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  1. yam175

    Mont 348

    Many thanks
  2. yam175

    Mont 348

    Hi , has anybody got any photos Of where the made in Spain and fuel decals go thanks
  3. yam175

    Monty 348

    Hi , I’ve sprung a leak on my alloy tank , right at the back , looks like it’s been repaired before and not a great job , is there someone who repairs these thanks
  4. yam175

    Monty 348

    Is that the original place it’s fitted or have you moved it
  5. yam175

    Monty 348

    Cheers I’ll look into it
  6. yam175

    Monty 348

    Hi , can someone measure their side stand , the foot pegs have been lowered on my 348 , so looking to fit a universal one thanks
  7. yam175

    Monty 348

    I want to fit a side stand to my 348 but my pegs have been lowered, any ideas and photos would be great thanks
  8. Back brake now sorted guys ,thanks for the help
  9. I’ll look into moving it, thanks
  10. Yep it’s looking that way
  11. Update on rear brake shoes , scuffed the drum and the shoes , leading edge done ,brake still not great before I contact villers, the brake pedal is hitting the foot peg , pegs are lowered , have a look at the photo see what you think
  12. I’ll give the leading edge a go and rough up the shoes and drum, if it doesn’t make difference villers it is
  13. Okeydokey will do ,
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