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    eBay item number: 304021044269 China though..................
  2. The swing arm bearings seldom need attention but the ones you really DO need to check (and the ones I was referring to) are the ones that attach the arm to the dogbone linkage. If neglected will cause damage to the arm. Plenty of info/pics on line showing what can happen......................
  3. These are not full compliment and are NOT the same as OEM............... Agree about the grease though.
  4. Dogbone and components are the same. Unless dogbone is u/s just change bearings and seals, from bearing supplier and if collars are needed (probably will be) availible from Honda. I note that the H&D one doesn't use the same bearings as OEM - should be full compliment needle rollers really. IMHO Attached 4RT parts list (same No's as 315) Hope this helps. PS don't forget the ones in the swinging arm! DOGBONE.pdf
  5. Suggest you try and get dating proof elsewhere - VJMC maybe...............
  6. They are not stamped, only the riveted plate - same as TLM260.............. DVLA need to be told that they were never stamped I guess.
  7. It is not the colour of the body that denotes fast or slow (bodies on all dominos that I have seen are black) it is the colour of the tube that denotes fast/slow. White fast - black slow. Hope this helps.
  8. As above, but there is a level plug to ensure correct amount of oil..................
  9. Unusual to have such a narrow rim on the rear I would have thought, but the caliper doesn't lie. I would think that you will need two at 1.60" or WM1...............
  10. Rim info FYI. Rim lock needs to be suitable for size of rim and 21" rims are not always the same WM number - I know that from experience Hondas have used both 1.6 and 1.85 (WM1 and 2) on trials bikes. rims.pdf
  11. I would say Cu washer between union and master cyl.
  12. wire wheel on a bench grinder works fine.
  13. Best sticking with manufacturers spec IMHO. Changing ratio can affect carburation (Fuel/air ratio)
  14. Cabby, It seems to be more common these days with the **** quality fuel we have to use. Hope you just cleared with airline and wasn't tempted to bodge a bit of wire down it! Seen too many pilot jets been ruined by "jet cleaning" tools that are too large for the size of jet..............
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