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  1. section swept

    Signing out........

    Well I’ve very much enjoyed Trials Central as both a resource for useful information and expanding my knowledge base. The various banter between like minded individuals and groups has been challenging, heartwarming, hilarious and at times worrying😳...say no more! But I need to take a new direction...no I haven’t joined a boy band....my recent and sudden illness of the physical kind ( get in first with that before oni nou touches on brainy stuff)🙂has made me think about other things rather than the all encompassing world of trials which has been my passion as a bike dealer, rider and enthusiast. So I will sign out for now, concentrating on other influences that need addressing. To the Trials Central Team thank you for providing the best platform available for everyone in the sport both passive and active.🙂👨‍🔧👍
  2. section swept

    TR33 piston ring

    Just had a quick look on Google and Goetz seem to state that they have a wide selection of piston and rings. As I understand it when you want to manufacture an engine for mass production or a one-off, the designers specify the requirements and the various suppliers look at what they have in terms of manufactured stock. In other words by referencing they tell what to use. So out there somewhere is a supplier that may well be able to match the specs from their stock. As for rings I’ve taken a pattern to a local engine remanufacturer who plopped the ring onto a magnifier and produced a slection of options for me to select. Without being petty about it....if you are determined you will eventually find what you are looking for and don't discount the idea of searching in other areas such as the marine (outboard) industry. Then theres the China and India route.....😳 In all of this I hope it may be helpful🙂👍
  3. section swept

    Boyesen Reeds, Worthwhile?

    Noooo you need to retain some coating for the reeds to seal against and cushioning, no sanding used.... all hand scraped.
  4. section swept

    Boyesen Reeds, Worthwhile?

    Defo on the LC’s
  5. section swept

    2012 evo lower shock bearing size ?

    As oni nou suggests, they may even suggest a better type of bearing for the life it has to lead. Dont buy the cheapest on offer as these bearings take a hell of load in use.
  6. section swept

    Where to buy Cota 4RT spares?

    Have you bought the one fitted with air conditioning😳🏜⛱
  7. section swept

    Boyesen Reeds, Worthwhile?

    if anything change them now.....old metal becomes brittle and weak in terms of spring. Fit new reeds metal or Boysen type and you will notice better response all through the rev range👨‍🔧
  8. section swept

    TR33 piston ring

    Put ring into bore where piston ring doesn’t normally reach....this is relatively unworn area square up with pistoncrown now measure ring gap. Its not usual to measure between the ring and cylinder wall. There are some good videos to show you how on google.
  9. section swept

    no start rev3

    Thinking overnight on your problem and as mentioned by Dan Williams it appears the engine has lost a signal trigger ie of the two, one is duff so the CDI unit only sees one signal and cannot effectively shape the pulse to give a stable ignition point....bit like a distributor with one half of the contact breaker missing if you get my drift. Quick solution take a reading from the one sensor and then the other they should be near the same. I believe what you are seeing with the timimg light is the ignition max advance minus the retard which would bring the timing back close to BTDC.....its a really cheap system similar to Citroen= 2 sensors for position and a bolt head as TDC marker the Ignition unit then can work out speed and position. 👍👨‍🔧
  10. section swept

    Boyesen Reeds, Worthwhile?

    We used to fit Boysen Reeds to nearly every Yamaha RD 250/350 LC that we sold, this included DTs and TYs. We opened out the reed block by carefully removing rubber and aluminium from the area immediately beneath the reed, taking care to leave a good sealing edge for the reed. The standard metal reeds if damaged by high revs will break and bits will enter the engine causing alot of damage. As the Boysen Reeds are made from a laminate material they can withstand high rpm without breaking, if they did break they did little damage but you still had to fish all the pieces out. The reed limit plates were adjusted to giving more opening, you’re not supposed to do this but we did and got good results. I used to keep a TY 175 demo reed block on the counter, one side was modified the other not. This made people sit up and take notice, I never showed the LC reed block as I wanted my secret safe until the customer paid for the mods. Air flow was improved by a potential 20% in each tract.
  11. section swept

    no start rev3

    At this stage I would take everything to do with the ignition off of the engine and frame, assuming your customer is ok with this. Obtain all of the specs and readings expected, eliminate all that could be defective before getting the stator rewound. This will ensure you are not wasting money needlessly. When I was in the trade we’d all lurk by the reception door and cherry pick the good jobs, in the case of this one we’d be hiding away or looking extremely busy🚶‍♂️😳
  12. section swept

    TR33 piston ring

    How are you measuring the ring gap?
  13. section swept

    BSA B40 No Spark

    Timing check would be a good idea!
  14. section swept

    Gas gas gearbox/crankcase breather

    That breather could be for the carb float chamber....blocked it would cause the fuel in the float bowl to flood the engine or restrict supply.
  15. section swept

    no start rev3

    Right so more investigation needed. Pick up issue, wiring cocked up, what else will put. +90 degrees on the timimg unless someones moved the base.