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  1. Folks, I have been unable to find torque numbers for the 11mm head bolts that secure the case halves as well as the main seal carrier bolts. I've got the partial copy of the 247 service manual thats been floating around, and the parts schematic but cannot find these numbers. Anyone having these or a link would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So I may have a bonus thrust washer. When dissembling I bagged each assembly separately so I wouldn't lose anything or mix up things. There was a thrust washer behind the clutch basket ( 25mm i.d.hole) and another between the inner hub and basket (20mm i.d.hole) so of course that's what I used to reassemble. It doesn't bind with the 2nd thrust washer removed but the teeth of the clutch basket gear, kick start intermediate, and crank gear line up better with it installed. It's a proper thrust washer, not a hardware store item. Is this redundant or possibly more than 1 type of clutch assembly? I need to get another parts book clearly thanks
  3. that washer is in place and the correct thickness. Thanks for the photo. I believe I have a parts manual but its gone missing in the move
  4. So after an unexpected home search and 2 address changes I've been able to work on the RL again. Case is back together and I now remember something that struck me funny when disassembling. The nut holding the clutch on its shaft was only finger tight and secured by the washer folded over the flat. Now correct torque makes it bind. The basket and inner hub have Suzuki emblems cast into them but may belong to a different model. Careless previous owner? Might anyone have a motor apart and able to measure major clutch components to see what I need to change out? Thanks in advance
  5. While reassembling my motor there were 2 thrust washers, fairly thick, on the mag side of the crank. Between the crank and the crank bearing. I cannot locate any referance in the parts manuals : http://www.beamishownersclub.com/pdf/BEWMall.pdf and did not take photos during diasassebly, which was now a couple of years ago It seems to place the crank off center but I bagged each assembly as I removed it so all parts should be in there original location and order. Before tightening down the case screws I was hoping for confirmation this was the correct order Thanks
  6. There were no markings on the bearing at all but did come in a Suzuki box.
  7. bfd

    Neta Area Riders?

    What is the skill level in Berwick? I'm just getting started, but do have a modern bike as well as the vintage
  8. Thanks for the assistance, I should have been more specific earlier. The bearing I was supplied had a thin metal shield of some type that I'm guessing may engage the oil seal in some cases. The old bearing I removed didn't have one and I learned this seal/shield was easily removed from the new bearing. All other dimensions are the same. This thin strip isn't strong enough to be structural so it appears to be safe to install this bearing without. That is unless somebody here recognizes this bearing and recommends it not being used. I'm far from knowledgeable on this motor
  9. I purchased a new mag side crank bearing (09283-30006) and it has a metal lip that the old one did not. Does this lip face the crank itself as it appears a bit too wide to face the case, or was I supplied the wrong one? Thanks in advance
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