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  1. section swept


    The ‘double’ gear lever was in the 60’s/70’s a recognised mod, enabling the ride to prod each the front for up changes and prod the rear for down changes. This stopped the ‘fishing’ effect trying to get the boot under the lever to lift the it up to select a gear. Possibly not as effective on later trials bikes due to space confinement. The Ducati engine may have road gearing ratios in the gearbox and possibly close ratio, so not ideal for trials use. By the looks of the bike in the photo fitting a smaller out put drive gear would cause chain to frame clearance issues. Agreed the rear sprocket might be better suited for cutting logs but its not the only special that has worn quite largish rear sprockets. Nice bike, looks well made and its different and very attractive with the current colour scheme. I hope the owner has a great time campaigning the Ducati, lets have more of these ‘specials’. Have a look out for Ras Sport Kawasaki a well thought out bike.🙂👍
  2. section swept

    320 Sherco bogs on throttle

    The whole fuel system needs checking and making sure pipes and the fuel tap are clear. Tank breather clear, Bogging as you describe may well be incorrect main jet but there are other factors that can bring this issue up. Have you checked the exhaust for excess clogging. Factory jetting may not be what you want as you have a non standard carb fitted. Some one will be along shortly with advice on jet sizes unless you contact a supplier of the carb fitted to your bike.
  3. section swept

    Sherco 2006 290 no spark

    Yes I’m afraid the stators are fragile and its not just Sherco’s that suffer. Do a search on this sites Sherco area. You can get the stator rewound.
  4. section swept

    1980 (525) TY 175 Project

    The oil pump blanking plates with gaskets are still available from Chase TY and other good shops. The blanking plates are a piece of cake to fabricate, just make sure the gaskets are well sealed. Crankcase oil seals may be worn which will affect engine running.
  5. section swept

    Montesa Cota 348 MRR date of manufacture.

    With my 348’s frame number as 51M 11** its got to be an early 1976 then, possibly confirming your bike as you describe🙂
  6. section swept

    Montesa Cota 348 MRR date of manufacture.

    Mine has the folding pedal tips and it does have a stout moulded bash plate that comes up to protect the cases. With such low numbers it is defo a 1976 I am now convinced.
  7. section swept

    When will it end ??

    Not selling bikes will also put a company out of business! Maybe the manufacturers should concentrate on building bikes that are less expensive to buy and maintain. Back in the 60’s and 70’s many a trials bike doubled as a ride to work in the week and ride to win at the weekend. Minders should not be needed and if one were to be seriously hurt the media frenzy that would follow would not do trials any favours. Instead of catering for the few top riders trials organisers should be catering for the average riders that without whom the top riders would not be in such high esteem.
  8. section swept

    Montesa Cota 348 MRR date of manufacture.

    Apparently so did man and then the Romans got carried away, but Montesa stole the lime light.
  9. section swept

    Montesa Cota 348 MRR date of manufacture.

    Makes sense of a non sensical recording system, thanks for the equation nh014👍
  10. section swept

    Montesa Cota 330 owners.

    Do you polish under the mudguards as well? Excellent looking and obviously very well cared for👍
  11. section swept

    Fork seals too tight in sliders

    You are not the only one that has had issues with the relatively uncomplicated fitting of fork slider seals, especially aftermarket types. The actual tooling used by most bike dealers is like a pair of large collets and quite weighty too! With a little rubber grease on the seal lips and on the fork tubes and using the tool it usually only takes a few strikes sliding the tool to the top of the tube and bringing it down with just hand force. The retainer internal circlip is then installed job done. Your seals were most probably the wrong ones.....close but should not have required all the effort that you put in.
  12. section swept

    TRS RR 300 mixture screw

    Set the mixture screw for the smoothest and slowest idle speed. A plug chop would help you to identify correct mixture setting has been achieved.
  13. section swept

    2001 Gas gas txt 280 not running properly once under load

    May be that the carb has been fiddled with as its a fairly old 2001 bike, main jet may be too big. There are possibly many reasons but its a starting point. Maybe ensure that the air filter is clear, clean and not restricted, hoses not kinked or crushed.
  14. section swept

    Beta Evo 300 4T Engine noise - Newbie

    Its more than likely the oil in the clutch case is not damping the noise of the rattle that is the clutch basket and plates as the oil is quite thin. As tecnowaldo states just get on and enjoy. Fill the clutch case with EP 80 or 90 and there will be no noise but your clutch will be extremely snatchy, grabby and not at all nice.
  15. section swept

    Montesa Cota 348 MRR date of manufacture.

    I have recently (last week) bought a Montesa Cota 348 Malcolm Rathmell Replica. It is alleged to be of 1976 vintage. The frame and engine numbers are matching 51M 1*** yes there are only four numbers after the 51M which denotes a 348. This bike has not been registered for the road. I trolled about on the infernal web but can only find production numbers and type reference designations, but no actual year data. I am assuming that my 348 is one of the first for 1976, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have visited ToDoTrial but no success there, I have not bothered In Motion for info yet hoping some one here can help.