is a level plug to ensure correct amount of oil..................
  2. Unusual to have such a narrow rim on the rear I would have thought, but the caliper doesn't lie. I would think that you will need two at 1.60" or WM1...............
  3. Rim info FYI. Rim lock needs to be suitable for size of rim and 21" rims are not always the same WM number - I know that from experience Hondas have used both 1.6 and 1.85 (WM1 and 2) on trials bikes. rims.pdf
  4. I would say Cu washer between union and master cyl.
  5. wire wheel on a bench grinder works fine.
  6. lsv

    fuel mixture

    Best sticking with manufacturers spec IMHO. Changing ratio can affect carburation (Fuel/air ratio)
  7. Cabby, It seems to be more common these days with the **** quality fuel we have to use. Hope you just cleared with airline and wasn't tempted to bodge a bit of wire down it! Seen too many pilot jets been ruined by "jet cleaning" tools that are too large for the size of jet..............
  8. pilot jet blocked?
  9. Gas Gas seem to have a penchant for cracking frames IMHO......................
  10. We were riding in Wales before the "fuel shortage" and could only get E10 at two different fuel stations............................
  11. Best to avoid E10 if at all possible IMHO. I wouldn't use it in my lawnmower..............
  12. lsv


    I use these for greenlaning, (with removable knee pads)be ok for trials as well IMHO. https://www.rst-moto.com/rst-denim-cargo-jean-reinforced-with-aramid-fibers-1485.html I just wear gortex leggings on top if it's wet.
  13. Britool 3151 1.1/4" - 3" (approx 32mm - 75mm)
  14. Just try an adjustable one or see if Beta list one as a special tool. PS I have a spare Britool 3151 availible if any use to you................
  15. lsv

    Dog bone bearing play

    Very helpful comment that. JustinC The swinging arm bearings seldom give trouble and need changing in my experience. However the bearings in the arm where the link plates attach are (same as dogbone) very often in need of changing. If neglected can lead to the lug being ripped from the arm. If changing in-situ it is easier if you make a long stepped drift (easily turned on a lathe) to drive them out and new ones in. Hope this helps
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