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  1. Inmotion would be my first stop, then possibly trickytrials ?
  2. When restoring my 76' 348 i managed to get some 7mm hexagon head bolts over long, cut them to the length i wanted then turned the heads in my lathe, then cut the screwdriver slot in them carefully with a junior hacksaw and cleaned them up with tiny files.
  3. sparkieb

    Montesa 349

    I managed to get hold of a clymer manual, its not great but better than nothing ?
  4. Push it to compression with the kickstart, ease it over compression using the decompressor then a hefty kick, remembering to use the footrest as a stop for your foot. Or the lug on the kickstart (inside the housing) will punch a hole thru to the magneto/points ?
  5. I just put measured amounts in as per manual, no level plugs. But there is a tiny breather hole ?
  6. If you can centralise the wheel between the forks, measuring for spacers is difficult but do-able, im lucky in having a lathe so spacers could be machined and altered. The polishing was just lots of time and effort with polish and "0000" gauge wire wool.
  7. sparkieb

    349 decoke.

    Was a non runner, it was all part of the restoration. But now its all finished it does run as sweet as a nut ?
  8. sparkieb

    349 decoke.

    Cut the back of both my 348 silencers open, packing was shot & full of old oil, i used a blow torch after removing packing and burnt the insides clean and dry then re-packed and then cut over size tin plates which i riveted on ?
  9. sparkieb

    Monty 348

    Sorry, i meant i want one too. Just finished my 348 (1976) restoration and the air box decal would be a nice finishing touch.
  10. I left them off my 348 when i rebuilt the clutch, think they are anti-rattle springs and have been known to fall off. I needed new pins for the main springs (they crack) but they are available ? i think i got mine from " in motion "
  11. sparkieb

    Help needed

    Having just finished my 348 rebuild, all i can say is yes its a bit of a challenge but interesting, buy more than one crankcase gasket (i used 3) as the shimming is awkward to get spot on, i lost my free play when fully tightening up the cases, then found i hadnt got the gear selection right as the shafts tightened as well, the clymer manual isnt too good to be honest but better than nothing. Soak the barrel nuts well, i used a ground down oversize allen key and then bought new nuts ohh and dont lose the little washers underneath. Need any help along the way just ask ? cheers Mark
  12. sparkieb

    Montesa 248

    Im sure its a normal r/h thread, im going by my 348 which im sure was r/h, as i needed to take the crank weight off when dismantling. ?
  13. sparkieb

    Montesa 348

    Did you manage to find one ? I need one too ?
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